I think we are on to something good here. The Expert Vaping Smoant Charon 218 vape mod review is going to surpise some people. The reason is that in this case we have an affordable vape mod capable of all of the in demand vaping functions. We have a company that has invested R&D resources to develop their own ANT chip. And that ANY chip shows all the signs of a high performance device. All that and a leather exterior for a very comfortable sweet looking mod.

smoant charon 218w box mod in black kit

This is our first review of a Smoant mod. They have been gaining traction lately. We read that they had developed a new chip. The Ant chip. That told us they were taking their work seriously and they deserved a look. To quickly tell you about the ANT chip, it is firmware upgradeable and designed for stability as well as responsiveness. This is indeed a fast chip. A chip that is stable in temperature control vaping mode.

The Smoant Charon is a 218 watt dual 18650 mod. It operates in variable power and temp control in stainless steel, nickel, titanium and TCR. The leather is real and replaceable. This is going to be a very quick review. I will go over the specs and so on. This a very good, very responsive performance mod that costs under $60. Yes, we found a place you can get an authentic Charon 218 for under $60. So really the big takeaway here is the value.

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Smoant Charon 218 Vape Mod Review

One of the unique features I want to immediately cover in my Smoant Charon 218 vape mod review is the venting system. Anytime you buy a mod for under $60 you know going in that you are making some compromises. You can get some fantastic devices for the price range but perhaps not high performance. And you also know that it may not really stand the test of time. But the Smoant Charon could very well buck the trend and exceed our wildest expectations.

The Smoant Charon is new. After a week and a half of testing prior to publishing the Smoant Charon review, we are very satisfied in telling you that it is an excellent value as well as a very responsive vape. But at this point we can’t really conform how long it will last. Only time will tell. There is reason to believe that the Smoant Charon will last much longer than other similar priced mods. The reason for that is a newly designed venting system.

new smoant charon 218 box mod air venting system

The increased number of venting holes is designed to keep the inner workings cooler. The venting reminds me of the Lost Vape Triade DNA. The idea is to extend the lifespan of the mod. So the Smoant Charon may very well be able to drastically outlast its competitors in the same price range. So we have the combination of value, performance and potentially long life span. These are all attractive reasons to buy in our book.

Smoant Charon 218 TC Specs

Let’s talk about the Smoant Charon 218 specs. The Smoant Charon is typically sized for a dual 18650 mod. It stands 91 mm tall or 3.58 inches. The width is 53 mm or 2 inches. Finally, the Charon vape mod is 25 mm think or just a shade under 1 inch. That is a nice comfortable size for a dual 18650. The things that really adds to the comfort is the leather exterior. The leather is on an adhesive that is replaceable. And the leather is real. Very nice.

smoant chip for tc on new charon vape 218w mod

Nuts and bolts time for the Smoant Charon 218 vape mod review! let’s check out the vaping sepcs:

1. Made of Zinc alloy and high quality leather covering
2. Variable wattage power range is 1 watt up to 218 watts
3. Temperature control vaping with Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Ni-chrome and TCR(Temperature Coefficient of Resistance)
4. Temp control TC vaping temperature range is 200-600℉ / 100-300℃
5. Atomizer resistance as low as 0.1 ohm VW or 0.05 in TC, spring loaded 510
6. Firmware upgradable, use firmware for custom fire curve
7. Magnetic battery cover, easy access to battery compartment
8. Batteries can be charged through usb port (though we recommend using a separate battery charger)
9. Weight without batteries is 195 g or 6.87 ounces
10. Low resistance safety protection
11. Over-time protection
12. Reverse battery polarity protection
13. Overheating protection
14. Multiple color and design options

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Smoant Charon Review – Style!

I have to say that, again, the main point I want to express in my Smoant Charon review is the value you get for your money. You get responsive vaping. And to clarify by responsive I mean that the instant you hit the fire button the atomizer fires. No lag. It is fast. Another value factor, possibly, is the potential for an extended lifespan thanks to a new and innovative venting configuration. Of lesser importance, although very cool, are the style options.

So I am a boring basic type of person when it comes to style. I have multiple witnesses that can confirm this! So I do like the basic Smoant finishes like all black, copper and black or silver and black. I love the feel of the leather. But there is a lot more you can get here. If you like a mod with some style, like the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum mod, then the Smoant Charon is going to be of interest to you for sure. Take a look.

charon ct 218 mod different skins

So you can see you can customize the appearance with a variety of finishing covers. Hell’s Angel, Thor’s Hammer, Blazing Skull, Evil Wealth and Camo. I am not an art critic but to me they look like some very creative designs that might have a lot of appeal.

Vaping The Smoant Charon 218 TC

Vaping the Smoant Charon 218 is very enjoyable. The comfort and feel is very good. And I love the location and size of the fire button. The big fire button reminds of of the Envii Loch Ness mod. The nice, big round fire button is perfect for thumb pushers or anyone with bigger fingers. Great for anyone actually. The build quality is very good. You can shake it and there will be no rattles. Nothing loose or sloppy going on.

smoant charon 218 w big fire button

Using and accessing the Charon menu are all standard. Five clicks to power on and off. Three clicks to access the menu. In the menu you will see DTC CURVE and DVW CURVE. With these options you will have the ability to create a custom firing curve. You can only do this by connecting the Charon to a computer. Once connected, you can design a custom fire profile for variable wattage of temp control. For me I like a strong initial hit. I found the Smoant Charon so responsive that I felt no need to use the custom fore feature. However if you want to create a custom fire profile you can.

The vaping performance is fantastic. The vapor production is instant. I vaped the Charon with a number of top notch vape tanks. They all fit clean and flush on the 510. I can’t speak for every atomizer tank out there but the Smoant Charon will get you all the potential of enjoyable vaping from the majority.

Smoant Charon Review Wrap Up

To wrap up the Smoant Charon review let’s make a quick list of all the pros:

  • Affordable
  • ANT chip is fast and responsive
  • ANT chip is stable in temp control
  • Software upgradeable and custom fore profile option
  • 25 mm 510 but will work with huge range of atomizers
  • Very good build quality
  • Variety of designs
  • Overall just a great value for your money

That’s it. Over to you.