With disposable ecig tanks seemingly all the rage, UK ecig company Vapestick is jumping in with their own “Advanced Vaping System” or AVS.

They will begin selling their AVS along with disposable ecig tanks prefilled with e-liquid at the 2.4% nicotine level at over 2,000 retail locations in the UK.

This represents a significant jump in visibility for the UK market of a vaping system that isn’t a cigalike like they are used to seeing from Vapestick and their competitors. It remains to be seen if this is the best ecig tank option for consumers there, but at the very least it puts this concept right in front of them where it may not have been before.

Vapestick's max clearomizer is a refillable pen attachment that can be used on a variety of power mods.

This move comes after we have seen several US-based ecigarette companies come out with their own so called disposable ecig tanks that are pre-filled with e-liquid.

Both Blu e cig and Logic e cig, two of the e-cigs brand leaders in retail sales, came out recently with their own lines that hope to capture the growing market segment.

The incredible growth of these types of vaping systems has been pretty well documented and has far outpaced traditional cigalike sales recently. This shift, whether it means a move for electronic cigarette users toward ecig tanks or an expanding of the market, has caused e-cigarette brands to take notice and augment their strategy.

The e-cigarette industry both domestically and abroad is moving towards at least providing the option of fillable tank mods.

The story seems to be a recurring one for a lot of consumers, but certainly not all. They start with a cigalike brand, hopefully a good one like Green Smoke, and perhaps they enjoy that, even for years.

They may have read about systems that allow you to refill your own eliquid, and maybe they even went searching for the best ecig tank out there. Some will have tried out that route, but plenty of others will deem the fuss and hassle not worthy of any added benefits. This is the market that Vapestick, along with Blu Cig and Logic ecig, is targeting with disposable ecigarette tanks.

What these ecigarette companies want to offer is an upgraded performance over what consumers are now getting out of their cigalike products, but an ease of use that they are comfortable with. Most consumers love how easy it is to puff away on their ecig, then simply swap out a cartridge when it is done by unscrewing it and screwing on a new one.

Prefilled Ecig Tanks Improve Convenience

Though ready-to-use e-cigarettes and pre-filled cartridges are perfect for new users or those who aren't ready for a big initial investment, even the bigger manufacturers are moving toward offering refillable tank mods.

Messing with e-liquid is an entirely other story. Refilling ecig tanks is not a difficult process, especially with some of the better products like Apollo for example, but it is an extra variable that many consumers do not want to deal with. Convenience and ease of use is always in demand.

These disposable ecig tanks allow users to do the same thing as they were doing with their cartridges, but with a bigger battery and perhaps better performance.

It remains to be seen how successful these types of product lines will be, as every option always has its pros and cons.

Overall the message is loud and clear to consumers: we hear you about the need for more performance and an easy to use product.

British vapers are sending the same messages as they opt for less proprietary technology in favor of variety.

Apparently customers in the UK are sending out the same notice to their favorite ecigarette brands there, meaning Vapestick won’t be the only one stepping up their game.

Others will have to follow suit and come out with a competing product to be touted as the best ecig tank available. In the bigger picture, this only goes to reinforce the strength of the electronic cigarette market and the breadth in which consumers are choosing their products.

The needs of consumers are becoming more sophisticated and discerning, meaning they are demanding more for their buck. That is a good thing because it leads to e-cigarette brands trying harder to come up with the best products possible.

The trend of modular e-cig tanks isn't going away, in fact unlike many other kinds of purchases, vapers may own a broad range.

We’re going to continue seeing e cig tanks, whether they are disposable or not, released in the future. Any e-cigs brand now realizes the potential there and will try to add to their current product lines to make sure they at least have an option for people looking to go that route.

To be sure, the traditional cigalike e-cigarette still has a ton of value for people looking to get started and many people feel more comfortable with it. It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but it will have some competition. All of that is good for the consumer, and here at Expert Vaping we think that is a great thing for all.