Examining the modular vape tank parts it helps to understand not only how they fit together, but what their purpose is as well. We break down the different components to help you understand how to talk about, identify, repair and replace each piece.

Modular Vape Tank Parts

The tube is the main body of the tank. Tubes are made of glass or Pyrex, the same Pyrex used in cookware. You will also see tanks composed almost entirely of stainless steel. These tanks that look like little space shuttles, have windows in the side to check vape juice levels.

The head is a smaller stainless cylinder that fits inside the tank and contains the coil. It’s important to understand how the head attaches to the body of the tank because many are proprietary, or specific to certain models of e-cigs and tanks.

The coil is the electrical element that generates the heat necessary to turn liquid into vapor. A wick made of cotton is positioned close to the coil. This cotton wick absorbs the e-juice and prepares it to be vaporized or atomized. Coils are made of metals such as nickel, stainless steel and titanium.

Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub ohm and above ohm both refer to the resistance generated between the coil and the battery when heating occurs. Ohm is the standard measurement of resistance in electricity which pushes back against the voltage.

The easiest way to understand the ratios, or coefficients of voltage and resistance, is to think of an e-cig like a garden hose with a nozzle you draw vapor out of. The more resistance blocking where the water comes out, the more concentrated the energy of the stream. However, if you let the water flow freely, it bubbles and gurgles out in a massive flow. With less restriction there is more volume but without targeted concentration.

Vaping resistance works very similarly, the allowance of juice to bypass heating functions by the same principals. At a low resistance, you get bigger vapor clouds, but milder flavor. While a higher resistance will give you full, intense flavor with wispier vapor density.