Here’s the situation. There are more than 400 electronic cigarette companies in the US and more than 30,000 vape shops selling mostly vape mods imported from China. We are talking about thousands upon thousands of vaping products. No wonder vaping for beginners can be downright intimidating. Where do you even begin? Let’s get to it.

There really is great news. The overwhelming number of options can be daunting but in reality it represents a wealth of riches. Vaping for beginners is actually fun because you have so much to choose from. We are going to help you sort through all of your choices so that you can make an informed decision.

If you've never picked up an e-cig before, vaping can be intimidating, especially when you see people everywhere using complicated and expensive power mods.

You want to know what is going on with all of these choices? It is good old fashioned competition. This is how free market capitalism is supposed to work. You have many ecig brands and manufacturers rapidly competing for your business. This is commerce at its best. There are no monopolies and no huge, corporate players throwing their weight around. Vaping is consumer driven, baby! That’s how we want it.

American made ejuice
Vape Juice made in the USA

The existing electronic cigarette companies are trying to outdo each other by making better products at better prices and we consumers are the ones who benefit. That’s how it’s supposed to be! At some point a few years from now I suspect that the industry will be pared down to a few companies that will control everything, then vaping will be like any other business. But for now, consumers are the ones calling the shots.

Some big corporations have tried taking over the industry but they have been rejected. For example RJ Reynolds has a massive distribution network and they basically controlled any ecigs you see being sold in gas stations, pharmacies and convenience stores. You see Blu, Blu Plus and Vuse everywhere. But, those products are not gaining traction or market share because they are inferior and overpriced. The availability of alternatives has led to a state where inferior products are not thriving in spite of the marketing clout behind them.

The market is working in such a way that it is not easily manipulated by powerful corporations instead independent businesses are succeeding by making better products at a better price. Just like how it’s supposed to be! That said there is a ton to choose from and a few pitfalls to avoid. That’s what we’re here for. Don’t be intimidated by these new terminologies and if you ever have any questions, by all means contact us and we will do our best to answer.

Vaping Terms

There are a lot of vaping terms! If you walk into a vape shop for the first time the clerk may say something like, “You can build dual Claptons on this atty at 0.1 and crank it up to 150 watts and make massive clouds.” What does that mean? Or, “TC mode is last week, everyone is doing TCR now with 316 coils.” Yah, you just want an ecig, not a hobby, right?

Well, these terms do change so we will do a very basic crash course. An electronic cigarette is a smoking alternative technology that vaporizes a flavored nicotine liquid, e-juice. The vapor is then inhaled and exhaled in the same manner as tobacco. What is e-juice? It is a liquid comprised of nicotine, flavoring, and either/or propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, also knows as PG and VG. Both PG and VG are food grade additives also used in medications.

The language used by vapers can be complicated and confusing, but once you know your vape abcs, it puts vaping in perspective and terms that are universally easy to interpret.

There are different types of electronic cigarettes. The types of ecigarettes that look like cigarettes are called cigalikes. The larger types of electronic cigarettes are called mods, or vape mods. The mod is the section of the device that contains the battery (bats) and provides the power to vaporize e-juice.

Great ecig starter kits
ecig starter kits

The part of the electronic cigarette that vaporizes the e-liquid is called the atomizer (sometimes called the atty). The atomizer is in contact with a wick that is saturated with e-juice (or e-liquid or vape juice). The section of the ecig that contains the atomizer and the eliquid is the refill cartridge in the case of cigalikes or the vape tank in the case of vape mods. Refill cartridges are usually pre-filled with ejuice where as vape tanks have to be manually filled with ejuice.

We are going to be covering more vaping terms as we go along. For a list, check out our vaping FAQ section.

You Can Get Quality And Value When Buying eCigs

We have already talked about the intense state of competition in vaping. That is good for you. Right now the competition has never been more intense. All of the major companies are preparing for a time when they will essentially not be able to release any new products because of impending oppressive ecig regulation. Right now is the time to buy.

So while you are going to get a great product for a terrific value, you do still have to be careful about being ripped off. Unfortunately, the entire ecig market, especially Amazon and eBay vendors, have been thoroughly infiltrated by counterfeit knockoffs. These fake vaping products look just like the real thing but are in fact total junk. Fake Aspire, Kanger, Smok and Joyetech products, among others, are being sold everyday and passed off as the real thing. Clone ecig products are a huge concern for the industry.

Avoid Vaping Clones

Whether it’s vaping for beginners or experienced vapers I am going to begin in the same place. The first thing that I want to talk about is avoiding cloned, counterfeit or fake ecig products. If you have read any of my previous articles you know that I always bring this up and I am absolutely going to do so again here! The problem of counterfeits and knockoffs in the ecig industry is real and we all need to be aware of it.

The main issue regarding counterfeits involves the imported brands like Kanger, Aspire and Innokin among others. These are very high quality vape brands that are being faked en masse by many of the 600 plus electronic cigarette factories operating in Shenzhen, China. That is no typo, we are talking about 600 factories making ecigs. The market is flooded with fakes. Beginning vapers and experienced vapers alike need to deal with reputable vendors and the best American ecig companies like Green Smoke, VaporFi, Halo and Apollo.

