VaporFi was launched by International Vapor Group as a vehicle to combat the hundreds of vapor cigarette products flooding the market under a range of brand names. These lower quality ecigs are generally the ones you find behind retail counters or on fly by night websites trying to cash in on a quick buck.

Most of the ecig brands out there will not be able to operate in a regulated market place and many of them don’t even have an interest in doing so. They have little intention to comply with any quality control standards. They want to cash in and get out.

VaporFi is the real deal. They are a genuine vaping company that is involved in every aspect of the vaping community. These guys have no connections to Big Tobacco, they are vapers all the way. They have ecigs for beginning vapers, vape pens for people looking for refillable ecig tank systems, and  sophisticated, powerful, variable voltage ecigs for those of you who want clouds of vapor.

vaporfis stated purpose is to design the best and highest quality vaping products out there

Their stated purpose is to design the highest quality ecigs and personal vaporizer products possible. VaporFi is here for the long haul and achieving quality has driven them to where they are today.

As a result, they are very well positioned to exceed any quality control regulations that the FDA can throw at them. They design reliable, responsible hardware and the offer top quality USA made eliquid sourced from pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

A lot of Expert Vaping community members brought up VaporFi to us requesting a full ecig review. We were certainly aware of Vapor Fi and watching their progress closely. They have been expanding rapidly and we decided it was time to put them to the test.

The VaporFi website is exceptionally well done. It contains great information and it’s easy to shop. They have a custom vaporizer builder feature and, something we’ll get more into later, a custom eliquid option that lets you create your very own eliquid recipes..

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After taking a look at the line-up of ecig vaporizer options, we chose to test and review the Vapor Fi Rocket eCigarette Starter Kit. The ordering process was easy and they really go all out in terms of customer service. The Vapor Fi Rocket arrived before we knew it, which brings us to our first impressions.

The arrival of the VaporFi Rocket is something that you won’t soon forget. It is big! The box was big and when we held it the size was impressive. The unboxing section of our review video shows you exactly what we’re talking about.

With the VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit you will get:

  • 1 – 1600 mAh variable voltage ecig battery
  • 1 – Rocket dual coil ecig tank with airflow control
  • 5 – Additional dual coil atomizers
  • USB ecig battery charger
  • Wall charger adaptor
  • User Manual

The VaporFi Rocket ecig is very solidly built. The tank is very well designed and all of the components attach exceptionally well. This is excellent engineering. The only concern was the power button. We would like to see it recessed slightly to help prevent any accidental activations. Other than that, we were just excited to try this beast out!

Battery And Charging Performance

though larger than most the rockets battery packs a whopping 1600 mah for a nice punch to your vaping

The first thing we have to say about the VaporFi Rocket ecig battery is not only is it big, it has serious pop. This is a 1600 mAh battery. Most vape pen, ego style ecig batteries are 650 mAh, and some offer a bigger 900 mAh version. By comparison, 1600 mAh is huge. If you are the type of person who says, “to heck with the Prius, I want a Hummer” you will probably like the size and power of the Rocket.

The 1600 mAh battery is a monster with a variable voltage dial on the bottom that allows you to choose from voltage outputs of anywhere from 3.2 volts up to 4.8 volts.

Setting your preferred voltage is a snap thanks to a quick dial feature at the bottom of the unit. The various increments give you the opportunity to fine-tune your vaping.

This ecig battery comes fully charged and ready to blast off right out of the box.  The recharge time is very quick for a big battery.

There is no doubt that they used premiere lithium ion components and microprocessor technology. Each output setting provided consistency at that level. The 1.8 ohm resistance atomizer in the Rocket ecig tank works in perfect concert with the battery at whichever voltage setting you choose.

All of the available voltage output options are compatible with the 1.8 ohm atomizer. You won’t have to worry about burning it out prematurely but, obviously, the higher voltage settings will consume battery power more quickly than a lower setting. But, with 1600 mAh at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about recharging any time soon!

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The quality of materials is first rate. The Rocket battery is very sturdy. A lot of ecigs feature a logo on the bottom that lights up when you activate the battery. The VaporFi logo is on the bottom but it doesn’t light up. We like that. Why waste battery power of a special effect?

The Rocket does emit some light when the battery is activated, as it should to serve as an indicator, but it shows they are putting the vaping first by bypassing any waste of power.

This Xl sized ecig battery has staying power. The amount of puffs or unit of time that the Rocket battery will last specifically will depend, of course, on the voltage output. Giving you a puff count would not be prudent because it would vary depending on how you are using your Rocket.

What we can say is that it lasts and that the battery quality is securely in the upper echelon of battery quality. The quality of materials tells us that we are getting maximum efficiency. The battery life of the Vapor Fi Rocket is outstanding.

