The VaporFi Rebel 3 is a new take on vaping. It may be small but it has a heavyweight punch. The entire thing fits in the palm of your hand. But despite the size, it has a 3000 mAh internal battery, longer lasting than you basic 18650. And the vape tank has a 5.8 ml ejuice capacity! Most vape tanks contain 2 ml to 4 ml of ejuice so you get a lot more with the Rebel 3. So large capacity, long lasting battery and a large capacity ejuice tank.

The VaporFi Rebel 3 is a follow up to the hugely successful VaporFi Rebel 2 electronic cigarette. The Rebel 3, unlike the 2.0 version, is a subohm vaping device with a wide-bore stainless steel drip tip for MTL, mouth to lung, vaping. The atomizer resistance is 0.5 ohms and large airflow access at the base of the coil. The Rebel 3 tank has a large airflow port as well so this mod has a smooth draw and is capable of making huge clouds.

The Vaporfi Rebel 3 vape mod is available in two colors; black and silver.

This is a very easy to use sub-ohm vape mod that will give you ample vaping time between having to recharge the battery of refill the tank with vape juice. Because it is a sub-ohm mod, you will need to use an eliquid with a higher VG level and use a lower nicotine level than perhaps you are used to. Choose a nicotine level that is 3 mg or 6 mg tops. You will be inhaling a lot more vapor so you won’t need as much nicotine for a fully satisfying vape experience.

While you are at VaporFi, make sure you check out their eliquids. They have a huge array of flavors. They have their own FDA registered lab facility and they never use diacetyl or acetoin in any of their eliquid recipes. You can even make your own eliquid recipes. Just remember that for subohm vaping with a powerful, cloud making mod like the Rebel 3 to pick an ejuice with a VG level of 60% or higher.

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VaporFi Rebel 3

The Rebel 3 vape mod kit by Vaporfi is available in black or silver chrome, comes with six replacement atomizer coils and a generous dripper of e-liquid.

The VaporFi Rebel 3 mod fits very comfortably in the hand. Yah, we say that about almost all vape mods because they are, of course, designed to be comfortable to hold. But the Rebel 3 has a round shape cylindrical shape that reminds me of holding a roll of quarters! It comes heavy and packs a punch. As you can see in the image above, the fire button is beautifully located and it is palm sized.

The VaporFi Rebel 3 battery self-adjusts so you do not have to adjust any power settings. This is a plug and play cloud chucker! Easy to use, convenient, portable and the biggest feature that really distinguishes this mod is how long you can vape without having to recharge or refill. It will last all day!

The VaporFi Rebel 3 is a stainless steel construction and that makes it very durable. It offers heat dissipation venting to keep it comfortable to hold even when vaping heavily. The starter kit comes with the Rebel 3 3000 mAh vape battery, Rebel 3 tank, USB charger, a 0.5 ohm atomizer coil, and a user manual. The Rebel 3 has 510 connections so you can use other tanks with atomizer ranges from 0.15 ohms to 5.0 ohms.

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VaporFi Rebel 3 Review

What is main question that I want to answer with the Expert Vaping VaporFi Rebel 3 review? Who is the VaporFi Rebel 3 for? If you are looking for a first subohm mod for making huge clouds of vapor but you do not want a complex mod that requires numerous adjustments to hone in on the optimal performance level, the Rebel 3 is a great choice. Do you travel a lot or work in a rough and tumble environment and need something really durable and reliable? The Rebel 3 is excellent. If you tend to spend long hours away from home and want the convenience of extended use and a large capacity eliquid tank that you don’t have to refill too often, this is a good choice. If you want something compact but still capable of huge cloud production, this mod’s for you.

The Rebel 3 vape mod by Vaporfi comes in a sleek classy brushed black metal.

One thing you can count on with VaporFi is high quality. You can choose from either a black or stainless steel finish. Now, you will also see two other options. Expert Vaping is now updating our VaporFi Rebel 3 review to let you know that VaporFi has just reduced all of their prices. The price for the Rebel 3 has been cut in half.

When you go to VaporFi you will be able to check it all out for yourself. But I do want to tell you that there are two options for the VaporRi Rebel 3. You can buy the mod for $69. That’s great. But you can buy a bundle and get a much, much better deal. For only $10 more you can get the full VaporFi Rebel 3 starter kit, an extra pack of atomizer coils and a bottle of VaporFi USA made e-juice. We recommend you take advantage of the bundle.

The last word is this. The Rebel 3 is a joy to vape. Very easy to use. The battery is long lasting so you can vape all day and then some. Fantastic battery life. The Rebel 3 is a tough customer. Perfect for people who don’t live life in a bubble.