For many users it begins as the ultimate goal, to vape without nicotine. However, since so many start at a relatively high dosage, vaping non nicotine vape juice can seem like a distant dream. Even those who are able to step down gradually may have a tough time imagining their life without nicotine and continuing to vape, even though they don’t feel the need to.

Why Do People Still Vape Without Nicotine?

Once considered a fringe subculture among vapers, membership in the zero milligram vaping community is on the rise. We put together a brief overview of some common types of those who prefer to vape without nicotine. To clarify, many nicotine free vapers may belong to more than one or none of the categories. Essentially, if you’re finding it difficult envisioning a life without nicotine, this may help you understand not only how its possible, but why many choose to continue vaping long after their chemical attachment has been severed.

Smokers who quit eventually want to break their attachment to nicotine

The Quitters

Ex-smokers make up a massive contingent of users who vape without nicotine. While many former smokers stick with traditionally dosed vaping well after they’ve acclimated to e cigs, most at least consider lowering their levels. The plan for many vapers is to eventually join the zero milligram club and free themselves from nicotine forever.

Bear in mind, for many smokers switching to vaping is enough of a significant shift in their behavior that they can feel accomplished about. They may even step down their nicotine intake considerably over time, but the ritual remains and they simply cannot imagine their lives without it. Whatever the reason, their commitment to vaping and remaining smoke free is an admirable one.

Though former smokers who are able to vape without nicotine have a distinct advantage over those that remain at some respective level; knowing they are able to vape because they enjoy it and not because they crave it. Being able to vape without nicotine on your own terms means you never need to panic about running out in the middle of the night for supplies to make sure you always have nicotine in some form on hand. The effect can give former smokers a feeling of freedom and control they may not have experienced since before they picked up their first cigarette.

Vaping weed or cannabis extracts does not involve ingesting any nicotine

Cannabis Users

For users of dry herb, concentrate and wax, vaping has become a trendy method of inhaling cannabis products. Presently, vaping is a growth industry and that’s partly due to celebrity endorsements and products that have expanded their use beyond vape juice. Though it still has a physical and mental effect, cannabis vaping is considered 0mg because it does not contain the tobacco-derived alkaloid. Essentially, vapers who only use cannabis consistently vape without nicotine.

Increasingly, marijuana has been endorsed as a medical treatment for a broad range of ailments. Chiefly among them pain management in the form of CBD or cannabidiol which does not contain THC, the active ingredient popularly know for getting users “high”. In fact, before many states opened cannabis up for decriminalization, it was and is sold as a legitimate medical treatment as prescribed by a doctor.

Though nicotine has no known medical applications, it is currently being studied as a possible treatment for serious ailments such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. If its efficacy is proven, users who opt to vape without nicotine may begin to rethink their decision to give it up. Meanwhile, users who solely vape weed can get their medicine without burning material and obviously nicotine free.

A massive 81% of U.S. adults have smoke free rules in their homes

The Escape Artists

Recently, smokers have been made pariahs by society in the hopes of eliminating second hand smoke from all our public spaces. The irony is that many vapers, especially a contingent of former smokers agree with this. In fact, 81% of America’s population lives in a place where smoking is banned in workplaces; which includes bars.

While both smokers and vapers have been cast outside, vaping is slowly gaining acceptance in more areas of society. However, because of it’s regulation by the FDA as a tobacco product, it is still mostly banned in the same places as tobacco. With that in mind, 0mg e-juice isn’t regulated the same way, causing many to see a possible future where they will be allowed to vape indoors.

Until then, many vapers are still content to have an excuse to step outside for some fresh air, or a break from their surroundings and a moment to themselves. Part of what users of nicotine perceive as stress relief is having a reason to break away from intense or overwhelming social situations. Ironically, while many smokers and vapers think nicotine calms them down, its nature as a stimulant does just the opposite.

Essentially, users who vape without nicotine are enjoying a calming experience of periodic solitude. While nicotine free vapor has no proven effects of relaxing the nerves, it’s the ritual combined with the absence of the stimulant that help them gain composure during their temporary escape.

When you use non nicotine vape the flavors of your e juice is enhanced

The Gourmets

These vaping foodies chase down the latest tastes like connoisseurs of fine cuisine. Some of these vapers have e-juice tasting parties to sample sour, savory, and sweet new varieties with their vaping community. For vapers looking to feed their sweet tooth, the curated flavors can satisfy food cravings which seem to decrease in users who vape without nicotine.

