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RTAs —Customizable Vape Tanks That Crank Up Your EJuice

An RTA or rebuildable tank atomizer is a class of vape tank that allows users to change essential parts when they degrade wear out. They offer the benefits of an e-liquid reservoir with the customization of an RDA, making them among the most popular vape tanks for custom coil building.

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RTA Vape Tanks — What Is A Rebuildable Atomizer Tank?

Many RTA vape tanks are available with rebuildable decks, or platforms where users can customize the coils and wick cotton to their preferences. These RTAs are designed as a cross between a traditional vape tank and an RDA due to its customizable properties. In effect, RTA tank users can build whatever configuration of coil material, resistance and cotton they prefer while still getting all the benefits from a tank that holds up to 5ml of vape juice depending on the design.

Still, there is another form of an RTA which allows vapers to drip directly on to their coils in addition to having a tank. RDTA tanks are designed with a rebuildable deck, an integral tank, as well as the option to drip vape juice directly onto the coils. Many achieve this by having the tank section sit below the coil deck and draw eJuice from underneath through openings called juice wells. As a result, RDTA vape tanks allow vapers maximized customization as well as the convenience of a built-in reservoir able to hold up to 5ml of e-liquid.

Standard RTA tank systems have threading on either end of the chimney, or the central section that vapor moves through. Typically, a transparent glass or Pyrex cylinder is press fit between the top filling tank section and the adjustable airflow ring base with rubber O-rings to prevent leaking. Appropriate airflow is crucial to the optimum functionality of the RTA system, just as it is to RDA vape tanks.

In detail, the best vape flavor output is created when the coil deck is positioned directly in line with the airflow port so that incoming air is drawn directly through the cylinder, over the coils and through the center. In fact, the best RTA vape tanks have sizeable juice wells that are recessed with additional bottom draw airflow ports positioned just beneath the coils for outstanding vapor production combined with the best flavor. For hobbyists who enjoy working with their hands, tinkering with components and custom parts, RTAs definitely satisfy their passion for DIY creativity.

Additionally, a significant draw for many vapers who opt to switch to an rebuildable tank atomizer is the cost. If the decision to switch to vaping was about saving money, these modular units may be just the ticket. While many users are intimidated by the idea of constantly having to drip e-juice on their coils, an RTA combines the low cost of sourcing your own parts and labor to repair atomizers and replacing cottons wicks with a custom vape tank that is able to hold a considerable amount of juice before requiring refilling.

For a vaping accessory that is truly able to satisfy the needs of every user in a single component, the best RTAs and RDTAs embody the best of intense flavor and massive vapor production while providing enough eLiquid for extended periods of use. They are ideal for experienced users who want to utilize the best vape mod performance while ensuring everything is built to their specifications. If you’re the only one you trust to build your coils and decks, RTA tanks will provide everything you need for the ultimate vaping experience.

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