Vape vs smoke? Many Americans see vaping vs smoking as virtually the same thing. The sad truth is that a large percentage of Americans have been purposely misinformed about electronic cigarettes and vaping. The reality is that smoking and vaping may look the same but in reality they are nothing alike. In terms of a scientific explanation of what happens when you vape vs what happens when you smoke, ecigs and cigarettes are not even comparable.

What happens when you smoke? The process of combustion is a much different chemical process than heating. It is virtually the difference between heating food vs charring it. Heating food is healthy, charring food is not healthy at all. Charred food contains carcinogens and carcinogens are a byproduct of combustion. When you burn something, a massive series of chemical reactions is put into motion. Burning is a destructive and deconstructive process that produces dangerous byproducts like carbon monoxide.

The most important thing to remember about e-cigarettes is that they do not contain the harmful carbon monoxide molecule.

Burning is a violent process that creates thousands of chemicals. It was only a few years ago that scientists were telling us the cigarette smoke contained 4,000 chemicals. As detection technology improved, we were then told that cigarette smoke was made up of 5,000 chemicals. Now, that number has grown to 7,000 chemicals. There is no doubt that smoking is a major health risk and if you smoke, you need to stop.

Vaping is nothing at all like smoking. It looks the same but that is by design. The actual process by which vapor is made vs the process by which smoke is made are two entirely different things. We’ve talked about how smoke is made so how is vapor made?

The vapor from an electronic cigarette is produced by heating a liquid. Liquids are easily vaporized. Water is a prime example, water is converted to steam at 100 degrees Celsius. Every substance has a boiling point and that boiling point is where vaporization occurs.

If you were to vaporize a harmful substance the vapor would likewise be harmful. So what is vaporized when you use an ecigarette? You vaporize propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, water, and flavoring. None of those ingredients are harmful. Propylene glycol is a food, cosmetics and medication additive that we have been using for over a century. It is recognized as safe. If you brush your teeth every day you are already exposed daily! Vegetable glycerin is another food additive.

Nicotine is part of vaping and also included in electronic cigarette liquid ingredients. Nicotine itself is not a carcinogen. Whether or not nicotine is bad for you is an open question that depends greatly on circumstances. Pregnant women, or women who are nursing, should avoid nicotine. For adults, there is some evidence that nicotine has benefits. Nicotine essentially acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It is a stimulant, like caffeine, and like all things moderation is always a wise policy.

There are vaping critics who have concerns about inhaling nicotine and about the safety of eliquid. That’s a fair ball. It is my view, however, that the special interests that actively promote the idea that vaping is as bad as smoking are dangerously irresponsible. Many of these critics lambaste ecigs while at the same time promoting other nicotine replacement therapies, NRTs. If that is not hypocrisy then I don’t know what is.

Though doctors make assumptions about the safety of e-cigs and vaping, their opinions may be uninformed and without factual basis.

What Is The Point Of Vaping?

The point of vaping is to take advantage of a less harmful option as a substitute for smoking. We have long heard addiction experts explain that the smoking addiction is not just about nicotine. If it were, patches and gums would work and nicotine withdrawal symptoms could be easily managed by popping a Nicorette. The truth is that patches and gums work for about 7% of people. If it was all about the nicotine, you would expect that to be higher. As addiction experts point out, smoking is about more than nicotine.

First, studies have shown that there are multiple addictive chemicals in tobacco smoke. It is more than nicotine. You also have to consider the tobacco additives that tobacco companies add to increase nicotine absorption.  Talking about the question of vape vs smoke you have to think about all of the disgusting tobacco additives being used today. For example they add ammonia to treated tobacco.

Ammonia is a cigarette additive that has a specific purpose. The ammonia serves as rocket fuel for nicotine, in a way. The ammonia rapidly accelerates how quickly nicotine gets to your brain. This enhances the addiction and makes you want more cigarettes. Combine ammonia with other additives that make the tobacco burn more quickly, and it is little wonder why so many people become chain smokers.

Many people are asking themselves, whether vaping is the answer to how they give up smoking cigarettes.

By the way, I have more disturbing news. Since 1964 when Big Tobacco was completely exposed and the true dangers of cigarette smoking became a matter of public record thanks to the Surgeon General, you would think that tobacco companies would make some type of effort to make their products les harmful. That is not the case. Tobacco companies have added even more toxic compounds to tobacco and cigarettes in 2015 are more deadly than ever.

In addition to the chemical additives that make cigarettes so addictive, it is also the physical actions of smoking that add to addiction. The act of smoking, the satisfying sense of inhalation and exhalation, the oral aspect and holding something in your hands, it is all a part of it. Even when and how you smoke a cigarette is part of the overall experience that is so difficult to shake.

Think about this. When do you smoke? Typically, you smoke at certain times such as after a meal. The postprandial cigarette is especially rewarding and that experience cannot be replaced by a pill, patch or gum. Another common time to light up is a smoke during a break at work. Smoking at break time is a positive experience. You are away from your work, often enjoying a social moment among friends. It is the overall experience of smoking that becomes addictive.

