Looking for vape shops near me is a practice that I’ve become used to, but the prices that they charge for electronic cigarettes, batteries, juice and accessories just can’t beat the cheap online ecig prices that I find. We aren’t here to rag on vape shops, because they certainly have become a key component of the electronic cigarette revolution. In those small and big ecig focused stores, we have seen a push for more variety of ecig juice flavors as well as better performance mods.

There is no doubt that without vape shops, the trend toward ecig tanks and overall more demand for better equipment may not have taken hold so quickly. The problem of pricing, however, remains. It sends people back to Google to search for where to buy ecigs online so they don’t feel like they are being price gouged.

There has been an increase of vape shops in the country

It’s something we have heard many times, but even more so with the explosion of vape shops around the country. The new pattern of consumers looking for electronic cigarettes is so simple and obvious, that it just doesn’t surprise us anymore. A given ecig user will notice that, while they may have been looking for where to get cheap online ecig prices in the past, there are now local options for him or her.

This is certainly exciting, because even with the convenience and speed of many online web shops, it is still fun to go into an actual store and check out the goods. The consumer will then hop on their computer and look for vape shops near me. Once found, he will hop on over and check them out, a cursory check to see the merchandise, understand their ecig prices, and maybe talk to whoever runs the place.

For some, especially longtime users of cigalike systems such as Green Smoke, this will be their first exposure to more complex vaping systems. They may get to check out the shop’s e-liquid with a loaner ecig tank or mod. If that works for them, they may just pick up some new equipment and think they are on their way to bigger and better.

a lot of stores that are closing did not last long

It may be a few weeks, or a few months, but eventually they will get curious to see if they can get what they bought at a shop, online. Back to the computer they go, typing in where to buy ecigs online but looking for a web shop with greater variety. This is often when they will get to Expert Vaping and read reviews for the different places and brands that can give them what they just got.

What comes next is what we like to term ‘reverse sticker shock’. From Expert Vaping they will continue to one of our top rated brands like Apollo or Halo, and there they will find out just how much more they paid for going into vape shops in their area. The difference in ecig prices can be a little, but often they will be astounding. They will see cheap online ecig prices and free shipping available then they will start to understand that they don’t really need to leave the convenience of their home to get a good product. It’s possible they will again search for vape shops near me in the hopes of finding a better-priced store, but that likely won’t be the case.

Cheap Online eCig Prices

Part of the reason for the high ecig prices at vape shops is that they have what web shops don’t – overhead.

In addition to the products, they have to pay for rent, electricity, water, and of course the salaries of their staff. All of that is before you add in an advertising budget.

Simply put, brick and mortar stores always have a disadvantage when it comes to the web with regard to their profit margin. You can get heap online ecig prices because online retailers have minimal expenses.

online e cig prices are much lower than stores

That’s all well and good, it is something that has been understood in other industries and not just ecigs. But with a relatively new market, an opportunity to take advantage of new consumers opens up. So while they may have to charge their customers a little more than web shops do, they often charge a LOT more.

Without throwing everyone into this category, because that wouldn’t be fair, this can only be termed as greed. Often the owners of these vape shops haven’t been around the industry for too long and are simply getting in because they see an opportunity to make a quick buck. A new trend pops up, and they want to capitalize on it. It isn’t exactly the same as the old fly-by-night schemes we saw early on in the industry, but it isn’t the consumer-oriented and long-term plan that we want to see from places we purchase from. You get cheap online ecig prices because online sellers are building direct relationships with you.

e cig users look for the cheapest prices

Again, this isn’t the only experience you can with vape shops, but it is one that seems to keep recurring. Coming to Expert Vaping you can get a fuller picture of all of the brands and offerings with their prices. Our commitment, unlike some shop owners, is to help you get what you need to get into vaping and to keep vaping. So if you are trying to decide where to go to load up on ecig supplies, make sure to remember that web shops are just as reliable and more often than not will save you a lot of money when compared to brick and mortar vape shops. It is to your consumer benefit to take advantage of cheap ecig prices online.

Besides prices, a few other advantages of buying from the best ecig companies online include getting fresh product, getting professionally blended, contaminant free e-liquid, and dealing directly with the American ecig company that makes your ecigarette.

Happy Vaping!