Cloned vaping devices are everywhere, they're modeled after the real thing but with hidden dangers lurking below the surface, don't give in to the dark side and buy a quality authentic vape device.

Number one rule, avoid ecig clones being sold for cut rates. The authenticity codes on the back of genuine vaping products serve as a guideline but I am telling you right now that the ecig factories are faking authenticity codes, too. When you check to verify the authenticity codes you find out then that your code is either not valid or has already been used like a thousand times. Of course by this point you have already bought and paid for a fake.

Power yet easy to use ecigs
powerful yet easy to use kits

Even vape shops are unknowingly selling counterfeit vape gear. You have to buy from reputable people who know what they are doing and guarantee authenticity. Direct Vapor is the No Clone Zone and that is where you should get your Kanger, Aspire, Innokin or other advanced vaping products. They also have a low price guarantee and always offer free delivery so it’s hands down the best place to buy.

There are also a few American ecig companies that you can deal with directly. Companies like Halo, Apollo and VaporFi are known for amazing quality and you will never have to worry about getting stuck with a clone! While you do have so many options, many of us here at Expert Vaping feel that the best way to get started with vaping is to go with Green Smoke.


Cigalikes are that most familiar type of electronic cigarette. They look like cigarettes! You see them in every gas station and convenience store from here to Walla Walla, Washington. Beautiful place, by the way. Anyway, cigalikes use a two-piece design that involves simply connecting a cartridge to a battery and voila, you my friend are ready to vape. You know, it was only a few years ago that cigalikes were a 3-piece design. The atomizer would be connected to a battery then you would connect the cartridge to the atomizer.

Manufacturers then began combining atomizers and cartridges into a single piece. These were called cartomizers, a blend of the words cartridge and atomizer. You rarely see the 3-piece cigalike design anymore and even the word cartomizer is fading as it has been replaced by cartridge. Anyway, a little trip down memory lane into the history of the early ecigs. All of about three years ago. Things change fast! Where was I? Oh yah, Cigalikes.

A cig-a-likes are an easy to use vaping devices that look like a real cigarette, use pre-filled cartridges and charge through a USB attachment.

Cigalikes now are a simple, very easy to use 2 piece design. The cartridges come pre filled so you never have to buy eliquid separately or mess around with refilling any ecig tanks. Today’s cigalikes are vastly improved over the early designs. Still, the ones that you see being sold in gas stations are not very good. They are generally the most cheaply made because that gives retailers the highest profit margin. If you want a quality cigalike, you have to skip retail brands and buy online. The best choice is Green Smoke.

Halo G6 Electronic Cigarette

Vaping for beginners often begins with someone looking for a familiar experience. I understand that a lot of the leading ecig products do have some complexity and require some time and attention to use. For someone looking for an easy to use ecig that offers that familiarity, we recommend The Halo G6 electronic cigarette. The G6 is the best cigalike on the market and the best ecig to get started with.

If you have already tried vaping with some ecigarette that you bought at a gas station or convenience store, forget about that. You will not find any decent ecigs being sold in those types of stores. If you have been to a vape shop and they wanted to sell you some fancy ecig with buttons and a variety of coils that you have to change but you were turned off, forget that, too. It does not have to be complicated.

The Halo G6 e-cig starter kit comes with two devices, five replaceable cartridges, and a USB charging unit.

The Halo G6 is very easy to use. Simply attach a cartridge to a Green Smoke battery and enjoy the vapor. Green Smoke batteries are exceptional in quality. They offer an incredible 1-year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee so trying Halo e-cigarettes is pretty much risk free. They are so confident in their products that they take all the risk. Hey, they have sold millions of products so obviously they are doing something right! The market has spoken loud and clear.

Halo G6 e-cig refill cartridges provide you with numerous options. The flavor and vapor that you get is simply the best. Look, we have reviewed Halo ecigs inside and out. We have tested them repeatedly and they always shine through with a superior performance. The secret sauce? Halo’s award winning USA made e-liquid. Brilliant vapor and vibrant flavor.

If you want to get started with an easy to use ecig then Green Smoke is a perfect place to begin. You will get a superior vaping experience from a reliable, hassle free design. Use our exclusive Halo Cigs coupon code and save of any Halo vapor starter kits. Choose the one that fits your budget and lifestyle best.

Use The Link Below And Use Halo Coupon Code Expert Vaping5

Vaping For Beginners – Mods

Mods are basically any electronic cigarette that does not look like a regular smoke. It is a very broad category. You will find different people using different names to describe similar products. Things can be confusing here. Ecigs, ecigarettes and mods are designed to convert eliquid to vapor. You even here words like vaporizer and vape pen being used. The general consensus is that a vaporizer is a device designed to vaporize herbal material. The VaporFi Atom is a prime example. Learn more with our VaporFi Atom review. Vaporizers and ecigs both make vapor, true, but it is ecigs that are used with eliquid.

Halo offers a wide range of easy-to-use and affordable vape mods to help anyone get started vaping.

