The Aspire Platinum starter kit is an all in one subohm vape kit that features the Aspire Atlantis subohm tank. The Aspire Atlantis ecig tank was the innovative trendsetter that brought subohm vaping from the background and into the bright spotlight as the biggest star in vaping. Before the Atlantis came along, the only way to get this type of vapor productions was to drip.

Dripping involves a lengthy process of wrapping your own coils and connecting your atomizer to an unregulated mod capable of drawing intense power from the ecig battery. The problem is that unless you kow the exact resistance of your atomizer and how long you should heat the coil, you ran a high risk of burning the coil and the ejuice. Overheating and burning your ecig is not safe. While dripping allows people to subohm vape and create huge vapor clouds, it is a complex and  very involved process. The Aspire Atlantis changed everything.

The Aspire Platinum starter kit comes with everything busy people need to help them quit smoking.

When the Aspire Atlantis was launched, it changed vaping. The Atlantis subohm tank made huge vapor accessible to anyone with its breakthrough design that has now been copied by hundreds of other manufacturers. Subohm tanks are all the rage. Every manufacturer in China is working hard to copy the success of the Atlantis. I guess one way to look at it would be why settle for a follower, get the original Atlantis and expereince the huge vapor of subohm vaping with an ecig tank system that is as easy to use as a standard ecig tank.

The Atlantis allows you to use pre-built subohm atomizer coils designed to work with advanced electronic cigarette batteries. The atomizer coils are an incredible design complete with organic Japanese cotton wicks. The Atlantis tank has adjustable airflow that lets you dial in that perfect draw and control your vapor output.

Adjustable airflow tanks are an Aspire innovation. In fact, if you are not up for subohm vaping but want to customizer you vapor and draw, then you should take a look at the Aspire Premium starter kit. The Premium kit comes with the Aspire Nautilus tank. The Nautilus is one of the best tanks on tha market and featurs adjustable airflow and a BVC coil design that is simply superior technology.

Aspire Platinum Starter Kit From Mt Baker Vapor

The Aspire Platinum vape mod kit comes standard with the Atlantis sub ohm reservoir tank.

Mt Baker Vapor has reduced the price of the Aspire Platinum starter kit so now you can get the impeccable quality of Aspire for a price that inferior products cannot match. It’s true. If you look at an iTaste battery and MVP 3 tank, you are going to pay more and get less. Or if you buy your Aspire Platinum starter kit elsewhere, you will end up paying more.

Mt Baker Vapor is offering a reduced price on the Aspire Platinum starter kit. The price is now a very streamlined $79.99 but with our Mt Baker Vapor coupon code, Expert Vaping10, you will save $8 off of the price. Plus, you will get some free Mt. Baker Vapor e-liquid!

I recommend choosing the 80% VG eliquid or the Max VG eliquid when choosing your free ejuice from Mount Baker. The higher VG content is far better for subohm vaping. You don’t want to be using standard PG ejuice with your Atlantis. Don’t go below 50 / 50 and try out higher VG ratios.

The Aspire Atlantis sub ohm vape tank provides a ray of sunshine in every cloud of vapor.

When subohm vaping, cut down on the nicotine! You will be inhaling a lot more vapor so if you are used to using an 18 mg eliquid, cut that down to 3 mg or 6 mg at the most.

When you order your Aspire Platinum starter kit from Mt Baker Vapor you will everything you need. The starter kit comes with:

  • The Aspire Atlantis SubOhm Tank
  • Aspire CF 2000 mAh SubOhm Battery
  • 5 Additional 0.5 Ohm Coils
  • USB Battery Charger
  • Atlantis Glass And Steel Replacement Tank
  • Leather Scabbard
  • User Manual
  • Free eLiquid
  • Free Needle Tip

Yah this kit comes with everything. No nickel and diming here. The Aspire 2000 mAh subohm battery is a high quality masterpiece. It is designed to get the most out of the Aspire Atlantis tank. The Aspire subohm battery will fire atomizers as low as 0.3 ohms. It is carbon fiber coated and has a floating center pin design that ensures that you always have a secure connection.

The battery has a number of safety features to prevent overcharging, over-discharging and any short circuits. It is a comfortable battery to hold and matches the diameter of the Atlantis tank giving it a seemless appearance and feel.

The Aspire Platinum starter vape mod kit comes with power module, twin atomizer tanks, five replacement coil heads and a protective scabbard.

The Aspire Platinum Starter Kit is an all in one subohm kit made by the company that revolutionized vaping. You can get the best deal on the Aspire Platinum Kit from Mount Baker Vapor. Not only the best deal, but the most value because we are going to give you a Mt Baker coupon code to save money and they are going to throw in some free eliquid and a needle tip. This is an ideal opportunity to pick up a premium quality electronic cigarette kit.

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