Welcome to our Vapor Fi Rebel II electronic cigarette review. We are going to go into a lot of detail in this review because there are a lot of features to cover. This is a multifaceted ecig / vaporizer that can be intimidating to people who are new to vaping but as we cover all of the details you’ll see that yes, this is a powerful ecig with a lot of features but there is no reason to be intimidated, anyone can use the Vapor Fi Rebel 2.

First let’s touch on what the Vapor Fi Rebel 2 is and then we’ll get to our first impressions. The Rebel II is a variable voltage and variable wattage ecig. It is also a variable battery mod and we’ll get to that. What is an ecig mod? What is a vaporizer? Which is the rebel 2? Well, the Rebel 2 fits into a number of categories and all apply but it fits best into the category of an advanced personal vaporizer of APV.

We’re just touching on this because it can be confusing seeing one ecig called a mod, another called a vape pen or another called a vaporizer. In fact, when you visit Vapor Fi’s truly, truly excellent website you will find the Rebel 2 listed as a variable voltage vaporizer, which is apt.

Vaporfi has an excellent track record with their ecigs that causes us to have high expectations when reviewing their products

In any case, don’t be confused; there are no real rules or finite definitions, no right or wrong. They all generate vapor so you can vape instead of smoke and that’s all that really matters. For our purposes, we’ll stick with either ecig or vaporizer.

Our first impressions of the Rebel 2 were informed by our expectations of Vapor Fi itself. It’s kind of like when a movie critic goes to a Spielberg movie, he or she expects a great movie and if they don’t get it, the review tends to be harsh. We stayed neutral through the testing phases and the expectations did not impact the final rating but admittedly we went into this ecig review expecting something very good.

Vapor Fi is quickly becoming a rock star in the vaping world. We recently reviewed the Vapor Fi Rocket and the VaporFi Rebel 3. Folks, we were duly impressed. They engineer some outstanding ecig designs that perform at such a high level there is little wonder that vapers are flocking to Vapor Fi. What we really like about them is that they have something for everyone. Vaporizers, basic ecigs to advanced box mods.

Most of us at ECCR started out with basic, easy to use two-piece cigalikes. They are a great product. After some time, however, there is often a natural inclination to want more vapor so we move the basic ecig tank systems like eGos and often on to more advanced ecigs, like the Rebel III for instance.

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Vapor Fi covers the gambit from the easy to use cigalikes for first time vapers looking to ditch tobacco up to products like the VAIO all in one vaporizer for adventurous vapers.

As you can see in the unboxing portion of out Vapor Fi Rebel 2 electronic cigarette review video, Vapor Fi has very nice, compact and efficient packaging. When the box arrived we noticed the weight. Not only is the Rebel 2 a big, powerful ecig but they also pack a lot into your Rebel II starter kit including:

  • Rebel 2 Telescopic Variable Voltage / Wattage Vaporizer
  • 18650 Litium Ion Battery
  • 18350 Lithium Ion Battery
  • Rebel Dual Coil Ecig Tank With Adjustable Airflow And Eliquid Flow
  • Battery Charger
  • User Manual

If you are used to buying from vape shops or online ecig stores you are going to notice something about this starter kit right off the top. It comes with everything. Vapor Fi is giving you the whole package when you buy the Rebel 2 starter kit. This is not one of those “batteries not included” deals.

Usually, a lot of dealers want to sell you the ecig and then sell you the batteries and charger separately. That is not Vapor Fi’s style, they are putting the consumer first here and that is a huge plus in our books.

Battery And Charging Performance

the vaporfi rebel 2 can house either 18650 or 18350 ecig batteries making it very versatile

The VaporFi Rebel 2 features a tubular design with a telescopic lower tube that accommodates different battery sizes. The VaporFi Rebel II has substantial weight to it and when you start using it you see why very quickly.

This is one very well built ecig. You can sense the heft of it as you hold it in your hand. The telescopic threading that you use to adjust to your battery size threads like a dream. Like we show you in the Rebel 2 ecig review video the engineering is wonderful.