There are so many vaping terms. Maybe you have heard about vape pens. Some people refer to slim ecigs as vape pens. That’s not wrong but once again the general consensus is that vape pens are the smallest form of vaporizers that are used for dried herbs or concentrates. So for our purposes vape pens are not really an ecig or a mod.

We want to focus on ecigs and mods that convert eliquid into a satisfying vaping experience. In terms of mods, they come in all shapes and sizes. The most common type is a box shaped mod. Not surprisingly, these are often called box mods. The next most common is a tube shaped mod. These two styles represent the majority of vaping devices available today.

Evolution Of Vape Mods

The first mods were actually hand made vaping devices. Back in the early days of electronic cigarettes, many people wanted to experience vaping with a bigger, higher powered battery. What they would do is connect their ecig cartridges to a bigger battery and then get more vapor. These “modified” ecigs were referred to as “mods”. Eventually, ecig companies started making products with larger batteries and refillable ecig tanks. The name mods stuck and has ever since.

Over a very short period of time, we have seen vape mods evolve rather drastically from the simple cig-a-like to the modern component power modules we see everywhere.

When talking about vaping for beginners, there are a number of easier to use mods that don’t require a lot of fuss to enjoy. Most mods work with a variety of the best vape tanks on the market. Vape tanks work with atomizer coils and the resistance of the atomizer coil affects the vapor output. A popular form of vaping is sub ohm. That means that the atomizer resistance is less than 1.0 ohms. Using a sub ohm atomizer coil will draw massive amounts of power from the battery and that means a ton of vapor. When you see guys expelling huge amount of vapor, they are probably using sub ohm coils.

MTL Vaping And DL Vaping

MTL vaping is the best style of vaping for beginners. With MTL vaping, you first draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale into your lungs. That is mouth to lung vaping, or MTL. This is the most familiar form of vaping for newcomers. MTL vaping can also be called ‘standard vaping’. This type of vaping is performed with atomizer coils that are over 1.0 ohms in resistance.

MTL vaping devices include cigalikes and mods. With the mods the atomizer coil resistance will be the indicator of the style of vaping that your device is designed for. You can also tell by the drip tip. If the bore of the tip is relatively narrow, that means it condenses the vapor for MTL vaping.

Mouth to lung vaping versus direct lung vaping have dramatic differences that cater to the preferences of vapers.

DL vaping is when you inhale the vapor directly into your lungs. Direct lung vaping involves inhaling very large amounts of vapor. That’s why you never need to go above 6 mg of nicotine with DL vaping. You will be inhaling so much vapor that you will notice the satisfaction.

When you are DL vaping, you will be using an atomizer coil with a resistance of less than one ohm. Most introductory sub ohm atomizers are set at 0.5 ohms, sometimes 0.2. The lower the resistance, the more vapor. You will need a more powerful vape mod for subohm DL vaping if that is something that you would like to try.

See Our SubOhm Vaping Guide Here

Atomizer Coil Resistance

When you buy coils, you will see that the list different resistance levels. For example 0.5 ohms is a common sub ohm coil choice. You need to have an appropriate mod capable of the wattage output necessary to work with subohm coils. Most of the mods being sold today are capable and all of the ones that we will list below will fall into that category.

Some people like to wrap their own coils and drip eliquid onto wicks using an RDA, rebuildable drip atomizer. We don’t recommend this as part of vaping for beginners. If you do decide to go that route, there are a number of Youtube videos that you can watch. We recommend Grimm Green’s video. Grimm is not only knowledgeable, but he has provided a strong voice for the vaping community. Later on, we will show you a very good RDA you can get if you want to try dripping.

In the mechanical mod safety resistance chart, the volts, amps and ohms that function optimally are indexed according the single-battery mech, dual battery parallel and dual battery series, each requiring a larger well of skill and knowledge with regards to the components and their power output.

There is some things that you should be aware of when subohm vaping. Number one, you will need to us an eliquid with a high VG content. Subohm creates massive amounts of vapor. Next, the way that you inhale the vapor using many subohm mods is different than you might be used to. Typically, vapers use a ‘direct lung’ hit. That means that you breath the vapor directly into your lungs as oppose to drawing vapor into your mouth and then inhaling, known as a mouth to lung hit.

When getting started with vaping, you may want to begin with a vaping set up that is optimized for a mouth to lung hit, which is probably more familiar. You can accomplish this with a subohm but you may want to consider using an atomizer with a resistance of 1.0 ohms to 2.5 ohms. You will probably most enjoy a resistance of somewhere between 1.4 ohms and 1.8 ohms. These are not hard and fast rules and often you will want to try a few different styles before settling in on your ideal.

A new trend is to use clapton coils. This type of coil is really catching on. A clapton coil is basically double wrapped. The coil material itself is already twisted into a shape reminiscent of a spring. It is then wrapped into a normal coil configuration. This will mean more surface area that can heat your eliquid and that means more vapor. Claptons can be either standard or sub ohm and will work with VG or 50/50 juice best.