In fact, the dangers of vaping for diabetics seem to come largely from nicotine effecting their hemoglobin A1c, a crucial control of blood sugar. While vape juice does contain calories, it is made up of ingredients largely considered to be ineffectual on blood sugar alone. In this way, users who vape without nicotine may be decreasing the danger of affecting their health.

However, if you have diabetes it is widely recommended that you do not smoke or vape as the effects on your health can be perilous. The decision to vape without nicotine does not mean that it is advisable for you to do so. If you have any potentially serious health issues, it is always best to consult with a physician before picking up vaping to protect yourself.

Cloud chasers are vapers who are continuously trying to maximize their vapor output

Cloud Chasers

The vaping world has discovered how to take one of the most elegant parts of exhalation and make significant improvements. This includes massive vapor output and guiding swirling clouds that brings an almost magical precision to vaping. In this ballet of vapor, users create massive nebulous plumes of dense vapor in an attempt to create the largest lung fog possible.

Part of this stems from the ability to generate large clouds of vapor. Like tuning up a hot rod and racing it through the streets, cloud chasing became the specialized pursuit of vapers who wanted to show off not only their equipment but their abilities and lung capacity. This created an atmosphere for the vaping community to show off their vaping talents and gave rise to competitions and vape offs.

Purposes for them being categorized with users who vape without nicotine has to do with the abilities to generate bigger vapor clouds. Vapers seem to agree that they are able to reach higher density using vape without nicotine. As a result, many vapers decided to choose tricks and clouds over their connections with nicotine.

Higher pg content in vape juice produces extreme vapor

Vaping Tricks And Techniques

What began as a way of bringing a combined satisfaction and legitimacy to vaping evolved into a semi-professional sport. All over the world there were both amateur and professional competitions where vapers compete in categories of cloud chasing and tricks which can encompass a range of skills and techniques. Prizes have soared to $10,000 or more for the winners of these events in recent years.

Besides being an opportunity for so-called “extreme vapers” to gather with like minded people and show off their skills, these cloud chasing competitions offer non-vaping spectators a chance to see the vaping culture in a positive light. Cloud chasing makes vaping more popular by making the process an exciting art form.
Tricksters seem to prefer to vape without nicotine, partially due to the frequency to which they draw vapor from their devices and because it produces more condensed vapor that’s easier to manipulate.

Vapers gather at cloud competitions and other vaping events to show off their tricks and abilities

Cloud Makers And Competitions

In this event people stand back to back and blow out clouds at the same time in opposite directions for comparison. Rules vary as to ohm settings, length of inhales allowed and other set parameters. Judges pick which clouds are superior based on length, girth and overall density. Competitors move on to the next round until a winner is crowned.

Special devices with often with modified parts or components are used in custom, sub ohm and mech mod setups. Tampering with vaporizer setups and batteries can be dangerous to novice users. However, there are many beginner mech mods being offered by manufacturers for new vapers to get a feel for devices capable of heavy cloud production.

Generally, vapers who take part in cloud making and competitions seem to agree that vape without nicotine is preferable for dense vapor. This has expanded the group of users puffing on nicotine free ejuice.

E cigs allow users to perform vaping tricks like big clouds and rings

Trick Vapers

If simply exhaling vapor from your ecig does not seem particularly exciting, then the freestyle trick part of cloud competitions may be considerably more intriguing to you. New tricks, tactics and abilities push the boundaries of this pursuit continuously. As the technology and ability of vape mods evolves, their output, wattage and resistance coefficients does as well changing the range of what’s possible for vape tricksters.

YouTube and Instagram has produced cloud chasing celebrities whose vape trick videos have received millions of views. Some of the most popular types of tricks include cheerios, bubbles, French inhales, tornadoes, dragon breaths, atomic bombs, and a slew of other types that don’t even have names yet. Most of the first tricks involved smoke rings of various sizes and combinations. Since then different props and techniques have developed, with each one impressing larger crowds of vape trick fans and aspiring tricksters.

While there is a growing demographic of vapers turning to vape without nicotine, it may be difficult to see yourself in one or any of these groups. Take heart, if your smoke free journey is just beginning, a life without nicotine may be just on the horizon.