This one feels really smooth. A compact dual 18650 mod with comfortable, rounded form and just enough texture for a sure grip. Our Expert Vaping Aspire Speeder review will give you an overview of the latest offering from Aspire E-Cigs. You can get the mod alone or in a kit partnered with the new Aspire Athos vape tank. The Speeder is a 200 watt mod with a full suite of vaping options including bypass and temperature control. The mod alone is $55 and the complete kit with new Athos tank is $80.

The Aspire Speeder comes in three different colors. You can get black, gold or silver. When you get the kit the Athos tank will come in a matching color. The Athos features large multi-headed coils for subohm vaping. Very large actually! Like TFV8 coil size.

aspire speeder 200w with athos tank gold and temp control

Our Aspire Speeder kit review is an overview of both the mod and the Aspire Athos tank. This is the first 200 watt box mod from Aspire. The Speeder follows on the single 18650 75 watt Aspire NX75 mod, a beauty.

The first dual 18650 device from Aspire was the Archon, a 150 watt mod. The Archon is a vastly underrated mod that never got the traction that it deserved. Now, we have the first legit 200 watt TC mod from Aspire and that brings us back to the Speeder!

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Aspire Speeder Review – Why I Liked This Mod Right Off The Bat

Loaded Like An Elvis Presley Cadillac

I try to go into any vape review as blind as I can. For example, before the Aspire Speeder review I made sure that I avoided the Aspire website, avoid hearing anything about it from anyone I work with at Expert Vaping. I had emails from people that had “Aspire Speeder in the subject line I assumed asking if we could review the Speeder when it came out. I ignored those. Did not want to be influenced by anyone else’s impression. I did respond to those people after I was finished the Aspire Speeder mod review. But like I said I want to go into any e-cigarette review with a blank slate.

aspire 200w mod speeder black, gold, grey with tank

Of course there is always a bit of what I call “earned bias”. With Eigate Aspire products, you have an expectation. These guys are one of the best electronic cigarette manufacturers in the world. So I expected a lot. Like when you get a Cadillac, which would be nice someday, you know your Cadillac is going to be a high quality car fully loaded. And that is one of my first impressions of the Aspire Speeder kit review. This mod is fully loaded with features. It has everything. This mod will serve a huge range of vaping styles. That’s one reason that I liked the Speeder mod right away.

Comfortable Handheld Vape Mod

Aspire speeder 200W box mod specs

The other reason is simply how it feels. Normally, this is a relatively subjective thing. But in this case I can say without reservation that the Speeder mod is one of the most comfortable mods on the market period. The body of the mod is very compact for a dual 18650. It fits nicely into the hands of any adult vaper. It does not feel like a handful. The rounded edges are very comfortable and there are just the right amount of texture and surface variations for a beautiful, secure and cozy grip. I love the feel of the Aspire Speeder mod. So I did indeed very much like this mod right off the bat.

Why we Trust Aspire

There is no controversy in saying that Aspire makes some of the best vape tanks in the business. Honestly, in any industry the term “game changer” is thrown around so much it tends to lose meaning. It becomes just another marketing slogan. The Aspire Nautilus was a game changer with dual vertical coils and adjustable airflow. But really, and I think there is no disagreement on this, the Aspire Atlantis was the game changer that changed vaping. The Atlantis made subohm vaping and huge clouds accessible. No longer did you have to build or drip to get clouds.

Known for massive vapor, nice flavor and beautiful airflow, Aspire tanks have continued to evolve. The latest iteration of the Nautilus is the Aspire Nautilus 2. Probably the most popular series of mouth to lung vaping tanks.

aspire speeder 200 wat mod color gold, black and silver

Since the original Atlantis the latest version is the Aspire Atlantis Evo subohm tank. Now we have the Athos which is designed with long, multiple head coils capable of being vaped at high wattages. All of the vape tanks are proven performers. They have been tried tested and found reliable. And long lasting. I have had my original Nautilus for four years and it’s still vaping perfectly.

In addition to excellent tanks, Aspire makes proven high performing devices. Like the Archon, the NX75, the Aspire Plato all in one vape device.  At the end of the day, we trust Aspire because they have proven themselves over and over again. We still checking and testing to keep them honest, of course.

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Authentic Aspire Products Good. Clones Bad.

With all of that said we do have a warning. Aspire products are among the most cloned and counterfeited in the industry. Right down to coils and parts. Counterfeit and cloned products do not measure up to the quality standards of authentic Aspire products. Two things. Always check your Aspire product authenticity code here. Next, avoid the whole counterfeit issue by buying from authenticated dealers. If you see an Aspire product being sold on an auction site, a shop or wherever, be careful. If a deal seems to good to be true it probably is. We will have links to Expert Vaping vetted authenticated Aspire vendors.

Aspire Speeder Vape Mod Review

Let’s get into the Aspire Speeder review! Okay, it is a 200 watt mod that is capable of temperature control, variable wattage vaping, variable voltage vaping, custom firing profile and bypass. Bypass means that whatever atomizer that you are using will draw as much power as it can get from the battery. Bypass means it works like a mech mod.