VG/PG E-Liquid And Vape Juice Ratios

Most companies let you choose the VG / PG ratio of your eliquid. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the PG the more flavor and throat hit that you feel. High PG eliquids can be harsh and most of the vaping side effects that you might hear about are attributable to a high PG content. VG is a gentler vape but can compromise of flavor sensation. For standard vaping a 50 / 50 PG / VG ratio seems to be the sweet spot. For sub ohm vaping or dripping, a higher VG content is better and because of the sheer amount of vapor you will still enjoy ample flavor from the best juices.

It's tough to fully comprehend the nuances and specifications of propylene glycol as opposed to vegetable glycerin-based e-liquid, a handy chart can put things in perspective.

Of course no matter your style of vaping, choosing the right eliquid is pivotal. Buying eliquid is easy. You need to stick with the leading American ecig brands. The ones that we will list below all utilize strict lab standards to create pure eliquid of the highest quality.

American Ecig Brands With Premium USA Made Eliquid

The American ecig brands that we are going to talk about all make exceptional quality electronic cigarettes in a wide range of styles of options. These brands are unfortunately lesser known but nonetheless they are truly a great choice for beginning vapers and experienced vapers alike. Vape shops generally do not carry these brands although they should. The good news is that you can buy them directly from the companies themselves.

There are a broad range of e-cigarette and vape products made right here in the USA.

Perhaps the more important factor when choosing American brands is the consideration regarding eliquid. So what is eliquid or ejuice? Simply, eliquid is a soultion containing either propylene glycol and or vegetable glycerin, flavoring, nic, and water. So propylene glycol and vegeatble glycerin may sound scary but neither are scary at all. They are both GRAS (generally recognized as safe) food additives that you will find in food, toothpaste, medications, cosmetics and the list goes on.

Stick With Proven Vape Juice Brands Avoid Diacetyl

The flavoring that is used in eliquids has come under fire recently because Harvard scientists reported that 74% of eliquids contain diacetyl or acetoin. Both diacetyl and acetoin Acetoin is a flavoring compound that the body metabolizes into diacetyl. What is diacetyl? It is a butter flavoring that is commonly used in microwave popcorn among a variety of other foods. It is recognized as a safe food additive suitable for consumption. Some scientists assert that inhaling diacetyl can put people at risk of a disease called popcorn lung.

Now there is many times more diacetyl in tobacco smoke than in vapor and no one is known to have contracted popcorn lung from vaping. That said it is very easy to avoid diacetyl and acetoin altogether so it only makes sense to do so. How do you avoid it? Simple. By buying your eliquid from American companies that never use diacetyl in any of their eliquid products. The USA ecigarette brands that we recommend not only have some of the best vape starter kits, they definitely make the best ejuice you can get.

The best way to avoid buying e-juice with dangerous additives like Diacetyl is to purchase juice from proven and reputable retailers.

VaporFi, Halo, and Apollo never use diacetyl and all of their eliquids are blended by professional chemists in state of the art lab facilities. For example, VaporFi operates and FDA registered lab and all of their ejuice blends are likewise registered with the FDA. On top of that, VaporFi supplies independent lab reports verifying the purity of their eliquid. This is what you want. Professionally blended eliquid made by a professional company that adhere to the highest standards. You don’t want the eliquids that are blended in the backrooms of vape shops. Stick with these elading American companies that are doing things right.


VaporFi is a leading USA electronic cigarette company that makes a massive line of vaping products. They have ecig choices ranging from cigalikes to basic mods to advanced temperature control devices. They even have an online tool that lets you build your own ecig.

Vaporfi e-juice offers a wide range of safe, flavorful varieties made in California.

In addition to offering outstanding ecigs, VaporFi makes some of the absolute best eliquid in the world. They have invested in a cutting edge eliquid lab staffed by the best and brightest professionals. They use only the best ingredients that meet the highest standards. Independent lab testing has proven that VaporFi eliquids contain no impurities or compounds like diacetyl or any dactyl derivatives. When it comes to flavor, VaporFi has a huge selection. You can even blend your own eliquid recipe. There are 30,000 plus flavor combinations.

Halo eCigs

Halo eCigs was the first to make the art of eliquid blending into a refined science. Halo juice is regarded by many as the best in the biz. They use USP grade ingredients blended in their own state of the art lab. You find Halo being sold in vape shops everywhere but you can also buy direct from Halo. You can also choose from a number of very high quality electronic cigarette products from Halo. The G6 starter kit is a terrific value and the Triton is a proven performer for those looking for an easy to use mod. Subohm vapers can enjoy Halo’s new high VG eliquid with a sub ohm ecig like the Tracer or the Halo Reactor.

Halo Purity branded e-liquid is a premium high quality juice made in the USA.

Visit Halo Cigs and if you decide to buy, make sure that you use Halo coupon code Expert Vaping5 to get a bit of a discount on any purchase. If you also join the Halo points rewards program you can save even more.

Apollo eCigs

Apollo eCigs is a California based electronic cigarette company that has been rapidly advancing and steaming towards the top of the charts as one the the very best ecig brands in the world. They produce an array of vaping products including the Apollo Endeavor, one of the best mods to get started vaping with. Apollo also has temp control mods and sub ohm kits all at great price points.

Apollo E-juice is a premium liquid vapor made in California and comes in a variety of flavors including kiwi watermelon.

