RDA Vape Tanks 2018 — Building Drippers For the Best Flavor

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RDA Vape Tanks — Custom Vaping For Massive Clouds and Tasty Vapor

Preferred by advanced users who enjoy being able to fully customize their decks, RDA vape tanks are short for Rebuildable Drip Atomizers. While there are different configurations of the build deck, they each offer different attributes, effects and experiences. Performance of every RDA will change according to its design.

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More Helpful Vaping Info

RDAs — Vape Tanks Good To The Last Drip

Essentially, for those who enjoy tinkering, tuning up hot rods, over clocking computers or building homemade space shuttles out of household junk, an RDA may be just the thing to satisfy your hobbyist hands while filling you with tasty plumes of massive vapor. You’ll notice an immediate difference in vape RDA tanks produce in every puff, partially due to a certain pride in being satisfied from something you created. Additionally, a drip atomizer brings together the best elements of vaping, combining the most intense flavor with the biggest vapor output in a single, simple, customizable accessory.

In addition, some dripper tanks can double as a traditional vape tank, which are called RDTAs. These tanks combine the incredible benefits of RDA vape tanks with the ability to fill a standing reservoir without having to take your vaping one drop at a time. While some users prefer drip atomizer configurations because it allows them to change flavors more frequently, some of us simply don’t have the patience for dripping.

In detail, they are referred to as dripping atomizer tanks because you literally drip vape juice directly onto the RDA atomizer. This requires either a wide drip tip to allow the insertion of an eye dropper or the spout of a unicorn bottle to add a few drops at a time to prevent flooding or overflowing eJuice. While some RDA tanks are designed with a juice well that holds more than just the right amount to saturate the cotton wicks, many aren’t meant to hold more e-liquid than a handful of puffs before requiring a refill.

RDA Vape Tank Designs — Assembling the Best Elements of Vaping

Dripper decks have only the barest of elements required for producing vapor. Some tanks offer the option to both drip or draw e-juice from the tank. However, many drip decks consist of a platform fitted with a coil and loosely packed with a wick. As a result, RDA type tanks are popular for producing the heaviest vapor production, or what users refer to as clouds.

The deck, or platform upon which coils and wicks are inserted comes in two standard configurations. Most RDA drip atomizer decks come with what’s referred to as a post design, which can be in the form a range of designs, however the most common the Velocity style deck is a 2 post RDA setup for dual coils. Post designs implement two separate protruding structures with set screws to secure the ends of the coils.

Another important design is a clamp setup in which screws compress the ends of the coils between conductive blocks. Clamp decks too come in a range of designs and configurations typically to accommodate for where the air is drawn from and how it will most effectively reach the coils on its way through the dripping atomizer. New RDA tanks are being developed with all kinds of innovative engineering improvements to maximize air draw.

Specifically, the way RDAs are designed has a great deal to do with airflow, getting the most air drawn through the device directly over the coils as they atomize e-juice will produce the best flavor and vapor. The genius of a rebuildable dripping atomizer is in the ability to expand the functionality by simply switching between coil materials and resistances. Consequently, comparing an RDA vs tank atomizer that use interchangeable pre-built coils, the possibilities for how a dripping vape tank can perform are seemingly endless provided you work out the electrical details necessary to protect yourself from problems related to disobeying Ohm’s law.

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