The VaporFi Vox II box mod with 50 Watts of sheer power and advanced vaping features just might be giving us a glimpse into the future of vaping. It is a diverse, powerful, functional, stainless steel technological marvel. Everything that has been learned since the ecigarette revolution began has led to this moment.

We all know how fast technology changes and ecigarette technology is no exception. From the early cigalikes until present day, the quest for clouds of vapor led to a splitting off of ecig technologies into a number of variations.

The first mods were engineered by creative vapers who would take a cigalike cartridge and expose it to more power from a larger battery. This evolved into an ecig tank system that used a bigger ecig battery and a tank that contained a reservoir of eliquid. Still, folks wanted more vapor.


Hi folks! I loved the VaporFi Vox 50 watt mod. This of you who own one probably still have yours, too! I mean, the thing just keeps going and going. VaporFi build incredible ecigs and mods. Here’s the update:

VaporFi no longer makes the Vox II 50 watt mod. 

The Vaporfi Vox II power mod has a digital screen and standard 510 connector for most reservoir tanks.

With new technology, the Vox has evolved. There are new versions of the Vox mod available! Check them out.

NEW FOR 2017!

A variety of ecigs came into being. Mech mods enabled users to increase the power and not be limited by an internal battery cutoff. They could apply all the heat they wanted. This led to a number of problems and resulted in rare incidents of thermal runaway in the battery that caused a fired or minor explosion. You really need to know electricity to use a mech mod safely.

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RDAs, or rebuildable drip atomizers, came into being and enabled vapors to build their own coils and atomizers to generate the kind of vapor that they were looking for. Although it can produce more vapor, unfortunately dripping opened the door to overheating atomizer elements and eliquid. Like mech mods, RDAs require a sufficient level of knowledge in order to vape safely.

Sub ohm vaping has become very popular. In sub ohm vaping, the atomizer resistance is less than 1 ohm. That means you will be drawing more power from your battery. Sub ohm ecigs evolved as a way to produce the vapor that you get from dripping without the same level of complexity, that being said sub ohm vaping has still experienced its share of controversy as overheating and other ecig battery problems could occur.

So you see the evolution in the pursuit of more and more vapor. And that leads us to this moment. The VaporFi Vox II box mod encompasses everything cloud chasers have been looking for into one, single high tech vaporizer that solves all of the problems of RDAs, mech and sub ohm vaping in one fell swoop.

The Vaporfi Vox II 50 watt vape mod offers significant power in a small package.

The VaporFi Vox II has brought sanity and top performance to the preferred vaping styles of cloud chasers. More than that, the Vox II vaporizer also functions as an everyday ecigarette for people who prefer normal vaping.

The VaporFi Vox II has been referred to as a game changer because of its versatility and the ease of use that it brings to formerly complicated vaping styles.

This remarkable new vaporizer is compact yet powerful with 50 W potential output. The flush buttons add to both safety and appearance. The OLED screen is a step above previous ecig display screens.

The number of different things that the Vox II can do is amazing. Chances are you will be discovering new capabilities months after you buy it. Next level stuff.

The Vox II itself is constructed of a stainless steel box shaped body that fits in the palm of your hand or a pocket and comes with all of the following features:

  • A USB pass through charger eliminating the need for buying a separate battery charger.
  • Advanced digital OLED screen.
  • A high capacity 35 Amp, 2500 mAh battery that comes with the kit.
  • Variable wattage settings from 7 W to 50 W in 0.1 W increments.
  • Variable voltage settings from 3.0 V to 8.5 V
  • Voltage input settings from 3.2 V to 4.2 V
  • Maximum output of 22 Amps
  • Ohm meter that also finds ideal voltage for RDA / RBA.
  • Output short circuit protection.
  • Reverse battery protection.
  • Low voltage warning.
  • Temperature protection.
  • Custom temperature settings.
  • Vented battery casing.
  • Input high voltage warning.
  • Device lock feature.
  • 510 threaded, capable of bring the best out of your choice of ecig tanks.

The VaporFi Vox II starter kit comes with three different vaping set-ups and you can choose which one you prefer.

The VaporFi Vox II With Rebel Ecig Tank

The Vaporfi Rebel vape tank offers simplicity and elegance in a rebuildable vape body.

If you choose the Vox II starter kit complete with the VaporFi Rebel ecig tank you will be getting a premiere vaporizer that is easy to use and produces ample vapor.

You do not have to worry about rebuilding coils or atomizers. You simply add your eliquid to the huge 4 ml ecig tank and… ready, set, go.

The Rebel ecig tank enables you to adjust how much eliquid goes to your atomizer. This is an easy adjustment to make and you can customize your vapor production simply by adjusting the control wheel on the bottom of the tank.

You can also control the airflow. Airflow control tanks are very popular and for good reason, fine-tuning your vaping to your personal tastes will only serve to enhance your experience.

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Eliquid flavors can also be enhanced through the airflow and eliquid flow mechanisms offered by the Rebel tank.