If you want a company that knows what they are doing when it comes to making juice, Apollo certainly fits the bill. Apollo has built their own eliquid lab that exceeds food industry standards. Staffed by chemists who also happen to be passionate vapers, Apollo never uses any diacetyl in any juice recipe. They make multiple lines of eliquids including Max VG. Use coupon code Expert Vaping to save 20% off of any Apollo Purchase.

Popular Easy To Use Mods

The most popular mods these days seem to be the ones made by the leading overseas brands like Aspire, Kangertech, Joyetech, Innokin, Smoke and others. These are the brands that are sold in vape shops and online vendors. These are also the brands that are being counterfeited.

Direct Vapor offers several guarantees to prevent you from being ripped off by a clone ecig product. They buy direct from the manufacturer. You will never get a clone from Direct Vapor and they guarantee that. They also guarantee the lowest price. If you see an authentic vape product being sold for less elsewhere, they will match the price. They always give free delivery so you really can’t beat that.

The most popular, easy-to-use vape mods offer amenities such as larger batteries, refillable tanks, and USB charging.

In addition, Direct Vapor offers a warranty and limited time money back guarantee. The majority of shops and online vape stores will refer you to the manufacture to handle any warranty issues. That means that you have to try and get on the phone or email somebody in China and good luck with that. With Direct Vapor you can deal with an American company and American customer service reps to handle any warranty issues. If you want to try one of the popular mods these days, go to Direct Vapor.

What are some of these popular mods? Well when talking about vaping for beginners we should start by talking about some of the easy to use options. By that I mean mods that self adjust the wattage / power output to automatically match the atomizer resistance. You will still adjust the airflow control on your vape tank, but you will never had to mess with any battery settings.

You also might be interested in a complete bundle deal. Kind of like when you bundle cable, internet and phone. A bundle deal will include the ecig device, a tank, perhaps some accessories and eliquid. The beauty of a bundle is that you get everything all in one package so you can start vaping as soon as your new mod arrives at your door.

Direct Vapor has bundles, individual mods, batteries and several lines of eliquids. Vaping for beginners is not what it was just a few short years ago. Now, you can get some pretty sophisticated devices that are capable of advanced vaping but in an easy to use device. In fact, we are hearing that many ecig beginners are choosing temperature control vaping because of the consistency and efficiency.

Temp Control Vaping

Temperature control vaping is relatively new. When you see a vale mod with a TC in the name, that stands for temperature control. Discussing temperature control in a vaping for beginners article is necessary because you are going to see mods with TC in their name everywhere. Temp control vaping is actually very simple. Think of it like an automatic transmission or an autopilot.

When vaping with a standard Kanthal coil, you can use a vape mod to change the power output. For example, if you set you mod to 12 watts with a 1.2 ohm coil every time you press the fire button 12 watts is sent to your coil. Great! Let’s say that you take 10 puffs in a row. By the tenth puff your coil is already pretty hot and by now that 12 watts is getting your coil pretty hot. In reality, you probably only need 5 watts to heat the coil to the point where you will get the vapor you want.

Temperature control vaping is an option on some power mods that allows the user to set the temp at which the e-liquid is vaporized.

Wither temperature control vaping you set the coil temperature that you want to vape at and the battery will adjust to deliver only the power necessary to heat your coil to that temperature. Basically is automatically adjusts the power output. Pretty easy! See, vaping for beginners is a breeze! With temp control mods, TC vape mods, you will need to ensure that you are using nickel, Ni 200 coils, titanium, Ti coils, or stainless steel, SS coils. Kanthal coils will not work for temperature control vaping. If you have Kanthal coils, you will have to switch your mod to variable wattage mode.

Not all mods will work with every type of coil material for temp control mode. The most common the of temp control coil that all mods are compatible with is nickel or Ni 200 coils. Titanium is compatible with a large percentage of TC mods and stainless steel with a few as well.

Regardless of what coil you are using, the life of a coil is always dependent on how much you vape and the quality of the device as well as the quality of the coil. Some people get 3 weeks out of a coil, some people get one week. When you notice a different, slightly burnt taste or if the vapor production drops off significantly, it is time to change coils.

We are going to list some of the best vape mods for beginners. Since we covered temperature control pretty well, we will also include some great new TC mods. All of these devices are from the best manufacturers. You can buy all of these authentic products online from Direct Vapor. You always get the best prices buying online so take advantage! Getting started with vaping has never been so easy and you have so many options. It is a great time to be a vaper!

Kanger TopBox Mini 75 Watt TC Mod

The Kanger TopBox Mini 75 watt TC mod is, like myself, simply irresistible. The classic Kanger Subtank is one of the most successful and best loved tanks in vaping. The Kanger mods have proven to be brilliant, reliable performers. The new Kanger TopBox TC mod is good to go for standard vaping, sub ohm vaping AND temperature control vaping!

Some of the early TC mods were not quite ready for prime time. Many of them would randomly drop out of temp control mode and switch the variable wattage. Kangertech did not rush to market. They got temp control right and the result is a reliable, stable temp control vaping experience with the Kanger TopBox. It will not switch to variable wattage unless you want it to.