Refillable Tank Performance

the rocket tank holds a nice 2.5ml and is easily secured to the mod with mild toque

The VaporFi Rocket ecig tank is also big. The 2.5 ml eliquid capacity is 56% more than your average ecig tank. More capacity, more vaping between refills. It utilizes a dual, bottom coil atomizer design and has a resistance of 1.8 ohms.

The Vapor Fi Rocket tank is very solidly constructed and attaches easily. Both the atomizer and tank are so well engineered, in fact, that you actually have to be careful not twist it too tight. Once it is secured in place with a reasonable amount of tension it will be securely in place.

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If you tighten the atomizer or tank too much, you may have a hard time getting it loose again! This is not your typical ecig design that was rushed to market; the Rocket’s engineering tolerances do not require any excessive tightening.

Back to the Rocket ecig tank, we mentioned the large capacity but there is another fantastic feature that vapers will almost certainly enjoy. The Rocket tank features an adjustable airflow dial that can fine tune your preferred draw and vapor production.

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Adjusting the airflow is as easy as turning the dial on the bottom of the tank. There are five air holes and you can expose how ever many you like to manipulate airflow.

Airflow tanks are very popular right now and versatility is the reason why. Not everyone is the same. Not everyone wants the same amount of vapor. This is a very well made, easy to use tank that allows you to customize your vaping.

We tested the VaporFi Rocket over the course of weeks for our ecig review. A full tank was giving us in the range of 250 puffs. Once again, the airflow and voltage setting can change those numbers. With a lower voltage, you will get more puffs. If your goal is to make it last as long as possible, you can do that but if you just want the best possible vape to suit your wishes, you can do that, too.

when refilling make sure to pour the liquid down the sides and not through the center

Refilling the Rocket ecig tank is easy. The seals are excellent and there is no obvious leaking concern. When refilling your tank, just be careful to make sure that the eliquid goes down the sides of the tank rather than the center. If any eliquid does go down the center, it will simply leak out of the tip.

The Vapor Fi Rocket kit comes with 5 additional dual coil atomizers. An atomizer will last you about a week of heavy vaping and longer with more casual vaping. Sometimes when the tank gets low you can get a burnt taste and that means that you should top up the eliquid level in the Rocket tank. But if the tank is topped up and there is still a burnt taste then you know that it is time to change the atomizer.

To change the atomizer simply unscrew the old one and thread in the new one. Remember, it does not have to be too tight, snug is all that is needed. It is as simple as that.

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Additional Rocket atomizers are available from Vapor Fi in packs of five for $19.99.

The Rocket proved to be an excellent means of showcasing the high quality, satisfaction and flavor of Vapor Fi eliquids. The number of eliquid choices available is virtually limitless.

There are about 120 different ecig flavors with six different nicotine options. You can also choose how strong you want that flavor to be by ordering a single shot of flavor, or a double, or even a triple! You can choose the PG / VG blend as well. That is just the beginning of your custom eliquid options.

You can also mix and match flavors to create your own eliquid recipe. The custom eliquid builder of the Vapor Fi website allows you to create your own eliquid with a few clicks on your computer or mobile device.

This is an innovative feature that certainly gives consumers countless options. It must also be noted that VaporFi eliquid is made in the USA and sourced from pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Shipping and Customer Service Performance

vapori quickly ships out of its home location in florida

If you assume that VaporFi’s commitment to vaping and proving maximum customer options is an indicator of first-rate customer service then you would be right.

These folks are great to deal with. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. They can talk to someone that has never touched an ecig before or fully serve a veteran vaper with very specific demands.

They offer a toll free number that you can call anytime Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EST and from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday. You can also contact them by email and expect a quick reply.

The company ships out of its Florida home base. The shipping is fast an efficient.

Review Wrap-Up

though a bit more expensive the rocket packs a serious punch and is a top quality ecig

The VaporFi Rocket gets two thumbs way up. It is an excellent product and a top echelon ecigarette.

It carries a $119.99 price tag, which is among the more expensive ecigarettes that we have tested but you are getting serious quality. It delivers excellent across the board performance. This is a product for consumers who want more. You will get more with the Rocket.

It is large and will certainly be a conversation starter wherever you go.

The vapor production is excellent and customizable. The nicotine satisfaction and flavors also receive top marks.

We also have to give two big thumbs up for Vapor Fi eLiquid. The flavors are yummy, the satisfaction is fantastic and the sheer number of options is amazing.

We can confidently recommend the VaporFi Rocket. It will deliver and it is fun to use. This is a big, powerful ecig and very well made by a company that truly gets vapers and what they are looking for. Don’t just take our word on it though, read some VaporFi ecig reviews and hear what others are saying about the Vapor Fi ecig brand.