We are human. We embrace our experiences. Pharmaceutical companies see all of us as a walking bunch of chemical reactions but we are experiential beings, not a walking chemistry set. Addiction is not just one thing, it is a blend of factors and in searching for an answer to addiction you cannot focus on one aspect of addiction if you are going to have true success in making life changes. This brings us back to the question – what is the point of vaping?

Vaping, on the other hand, addresses the nicotine aspect of addiction as well as the experiential aspect. Vaping mimics smoking but reduces exposure to toxins. That is why an estimated 9 million Americans now vape. Of that number, it is estimated that half no longer smoke at all. So while regulators and bureaucrats disallow anyone from saying that ecigs help people quit, the math is telling us a different story.

Vaping Electronic Cigarettes

The point of vaping electronic cigarettes is to address the urge to smoke while minimizing the exposure to toxins. Vaping accomplishes this by avoiding combustion. Once again, avoiding combustion is the heart of what vape vs smoke is all about.

Instead of burning or combustion, vaping involves using an electronic device, an ecigarette or a vaporizer, to heat a liquid to create vapor. The vapor contains the nicotine and can be inhaled as well as exhaled in a similar fashion to smoking.

In fact, the first electronic cigarette that was developed by a Chinese pharmacist spurred the formation of a new company called Ruyan. In Chinese Ruyan means “resembles smoking.” Part of the point of vaping is that it resembles smoking, you can carry out the same routines that you do with a cigarette. The main point of vaping vs smoking, of course, is to reduce the risks associated with tobacco.

Some electronic cigarettes even look like cigarettes. These are called cigalikes. When a smoker is first starting out with electronic cigarettes, it is often more comfortable and natural to begin with a cigalike. Cigalikes are the type of electronic cigarettes that you typically see for sale in the same stores that sell cigarettes. You have probably seen Blu Cigs, Vuse and Mark Ten electronic cigarettes and perhaps you have even tried one of these brands. If you were not impressed, we would not be the least bit surprised.

The reason why 45 million Green Smoke e-cigs have been sold, is because their product is the perfect e-cigarette to start the journey to being cigarette free.

The problem is that the cigalikes that you see being sold in retail stores are the ones owned by Big Tobacco, which is why you see them right beside the cigarettes, or they are the cigalikes that have the biggest profit margins. Let’s be blunt, as far as Big Tobacco is concerned they could care less about vape vs smoke, they just want you to buy from them. However those cigalikes made their way into store shelves the one thing that you can be certain of is that they are not exactly the best electronic cigarettes. In fact, they are some of the worst ecigs you can get.

The best quality cigalikes, like those that you get from Green Smoke, are far superior to anything that you will get at the gas station. If you talk to people who have been vaping for a number of years or if you walk into a vape shop, you will probably be told that all cigalikes are poor. That is not the case. The technology has changed and cigalikes from companies like Green Smoke and Halo are outstanding.

The cigalikes that you can get today are much better than the first cigalikes that came in to the market several years ago. If you want to vape vs smoke a good quality cigalike should not be ruled out as an option. While they do not produce huge clouds of vapor, they are fully capable of being very satisfying. In time, you may want to move toward more powerful electronic cigarette devices but to start out we recommend something high quality and easy to use.

We feel like Green Smoke is the best electronic cigarette to get started with and begin the transition away from tobacco. If you do want to get started with an ecig tank system, then products like the VaporFi Rocket or Apollo Endeavor are the best way to go. These are American electronic cigarette products that you buy direct online.

If you start your journey at a vape shop, they will probably try and sell you a eGo Spinner or Kanger EVOD. These are fine but they are imports from China and the value is just not there. Plus the eliquid that they sell in vape shops is often suspect. In fact, many vape shop eliquids have been found to contain diacetyl as well as not having the correct amount of nicotine. Green Smoke, Halo, VaporFi, Apollo and all of the online American brands utilize the highest laboratory standards and each eliquid is blended by professional chemists, not eager amateurs in the backroom of a store.

If you walk into a vape shop looking for your first electronic cigarette and they try to sell you an expensive, subohm vaping kit, run. Subohm vaping is great but for the most part it is a direct inhale, not like a cigarette, and involves a ton of vapor. In other words, it is not like smoking a cigarette. When you smoke a cigarette you typically draw the smoke into your mouth and then inhale, a mouth-to-lung inhale. Subohm vaping is not like that. Subohm vaping can be a phenomenal experience but not when you are just starting out looking to transition away from tobacco.

It sounds like I am bashing vape shops and I do not mean to do so. Some vape shops are incredible and genuinely go the extra mile to help people. The vape shops that do blend their own in house eliquid may have great intentions, but it is just that eliquid blending should be left to professionals. It is also my experience that vape shops overlook US ecig companies because they are operating on assumptions based on outdated information.

So, a vape shop can be a good resource for you but it could also steer you wrong. In the end, you always get the best prices when you buy direct online so that is a bottom reason why you should favor the most reputable vape brands that we are talking about. Namely Mig Vapor, Halo, Apollo and VaporFi. Mt Baker is another brand that sells a range of quality ecigs and makes awesome, high quality ejuice.