The Kangertech Topbox Mini 75 watt vape mod comes with a sub ohm refillable atomizer tank and is available in silver, red, white and black.

The TopBox Mini and SubTank work in beautiful harmony together. This is going to be one of the hottest products of 2016 for sure. Last year, Kanger’s Subox was the smash hit of the summer and this year the TopBox Mini is already a bestseller. People are absolutely loving their Kanger TopBox mods. Simply a fantastic choice.

Kanger Subvod

Direct Vapor has an excellent bundle that features the new easy to use Kanger Subvod vape mod along with extra coils, eliquid and a spare drip tip (mouthpiece). The Subvod has a 1300 mAh battery  which is a very nice comfortable size while still ensuring that your battery should get you through a full day plus of vaping. The Subvod comes in several different colors allowing you to go ahead and express yourself!

The Kanger Subvod Beginner vape mod is available in six colors and comes with a bottle of e-liquid of your choice.

The tank that comes with the Subvod is the brand new Subtank Nano – S. The Kanger Subtank is one of the most successful models ever developed. The new Subtank Nano – S features some updated advances such as a top fill function that seriously makes this easier to use. You will get an additional 0.5 ohm atomizers with this bundle so you will be sub ohm vaping! Enjoy the vapor.

Laisimo iPower 70W TC Mod

Made by the same people who make the Snow Wolf mod, Laisimo has released the iPower 70 watt TC mod. We did a Laisimo iPower 70 watt mod review a while ago and this thing was awesome. It can do so much and just never goes wrong or has a hiccup. Can’t say we were surprised. Laisimo is a premiere manufacturer. The iPower 70 watt TC mod is bound to be one of the best sellers of the year. For it’s compact size, you still get a 70 watt power output and that means versatility.

The iPower mod is just 3.5 inches tall and less than an inch in thickness. It is very comfortable and despite the petite stature the Laisomi iPower is fully capable of pushing 70 watts if you want. The vaping styles that you can enjoy are many as this is a fully TC compatible with Ti and Ni200 coils. It is also loaded with a full compliment of battery protection and safety features. The gold-plated breads center pin ensures that you always have a good connection to your chosen vape tank.

The Laisimo iPower 70 watt temperature control power mod comes in black, pink, blue, copper and silver.

The iPower 70 watt TC mod can be used in pass through mode. That means that you can use it while it is charging. The other beautiful thing is the the iPower mod is a one-piece, solid construction. There is no removable panel for the battery, less to go wrong. Instead, the battery port is actually a small door located on the bottom of the mod. It comes in five different colors and for the diversity and quality you are getting, is seriously budget friendly.

The eGo One Mini

The eGo One ecig mod is also a new model that is super easy to use and can be used for standard vaping or sub ohm depending on your choice of atomizer coils. Made by Joyetech, the eGo One is very budget friendly at less than $40. It works best with long lasting Joyetech CL coils that you can get at either 0.5 ohms or 1.0 ohms for those who want a familiar mouth to lung vape.

The Joyetech Ego One Mini vape mod, is available in silver, black, turquoise and pink.

So, just to conform, this is a full vape mod kit complete with battery, charger and clearomizer tank. You can use it for standard vaping and familiar mouth to lung vapor or as a sub ohm vape device and partake in direct lung vaping with tons of vapor. Plus you can build your own atomizer with rebuildable CLT atomizer heads. The ego One Mini is conveniently small and portable in addition to its quality and versatility.

Innokin Coolfire IV 40 Watt Mod with iSub Tank

Innokin is one of the original electronic cigarette manufacturers. Today, they remain one of the leaders in innovative technology along with maintaining a strong reputation for quality. The Innokin Coolfire IV 40 watt mod with iSub tank is the latest in Innokin’s Coolfire series. The IV 40 watt is the compact version that comes complete with everything you need. In terms of vaping for beginners, this is truly an awesome choice.

Why is the a great choice for Vaping for beginners? Value and versatility. This is not a high powered mod but it has a top notch, long lasting 2000 mAh ecig battery capable of 40 watts. 40 watts is enough for basic sub ohm vaping and more than enough for any type of standard vaping. You get everything including the iSub tank. The iSub tank will work with five different atomizers. The two choices that I strongly recommend are the 0.5 ohm BVC coils and the 2.0 ohm coils.

The Innokin Collfire IV vape mod is available in six colors, has a refillable sub ohm atomizer tank, and offers a powerful vape with it's 40 watt mod.

The 2.0 ohm coils will give you a full and satisfying mouth to lung vaping experience. The 0.5 ohm coils will give you the experience of sub ohm vaping. The Innokin Coolfire IV comes with an eGo adaptor in case you want to use it with old school clearomizer tanks. You can choose from six different colors, too. All you need is some USA made juice and you will be set with this vape kit. This is a very complete starter kit that beginning vapers will certainly enjoy.

Kanger Cupti All In One Vape Kit

The Kanger Nebox vape kit started out with a lot of promise but before long a few issues showed up. There were leaks and some reported operational issues as well. The Kanger Cupti has addressed those concerns and made major steps forward. The result is an all-in-one vape mod that is designed for both MTL and DL vaping. That is standard vaping with an atomizer resistance of over 1.0 ohms and subohm vaping with atomizers under 1.0 ohms in resistance.