Different flavors can be better experienced at different settings. For example, a chocolate flavor may be more pleasing at a higher voltage, high eliquid flow and low airflow while a fruit flavor may be more pleasurable with a lower voltage, medium eliquid flow and high airflow. With the Rebel tank, you control all of it.

When you choose the Rebel Tank as the complement to your Vox II you will get 1 Rebel ecig tank complete with adjustable airflow and eliquid flow.

VaporFi Vox II With Volt Hybrid Tank (Capable Of Sub Ohm Vaping)

The Vaporfi Volt rebuildable atomizer tank comes in standard and sub ohm.

The Volt Hybrid ecig tank is simply a marvel. It is capable of standard vaping or sub ohm vaping. In fact, it comes with everything you need to rebuild the atomizer deck and go from standard vaping to sub ohm vaping simply by changing a few components.

You will be able to go from a 1.2 ohm atomizer to a o.5 sub ohm atomizer or change the deck to sub ohm coil all with the same tank. Plus you are going to get organic Japanese cotton for your wicks. You can’t beat that.

The rebel has a glass pyrex tube so there is no issue with high vg eliquid for sub ohm vaping.

Now you are thinking, ‘sure sounds good but how many extra parts am I going to have to buy to do that?’ The answer is none. The kit comes with everything you need, even the tools!

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The Vox II starter kit with the Volt Hybrid dual coil ecig tank option comes with you Vox II, of course, and:

  • 1 Volt Hybrid Ecig Tank (4.5ml eliquid capacity)
  • 1 OCC Sub Ohm 0.5Ω / Range 15-30 W
  • OCC 1.2Ω / Range 12-25 W
  • 2 RBA 0.5Ω Coil
  • 1 Japanese Organic Cotton (up to 20 wicks)
  • 1 Mini RBA Base
  • Pyrex Glass Tube
  • 1 Screw Driver
  • 2 Screws

Yep, even comes with the screwdriver and screws. Rebuilding an atomizer to suit your vaping wishes has never been easier or safer. You also have to like the organic Japanese cotton for wicking. Organic is the way to go. We want our vaping to be as clean and safe as possible.

VaporFi Bolt RDA

The Vaporfi Bolt rebuildable drip atomizer is an iron-clad dependable cloud maker.

If you really want to try dripping, the unbeatable combination of the Vox II and the Bolt RDA is the way to go.

The Vox II will enable you to drip without worrying about whether or not your battery will overheat or if you will fry your coils.

The Bolt RDA makes rebuildable drip atomizers accessible to more casual vapers.

RDAs must be used with compatible batteries (15 W output and up) and the diversity of the Vox II enables you to draw excellent performance form your RDA.

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The Bolt RDA comes with everything you need to rebuild including Kanthal wire, which is optimal for RDAs. The Bolt features dual coils, copper contact and adjustable airflow.

When you choose your Vox II starter kit with the Bolt RDA option you will get:

  • 1 22mm Bolt RDA
  • 4 Additional o-rings
  • 1 10’ 30 g Kanthal wire
  • 1 Screw driver
  • 3 Screws
  • 1 Drip tip

You will get everything you need. Once again, even the screwdriver! Most of the time, you have to buy everything separately. This is more affordable and more convenient.

If you have wanted to try a rebuildable this is the ideal situation.

Which Vaping Style Will You Choose?

Although the starter kit that you choose will come with one of these options, you can use the Vox II with any of them. VaporFi has made our Expert Vaping list of the best vape tanks, clearomzers and RBAs because of the sheer volume of options and quality.

The Vox II allows you to utilize one device to experience the gamut of vaping styles.

You are free to try any of these styles at any time. The Vox II will easily adjust and bring out the best performance of whichever type of vaping that you want to try.

The Vaporfi Vox II starter kit comes with your choice of rebuildable atomizer tank including the Bolt, Volt and Rebel.

If you try the RDA but find that dripping is not for you, you are not stuck with a vaporizer that you really don’t want.

All you have to do is pick up any ecig tank and the Vox II will give you the optimal performance from that tank as well.

Perhaps after trying dripping you will want to see what sub ohm vaping is all about. The Vox II can accommodate you with ease.

If you want to go back to a standard style of vaping, that is also easily accomplished. The VaporFi Vox II can handle it all. This is a diverse product that can open doors to new levels of vaping and manage those transitions smoothly. It’s like all the benefits with no commitments.

Right now you can order the Vox II starter kit for a special introductory price of $199.99.

If you look at a product like the popular VaporShark box mod, you will see that it has a similar price. The difference is that the VaporShark has a fraction of the features and you have to buy everything separately. If you were to buy a VaporShark and get all of the accessories that you get with the Vox II starter kit, you would be in the $300 range before you could bat an eye.

The introductory price allows you to enjoy the latest and best technology at a special price that will probably not last long. The Vox II is going to sell out fast.

Update: The Vox 2 is now in stock and available! If you want to experience advanced vaping without the hassle, the Vox 50 watt mod version 2 is the way to go.