As mentioned, the Rebel 2 accommodates either an 18650 or an 18350 ecig battery. The VaporFi 18650 battery is 2800 mAh and the 18350 battery is 750 mAh. There is quite a size difference and that’s kind of the point.

When you are using the 18650 battery, your Rebel II is big, very big in fact. In the video we showed you a side-by-side comparison with a typical ecig and there is a big difference. We liked the large size and you could feel the power. There are times, however, when you might want your ecig to be more portable and in that case switching over to the 18350 battery is as easy adjusting the telescopic body.

Like the Rebel 2 itself, the battery charger that VaporFi is going to send you with your starter kit comes with a spring-loaded arm that will adapt to either battery. It is basically a 2 in 1 battery charger. The charger is also very compact, its not one of those bulky Nitecor Chargers, this thing is well designed.

Like we mentioned in our first impression, it is great to see an advanced ecig starter kit that really does come with everything including the battery charger. If you have been around vaping for a while we pretty sure that’s something that you will appreciate, too.

with the rebel 2 you can adjust both voltage and watts which are easy to see with its screen

The charger is very effective and charges you batteries fully. We know this because the Rebel II actually has a built in battery meter that lets you know your battery capacity.

We had no issues with the batteries. They are clearly made of high quality lithium ion components, there were no cheap materials used and the VaporFi 18650 and 18350 batteries are competitive with the best ones out there today.

Once we put either battery in the Rebel 2 we found that operating the various functions was very easy. The Rebel 2 replaced the original Rebel and made major improvements in ease of use.

There is a power button, of course, and an up and down button. The up and down button enable you to access and change the battery function to suit your individual vaping preferences.

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If you hold both the up and down button at the same time, you can switch from variable voltage to variable wattage or vice versa. You can go from 3 up to 6 volts or from 3 to as high as 15 watts. You can adjust voltage in o.1 increments and wattage in 0.5 increments.

The difference between adjusting wattage and voltage is that with voltage you find the best output to work with the resistance of the atomizer and with wattage the Rebel 2 will automatically determine optimal power output for the atomizer resistance.

If you want to use variable voltage, the Vapor Fi Rebel II has an ohm meter and it will tell you the resistance of your tank.

There is some sophisticated technology involved with the VaporFi Rebel 2 and that technology really gave us the opportunity to customize the vaping. The safeguards help avoid the risk of overheating the eliquid or having any battery issues. Using advanced personal vaporizers has really never been so easy.

Rebel II Tank And VaporFi Eliquid

the rebel 2 tank holds 4ml of liquid and threads flawlessly onto the mod

The Rebel 2 starter kit comes with the huge, 4 ml capacity VaporFi Rebel Tank. The Rebel tank is 510 threaded and once again the threading tolerances of the Rebel 2 are flawless. When something is high quality, you sure can feel the difference between excellence and average.

A quick note about the Vapor Fi Rebel II, it is obviously 510 threaded and will work with an array of ecig tank systems but it is also threaded to accommodate smaller eGo tanks if you want.

The Rebel tank is interesting as it has not only an adjustable airflow but it also has an adjustable eliquid flow function. To adjust the eliquid flow you take out the atomizer and you will see the hole from the eliquid tank to the atomizer and you can adjust the size of the hole by threading the adjustor either up or down.

VaporFi recommends starting with 50% eliquid flow and adjusting up or down from there. Having the option of increasing eliquid flow to 100% will make a big difference when vaping thicker eliquids.

The adjustable airflow function has four settings. You simply rotate the airflow control wheel to change up the airflow at will. If you have ever used any Aspire adjustable airflow tanks, like the Nautilus or Atlantis, the Rebel tank functions much the same way except for the added benefit of being able to adjust eliquid flow.

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So how did the Rebel Tank actually perform? It was fantastic, it really was. We tested a huge range of settings with the 2.8 ohm atomizer and the ability to customize the vapor was impressive.

The Rebel 2 produces a lot of vapor very efficiently. The throat hit was superb. Very satisfying vaping, very enjoyable.