We completed a full Kanger Cupti review and we were very impressed by the vast improvements in technology, durability and performance. One of the things that we really like about the Cupto is that it is a mod that is suitable for vaping for beginners as well as advanced subohm vaping in addition to temperature control vaping. This has two advantages. First, you can start out MTL vaping and as you become accustomed to vapor, you can bump it up to subohm.

The Kanger Cupti all-in-one vape mod comes standard with two atomizer coils, spare drip tip, USB charger and comes in red, white and black.

Second, if you are a subohm or temp control vapor, the Cupti has a dual purpose. You can use it in MTL mode during the day, this is valuable if you work in an office setting. Then at night you can swap out to subohm and make clouds all night. The Cupti never leaks, which is awesome! The functions are easy access making it easy to use. The temp control is excellent and very stable. It is a great vaping for beginners product as well as an excellent cloud maker.

eLeaf iStick 60 Watt TC Mod With Melo II Tank

“Another level of awesome.” “My first box mod and the only box mod I intend on having.” “A TC mod, Melo 2 tank, 3 coils, 2 sets of O rings for $54 bucks? If your a new vaper or looking to get into it this is definitely the way to go.”

The quotes we have listed above took all of 2 seconds to find. The eLeaf iStick 60 watt TC mod with the new Melo 2 tank is getting rave reviews from all corners. It is very tough to beat this particular combination of quality and value. eLeaf EC coils are excellent quality and deliver fantastic vapor and flavor. The iStick 60 watt mod and the Melo 2 vape tank are great partners but you can use almost any type of coil. The iStick will work with atomizer resistance as low as 0.05 ohms.

The Eleaf iStick 60 watt vape power mod is available in two color combinations, and it's very powerful refillable sub ohm atomizer tank is USB rechargeable.

iStick mods have proven to be among the most popular in the vaping community. They are affordable yet durable and capable of phenomenal performance. Unfortunately, iStick mods quickly became one of the most counterfeited models out there. Fake iSticks are everywhere and it is very important that you do not get ripped off by a cloned piece of junk. Be careful where you buy from. The best thing to do is to just stick with Direct Vapor because they will always give you 100% authentic vaping products at the best price.

The eLeaf iStick 60 watt starter kit comes with the Melo 2 tank. All you need is an 18650 battery and you are in business. The quality and value makes this vape starter kit a top choice.

Aspire Odyssey TC Starter Kit

We need to say a little something about Aspire Electronic Cigarettes. Aspire was truly a game changing innovator in vaping. First, they came out with the Aspire Nautilus vape tank that really took the industry by storm. It was seriously an innovative breakthrough. The airflow control and bottom vertical coil design was a huge success. A few months later, Aspire came out with the Atlantis sub ohm tank. The Atlantis changed everything as sub ohm vaping was now widely available and accessible.

When Aspire launched the Triton tank in 2015, it was an immediate smash hit. It has a top fill feature, which makes it very easy to use, and the ability to use rebuildable atomizer coils combined with all of the amazing vapor that Aspire tanks are known for. Well, Aspire has partnered the gorgeous Pegasus 50 watt mini mod with a Triton mini tank to form the Aspire Odyssey TC starter kit.

The Aspire Odyssey mini mod system comes in black, silver and copper and comes with the Pegasus mini mod, rebuildable atomizer tank, 1.2 Ohm Kanthal coil, Occ Coil, .15 ohm N1200 temp control coil and a USB charging cable.

The Aspire Odyssey TC mod starter kit comes with a range of options to allow beginning vapers the opportunity to experience a variety of vaping styles. You can use the 1.2 ohm Kanthal coil or the 1.8 ohm Clapton coil for a familiar vaping experience at its absolute best. Or you can turn up the wattage and try sub ohm vaping a o.5 ohm coil. Then, for good measure, you are also going to get a 0.15 Ni200 coil that will let you try temperature control vaping. This mod kit really will take you on a vaping Odyssey. I couldn’t resist saying that.

Advanced Vaping Devices

Advanced vaping devices may not be suitable to vaping for beginners. When we talk about advanced vaping, that could mean sub ohm or temp control as both do apply. Generally, advanced vaping refers to building your own coils and pushing the limited of powerful vape mods to produce more and more vapor. This is the realm of cloud chasers. Cloud chasing is the pursuit of the most massive vapor clouds possible.

A lot of vapers like to advance into building their own atomizers and then dripping eliquid right onto their cotton wicks instead of using a vape tank. This way, more juice can be applied directly to the coil and the vapor production can be intense. While today’s vape tanks are incredibly capable of massive vapor, many nonetheless enjoy dripping with their very own coil builds. That way, they can build super low resistance levels. This means that they can push very powerful advanced mods to their limits.

In order to build advanced vaping devices such as custom coils and upgraded batteries you should have some experience with modifying vapes and understand the science of it.

While we do recommend that vaping for beginners involve the use of pre-built coils with atomizer resistances of 0.5 to 2.0 ohms, we realize that once people start vaping it does not take long before they want to try more styles of vaping including the pursuit of clouds. One way to go to accomplish this is to choose an advanced mod.

