A new ecig study is showing us that vaping effects on the heart are much less than that of smoking. The study showed that smoking triggers a stress response in heart cells where as vapor triggers no stress response. The study author, Professor Marcus Munafo, said  “This result suggests tobacco smokers may be able to reduce immediate tobacco-related harm by switching from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes.”

This latest study of vaping effects on the heart was conducted using only one type of ecig and also using lab grown heart cells. Nonetheless, this is a promising study and adds to the growing evidence that is telling us that vaping is safer than smoking.

The detrimental effects of smoking cigarettes effect more than just the lungs, smokers are at a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease and the risk of coronary heart disease

So while many alarmists are answering the ‘is vaping bad’ question with scare tactics, the science is telling us what the Royal College of Physicians said last week, namely smokers who can’t quit should switch to vaping to reduce tobacco harm.

Vaping Effects On The Heart

The study was carried out at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom and published in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal. The truth is, despite what many would lead you to believe vapor is not smoke! The vape vs smoke argument should not confuse the two. Yet, we still have many news stories and pseudo experts telling people that vaping is as bad as smoking. Hopefully, they will catch up to where the science is someday soon.

Though vaping isn't beyond reproach, the effects of e-cigarette usage on the human heart is an almost complete opposite from the dangers and destruction that cigarettes have on it.

The study on vaping effects on the heart also talked about previous ecig studies about eliquid toxicity. It was pointed out that many of those studies essentially doused cells in eliquid. That is how they get results that give them headlines saying that eliquid caused lung tension or can increase risk of pneumonia. That is false though because you don’t inhale liquid, you inhale the aerosol. The study authors urged others in the scientific community to focus studies on aerosols. In other words, study ecig as they are actually used by actual human beings. Makes a lot of sense!

This study of the vaping effects on the heart was an unbiased study. The researchers cautioned that more work needs to be done, more ecigs need to be tested and more variables need to be introduced. This is not a pro-vaping study, it was an honest and genuine investigation. Let’s hope the FDA was paying attention.