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Sub Ohm Tanks — Join the Resistance For Better Vaping

Before you dive into the world of sub ohm vaping, there is vital information every user needs to understand how it will change their experience. If you’re looking for massive vapor clouds pouring from every puff, then welcome to your destination for the best sub ohm tank reviews and information.

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Sub Ohm Vaping — A Tasty Cloud In Every Puff of Plentiful Vapor

While most vape tanks generally look similar, a sub ohm tank has an extremely important difference, the resistance, or ohms of the atomizer coils have a smaller value. Although this may sound to the uninitiated to provide less performance, it’s actually the opposite. Sub ohm refers to the level of the coils being at a lower resistance increasing the amperage of the specific vape mod or power device it’s attached to.

Specifically, the fewer the Ohm of the coil is (sub ohm is any measure 0.9 or below) the more power it is effectively able to take in. However, this isn't a hard and fast rule, it is important to adhere to Ohm's law to ensure that the coefficient being used is safe unless you're using a pre-made coil. For instance, you may notice that pre-manufactured coils are often recommended for use at a higher wattage depending on how low the resistance is, but that same suggested range doesn't apply to every coil, every tank, or every device. 

In the early days of vaping, most devices were rated for voltage, but as electronic cigarettes evolved and advanced box mods became a central fixture of vaping technology, most of the industry switched to wattage for power measurement with some exceptions including V2. The best sub ohm tank designs for users who may not have a firm grasp on Ohm’s law often have the optimum wattage range printed right on the side of the atomizer head or the packaging they come in.

As a result, anyone can experience the benefits of sub ohm vape tanks without worrying about possible safety hazards posed by building their own RTA or RDA dripper decks. In this way, vapers who do not possess the experience or knowledge to calculate maximum amperage for specific atomizer coil configurations can put their trust in the integrity of the top vape tank brands who have done the important math beforehand. This opens up sub ohm vaping to a broader range of people who are curious about whether those dense clouds of delicious vapor are what’s missing from their vaping experience.

For an in-depth explanation of how voltage, wattage, amps and resistance work in symphony with each other, check out our article on wattage compared to voltage and amperage. Essentially, they each make up a separate component of how electricity is delivered to the coils and how energy and heat are generated. Once they get to the coils, the intensity causes them to heat, and once they have reached a set temperature they are able to atomize or vaporize e liquid into a tasty plume of flowing vapor. If you’re wondering if a sub ohm tank is your ticket to a vaping vacation that will transport you to a sweet paradise surrounded by fluffy clouds, you’ve arrived at the start of your next adventure.

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