Advanced mods used to cost an arm and a leg. Not anymore. You can get an excellent quality advanced mod for as low as $70. The beauty of the advanced vaping devices that we have listed here is that they can take you from the basics of vaping all the way to the hairy edge if that’s where you ultimately want to go! We have compiled a list of advanced mods that are capable of the entire gamut of vaping possibilities.

Pioneer4You IPV5 200 Watt TC Mod

Pioner4You launched a couple of the most successful mods of 2015. The IPV4 and IPV4 S both offer a huge range of possibilities and top performance. The IPV4 could go up to 100 watts and the IPV4S up to 120. The new IPV5 is capable of a whopping 200 watts and is sure to be one of the hottest sellers of 2015.

The IPV5 200 watt TC mod can take you from the beginning stages of vaping with an easy to use vape tank to precise temperature control and all the way to the extremes of dripping on your self-build 0.05 ohm coil. To use a well-known phrase, the IPV5 can do it all. Inclusing being a fully functional TC mod with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils. The YIHI chip that controls the function of the IPV5 mod is an elite, advanced chip that is comparable in quality to the much more expensive DNA Evolv chips. The YIHI chip is fully upgradeable so as technology advances, the IPV5 can be simply updated to accommodate any new vaping technologies that may evolve.

The Pioneer4you IPV5 200 watt temperature control mod comes standard with upgradeable firmware.

This device operates with two 18650 batteries and dual 18650s have proven to be very popular due to not only the power but also the long lasting vaping experience that you are looking for. Set the temperature, wattage or Joules to your chose vape style and the IPV5 will deliver. Pioneer4You really put a lot of thought an innovation into this one.

This mod is so diverse, you cannot go wrong with it. It can be your ideal partner as you grow into vaping and decide to try a range of styles. Hats off to Pioneer4You for designing a beautiful mod. The IPV5 is stunning, powerful and impeccably constructed for optimum durability. These will be going fast so get yours asap.

Sigelei Fuchai 200 Watt TC Mod

The Sigelie Fuchai 200 watt mod is an advanced vaping device at a budget price. Hey that rhymes! Nice. Anyway, the powerful Sigelei Fuchai 200 watt temp control mod is a stellar performer for the price. You get a cutting edge mod capable of 200 watts of power. It will work with sub ohm mods, standard coils and various forms of temp control vaping. It is available in a variety of colors, too!

If you are familiar with Sigelei vape mods then you know that this brand has built a sterling reputation based on quality and performance. Sigelei mods are definitely recognized as some of the best and the Sigelei Fuchai 200 watt TC mod is their best work yet. It will provide you the ability to get the most out of whatever vape tank or style of vaping you want. This is another example of an advanced mod with the versatility to grow with you as you progress from vaping for beginners to temp control to advanced coil builds that let you push your vaping to the boundaries of vaping possibilities.

The Sigelei Fuchai 200 watt temperature control power mod comes with an OLED display screen and is available in blue, red, and black.

The Sigelei Fuchai mod is loaded with features including a full range of battery protection and safety features. It operates with dual 18650 ecig batteries and once again I recommend eFest as the go to choice to power this mod. The price is very affordable considering what you are getting. It is one of the best values in the business and can take you anywhere that you want to go on your vaping journey.

Smoke Treebox Vaping Connoisseur Starter Kit

The Smok Treebox mod is simply gorgeous. It’s on everyone’s must have list for 2016. This baby is surrounded in Brazilian Zebrawood. The Treebox is a compact, easy to hold 75 watt mod compatible with the temperature control coils as well as standard coils. Yes, there is a lot of advanced technology packed inside the beautiful Zebrawood body. The feel of the woodgrain in your hand is something different than holding the usual steel or aluminum mod. There is just something about it!

The Smok Treebox mod is compact but still capable of a full 75 watt output. You can enjoy precision temperature control vaping thanks to the advanced chip that measures coil temperature 4000 times per second! Not that is serious precision. The Treebox mod has no rattles or shakes because this is impeccably designed and built with only the best materials.

The Treebox Vape Connoisseur by Smok, is not only a powerful tc power mod, it comes standard with two batteries, a classy wood grain color pattern matching drip tip in elegant cherry wood.

Along with Smok’s best vape tank, the TFV4, the Treebox bundle comes with everything you need to enjoy incredible vaping. By the way, the Smoke TFV4 was actually named the best vape tank for 2016. You are getting it all with the Treebox Vape Connoisseur bundle. This bundle comes with everything including a beautiful Zebrawood case. This vape kit has it all. If you deserve to spoil yourself, and you know you do, start vaping in style with the Smok Treebox vape connoisseur bundle. The Smok Treebox is available in limited quantities and won’t be around for long so get yours now while you can.

We have come to the end. We hope this helps you get started with ecigs and vaping. We included a little bit of everything and shared with you some of the best vape kits. Make sure that you share our vaping for beginners guide and help people avoid being ripped off by cloned junk. We have to help the market do its job and weed out the pretenders. We hope this helps everyone make a great choice so that they can discover the true potential of vaping!