We have to say that we tested heavily for two weeks and never had to change the atomizer. The company recommends changing the atomizer every one to four weeks. Usually when you start getting a burnt taste and reduced vapor you know its time for a new atomizer. We can say that this atomizer stands up to heavy use very well.

The Rebel 2 and Rebel tank get draw excellent flavor from the eliquid. We used VaporFi eliquid but you can use any ejuice that you want. Saying that if you have never tried VaporFi eliquid you really should.

VaporFi elqiuid is made in the USA at their own FDA registered lab. They source the best quality ingredients and they are very transparent about it. You can go on the VaporFi website and they will show you everything that goes in to their eliquid. In a day and age of so many shady ejuice vendors, this is a massive breath of fresh air.

VaporFi ejuice blends are very good. Flavors are always subjective but in our opinion the flavors were actually awesome! There are so many flavors to choose from. How does the number 30,000 grab you?

There are 30,000 plus flavor combinations available from VaporFi. They have their base flavors and they have a custom eliquid builder right on their website. You can design your own eliquid recipe on the website as easy as one, two, three.

Go to the website and check it out. This is great quality eliquid folks. Make any flavor combination that you can imagine.

Shipping and Customer Service Performance

shopping with vaporfi is not only a breeze but they have also recently dropped their prices across the board

VaporFi is very customer oriented. That is evident in their highly customizable products and the value that they offer. That same customer orientation translates to exceptional customer service. The VaporFi customer experience begins on the website. The website is gorgeos, easy to navigate and full of useful, informative and helpful content.

The shopping part is also easy. Ordering is a snap. We are also happy to tell you that as of 2017, VaporFi has drastically reduced prices. We encourage you to consider buying an authentic device directly from an American company like VaporFi as opposed to buying an imported device with a potentially sketchy provenance. The overall process is designed to make it easy for you. Everything is done with the customer in mind.

The shipping is very fast and very reliable. Your order is not going to sit there for a week before someone gets to it. There is a 30 day money back guarantee.

To contact VaporFi directly they have a toll free number that you can call during business hours Monday through Saturday.

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Review Wrap-Up

There is a lot to like about the VaporFi Rebel II. The ability to customize the vaping to suit very individualized tolerances and preferences is very impressive and the Rebel 2 adds additional elements of customization when using the Rebel tank with adjustable airflow and adjustable eliquid flow control.

The performance is outstanding. If you want clouds of vapor, you can get clouds of vapor. It can probably be best summed up by saying that it will deliver the amount of vapor and throat hit that you want. You are also going to get an exceptional flavor experience. This is fabulous technology and the vaping is brilliant.

We were very impressed by the quality of construction and durability. The atomizer life was more than we expected.

The Rebel 2 durability is of great value because of the versatility it offers with its battery configuration. A lot of ecigs have to be thrown away when the battery wears out but in this case after the battery goes all you have to do is order a new 18650 battery for under $15.

the rebel 2 is a phenomenal product that will truly take your vaping game to the next level

In terms of value this kit sells for $179.99 but you get everything with it. As Paul mentioned in the video similar tubes can sell for over $200 and they come with nothing. This is leading edge quality and technology and the value is exceptional.

Quality, performance and value all dictate two big thumbs up for the Rebel 2. If you are looking for some next level vaping, this is a great choice. We just want to say one more time that yes, the Rebel 2 is an advanced ecig but it is designed to be easy to use and enjoy.

The ease of use was one of the most impressive features and we want to mention again that even if you are new to vaping there is no reason to be intimidated. If you want to start out with something simpler, that’s cool too, but sometime it’s fun to just dive right in. If you’ve tried a Vapor Fi product before and you’d like to share your experience, stop by our VaporFi ecig consumer reviews page and leave your own review.


Folks we have some happy and sad news. We have to tell you that the VaporFi Rebel II has been sold out of stock. It is no longer available.

VaporFi has actually updated the Rebel 3 for 2017. The new Rebel 3 is a sleeker, more powerful vape device that will produce more vapor. You can get the Rebel 3 for $69 or get it in a bundle with extra atomizers and e-liquid for only $79. The bundle is the way to go!