What Is A Vape Pen Used For?

The purpose of vaping in response to smoking is to eliminate dangerous carcinogens and chemicals that are the result of inhaling burned material.

Another question that I get a lot is ‘what is a vape pen used for?’ People want to know if a vape pen is like an ecigarette or is it something else entirely.

Well first, there are no hard and fast rules at this point.I can tell you that a vape pen almost always referes to a slender, pen like vaping device. I can also tell you that 9 times out of 10, a vape pen refers to a herbal vape pen as opposed to a standard ecig.

An herbal vape pen is a device that heats dried herbal material. This material can include tobacco, medical marijuana, or any of a number of herbs. Many medical marijuana patients prefer vaporizing to smoking for the same reasons that cigarette smokers are turning to ecigs. Vaporizing herbs is much safer than smoking.

Many smokers likewise are using vape pens to vaporize organic, untreated tobacco to reduce smoking risks. As for herbal vaping, this is something that has been with us for centuries. A vape pen or vaporizer allows the individual to avoid smoking and all of the horrors associated with combustion.

A vape pen is the smallest type of herbal vaporizer. There are larger herbal vaporizers that are still portable and these are usually called portable vaporizers or hand-held vaporizers. There are also large, stationary vaporizers that are called desktop vaporizers.

Is Vaporizing Safer Than Smoking

The evidence that exists seems to suggest that vaporizing dry material is quit a bit less harmful than smoking and inhaling burnt material.

Is vaporizing safer than smoking? The answer is yes. The University of California San Francisco has completed extensive studies on vaporizing.

They discovered that vaporizing is orders of magnitude safer than smoking. Vaporizing produces a vapor that contains the active compounds of the herbal material and little else.

One thing that you do need to know about vaporizing is that it is more potent than smoking. It is more potent because it is more efficient.

For example, if you smoke a cigarette, a large portion of the nicotine is simply destroyed by combustion. When you vaporize, the active nicotine in the tobacco is almost all vaporized and inhaled.

The fact that vaporizing is so efficient and so potent makes vaping the choice for many medical marijuana patients. Smoking marijuana wastes most of the medicinal ingredients. Vaporizing enables access to the majority of ingredients so patients get a lot more out of very little material.

The Pax 2 dry herb vaporizer is changing not only the way we consume dry herbs, but the way we think about delivering medicine to our bodies.

Like anything, the type of vaporizer used makes a huge difference in terms of safety and quality. Some cheap vaporizers actually end up burning the material so you end up inhaling smoke instead of vapor. That means you inhale carbon monoxide and all the rest. You really need a good quality vaporizer to ensure the best and safest experience.

By almost all accounts, the best vaporizer is the new Pax 2. The Pax 2 is a masterpiece of design and uses conduction heating to get the most out of your materials. It is very easy to use and very discreet.

A high quality vaporizer like the Pax 2 does not burn, it vaporizes. It heats ingredients to a point where vaporization occurs. Vaporization occurs when a material’s boiling temperature is reached and ingredients are converted into a gas, or vapor. Vaporizing does not generate toxins, it simply activates the naturally occurring ingredients already present in whatever herbal material that you are vaping.

Vaporizing is safer than smoking because, like with ecigs, no burning is happening. It really is the byproducts of combustion that are the chief cause of smoking harm.

Vape Vs Smoke – Yes It Makes A Difference

The difference between smoking and vaping is massive, according the Public Health England 95 percent different.

Whether you are using an electronic cigarette to avoid the deadly effects of smoking cigarettes or using a vaporizer to directly access active herbal compounds, there is no comparison when it comes to vape vs smoke. Vaping is much safer.

There are some people out there saying that vape vs smoke does not matter. They are the same. That is ridiculous. The groups out there trying to promote this misinformation are special interests who are lying.

For their own selfish reasons, special interest groups and government funded bureaucracies do not want you to know the truth about electronic cigarettes. All you have to do is think about vape vs smoke and apply a dash of common sense to see right through the baloney.

Smoking is starting something on fire and breathing it in. Smoke comes from combustion and combustion involves rapid chemical reactions that release thousands upon thousands of horrible byproducts. Vaping is heating a liquid or material to a point where ingredients become a vapor. The vapor contains the ingredients. The vapor does not contain the byproducts of combustion.

The real experts agree that vaping is far safer than smoking. Public Health England completed a comprehensive 111 page study that proved that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. PHE did not render that study as an opinion or supposition. No, at least 95% safer was a conclusive, unequivocal finding. Another expert from Europe, Dr. Konstatin Farsalinos, has found that vaping is 1200% safer than cigarettes.

Millions of Americans now vape instead of smoke. Today, these millions are the most passionate vaping advocates in the world. That says a lot. Ultimately, vape vs smoke is burning vs vaporizing. Burning releases carcinogens and toxins. Vaporizing heats but does not burn. I have to agree with Public Health England, vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.