Once again, we have something new and different to tell you about. Our Smok OSUB review will give you the details about a new vape mod kit that is the size of a Zippo lighter! It is that small and easily fits in a back pocket. This little subohm mod may be small, but it will still deliver big time vape clouds. It’s just cool. It’s the smallest vape mod on the market and the ultimate in portability.

I know what you are asking. What can a mod this small do? The answer is a lot. Despite the size, the internal 1350 mAh battery is capable of up to 40 watts of power output. With 1350 mAh, the OSUB may not be the longest lasting mod but that’s not what it is designed for. This mod is designed for convenience and portability which is perfect for a lot of people who want a top quality subohm vape but want something small as opposed to a large and powerful device.

The Smok O Sub vape kit in red comes with 40 watt power supply mod and matching atomizer tank.

The Smok Helmet Mini tank that comes with the Smok OSUB starter kit gives you three coil options. The three Helmet vape coils are a 0.4 ohm fused Clapton Dual core coil, a 1.0 ohm Clapton and a 0.85 ohm coil. These are Kanthal coils and designed for MTL or subohm vaping. We did some checking for the Smok OSUB review and it is now available for pre-order. We have a link at the bottom of the page.

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The Smallest Vape Mod On The Market

The OSUB next to everyday items. The smallest vape mod on the market!The OSUB 40 watt mod stands 70 mm tall, is 35 mm wide and 22 mm thick. So it is 2.7 inches tall, 1.37 inches wide and .86 inches thick. Yes, it is that small and really is capable of 40 watts or 600 degrees F in temp control. The Helmet subohm tank is 50 mm tall and 22 mm in diameter. That is less than 2 inches tall and under an inch in diameter.

Once assembled and the tank is threaded into the 510 connection on the mod, it is about 4.5 inches tall. The OSUB mod weighs 116 grams and the tank weighs 53.5 grams. It weighs less than 6 ounces. Filled with up to 2 ml of ejuice, it will come in right at about 6 ounces. It is very lightweight because the mod is constructed of a very strong but light zinc alloy. The tank is made of stainless steel.

The Smok OSUB vape kit comes in 40watt and 80watt kits.

Talking about the size of this mod is one of the biggest challenges of my Smok OSUB review. The picture above really does the best job of describing just how compact and portable the OSUB TC mod really is. A regular Zippo lighter is 2.24 inches tall so the OSUB mod really is about the same size. The OSUB is not as wide as a Zippo and is only slightly thicker. It really is amazing that a 40 watt mod with temp control could be made at these dimensions.

The Smok OSUB does weigh about twice what a Zippo does but obviously a lot more goes into the construction. This is a sophisticated device. If you have been looking for the smallest vape mod, this is the one that you have been waiting for. The best part is that it is made by Smok so you know that you are getting excellent quality from a company that is making many of the very best vape products in the world right now.

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Smok OSUB Review

One thing I want to quickly cover for our Smok OSUB review is the fact that this mod is TPD compliant. This will be great news for vapers in the European Union. The OSUB starter kit with the Helmet tank meets the requirements of the EU because the tank capacity is 2 ml, which is the EU limit, and the Helmet tank has been established as being leak proof.

Smok Helmet Vape Tank

The specifications for the Smok OSUB 40watt vape mod include top airflow system, magnetic batter cover, and digital screen.

Like other new tank designs that are leak proof, the secret is the top airflow. The Helmet tank and coils draw in the air through the adjustable airflow setting at the top. The air is drawn down and through the coils before being drawn back out the top bringing a whole lot of vapor with it! The tank and coil design is brilliant. The top airflow design is similar to the TFV8 Clod Beast tank. In my opinion, Smok is doing vape tanks and coils better than anyone else right now.

The Smok OSUB vape mod looks fantastic. How can you not love that black and gold design! Of course, if you should prefer another color there are several to choose from. There is also a black and silver, a stainless steel finish, white and a cherry red. So there is lots to choose from.

You can see the list of technical specifications above. One other thing you will see in the images is the OLED screen. It is small but perfectly proportional and easily readable mounted on the side directly above the up and down buttons. To fire the mod, simple click the fire bar that runs the length of the mod, similar to the Smok H-Priv fire button design. So as you look at the image, the gold section running along the side of the mod is the fire bar.

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Want to get just the Smok OSUB 40 watt TC mod?

If you do not want the OSUB kit but just want the OSUB mod alone, you can get that here.

Using The Smok OSUB

The Smok OSUB vape mod comes in a variety of color ways including black and gold, silver, red, white and black with silver.

UPDATE: I have now been using the Smok OSUB vape mod for two months. It is outstanding. It has a very simple menu that is easy to access the available features. I tried all the functions for my Smok OSUB review including the temp control feature. In temp control it works fantastic. Generally day to day I use it with an MTL tank at 11 watts and at that power setting I can use it all day. In temp control it does draw more power and with a small battery it won’t last all day at higher power settings.

Ultimately, the reason that I like it so much is the convenience and portability. It fits easily in my shirt pocket. The fire bar is incredibly durable and reliable. The portability is amazing. You get a fully capable vape mod that fits inside the palm of your hand. Great for stealth vaping.

The build quality is excellent and the firmware is very accurate. The fire bar is easily removed when you want to recharge and snaps right back into place when done. In all the testing I did for the Smok OSUB review, the fire bar never came off once.

The up and down buttons make it easy to adjust power. You can lock in your setting, or unlock, by pushing both buttons at the same time. Another factor that I like is the very quick recharge time. That’s one of the pros of a smaller battery. All in all, if you are looking for a small, portable mod then you should take a look at the Smok OSUB.