I did not test the bypass mode as I am not a fan of nor do I recommend using bypass mode. Take advantage of the technology! That’s my motto. Vaping should be simple and enjoyable, bypass mode is more complex to use. So, for those of you who do like dripping with a mech, you can do so with the Speeder. Most of us will prefer using the precision control offered by the other vaping options.

grey aspire speeder 200w kit with athos tank and bypass mode

The Speeder mod is as compact a dual 18650 as you could expect. It is very well built. The fire button is a fire that runs the length of the side of the device. The screen is bright and easy to read. Also, the screen orients to the position you are holding the mod. Very comfortable, very well made and great vaping.

A 25 mm diameter atomizer tank fits just right. Tanks over 25 mm will have a slight overhand but the gold plated 510 will get a good performance out of pretty much any tank that you want to use.

Vaping The Speeder In Temp Control

You have four temperature control vaping option with the Aspire Speeder mod. You can vape Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti) or stainless steel (SS) coil wires. There is also use TCR. To test the Speeder in TC mode I used the Aspire Cleito

How To Use The Aspire Speeder

There are a lot of features that are accessible with the Aspire Speeder mod. Most of the time, you will zero in on using your everyday settings and you won’t use most of the features. But they are there if you want them. Fully loaded. In the chart above you can see a guide to accessing the range of vaping functions. By the way, the plus and minus button, or up and down button, are actually one button. An elongated single button where the plus is the top and and minus at the bottom. Easy.

Aspire speeder 200w box mod features

If I have any complaints it would be the plus / minus button. It does not stick out very far and isn’t really clicky. That’s a minor personal preference. The bottom line is that it works.

One feature that I want to highlight is locking the plus and minus button once you zero in your chosen settings. Press the fire bar and minus at the same time to lock out the plus minus buttons. That way you won’t accidentally alter your setting when vaping via and accidental touch of the plus minus button. Because it does not have a really noticeable click it is possible to alter your power setting without knowing it.

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What Is The CPS Feature On The Aspire Speeder?

As you are scrolling through your vaping options you will notice the CPS option. That is the customizable power settings. Or, as I am more familiar calling it, a custom firing profile. In this setting you can pre-program three custom firing patterns. This means you can precisely control the power output for each second of each fire. You can program up to 10 seconds of atomizer firing.

Aspire speeder 200w mod instructions

I find this feature to be very useful. When I am vaping, I like an intense initial hit that mellows out after 2 seconds. With the CPS option, I can program in 100 watts for the first 2 seconds, 75 watts for the third second, 60 watts for the fourth second and then down to 50 watts for the remainder. This is exactly how I like to vape. The Speeder let’s me do so and I enjoyed vaping it immensely. Now I never take 10 second hits but if you do you can control all ten seconds.

Aspire Speeder CPS aka Custom Fire Profile Or Power Curve

Adjusting the CPS is pretty simple. Choose the CPS option and use the plus and minus keys to adjust wattage. Click the fire button when you have the right wattage and then do the same for the next second. In all it took me less than 4 minutes to program my 3 CPS options.

Having the ability for three pre set options is great because when you change to a different coil you don’t have to re-do the CPS every time. For me, the CPS is a major plus for my Aspire Speeder review.

Last Tidbits And Firmware Upgrades

Accessing the features and how to use the mod is all on the chart. The instruction manual is also well written, clear and concise. There is also a QR code that you can scan to access assistance with using the Aspire Speeder mod. For future Speeder software upgrades go here.

And with all of that we are almost done! I’ll do a quick review of the Aspire Athos tank, a quick summary and then that should about do it.

Aspire Athos Vape Tank Review

The Aspire Speeder Kit comes with the brand new Athos vape tank. The tank that comes with the kit will be color matched to your mod. I recommend getting the kit because you end up with a great value of a new tank from Aspire. A fantastic tank. And I will commence to tell you why with a quick Aspire Athos vape tank review!

new aspire athos tank rainbow, black, gold and grey

The Athos tank has a top fill design and comes with two drip tips. The clear drip tip is very short and the black Delrin tip is longer with a more defined chimney. I preferred the longer Delrin tip based on comfort but you can decide which you prefer after trying both.

aspire athos tank 2ml vs 4ml

The Aspire Athos atomizer tank has a 4 ml capacity and the European version will have a 2 ml capacity to be TBD compliant. The tank has a 25 ml diameter and stands 58 mm tall. As you can see above the glass is protected by a steel casing. I like the extra tank protection. Quite often I tend to be rough on my vape hardware and have broken more than a few glass tanks in my day! The steel casing guards against my clumsiness. Just in case you will get an extra glass tank with the kit.

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Athos Tank Differences

Because of the steel casing, the Athos comes apart different from most of today’s tanks. When you detach the base, the glass separates with the base. To swap out your coils, you pop the glass free first. It is still very easy to do and I think it is a good idea in order to have the extra tank protection.

aspire athos how to fill tank instructions

One more thing, when refilling the tank you never have to overtighten the top cap. If you do, it can be hard to get it off again! Just screw it on until you feel any resistance and that’s all that is needed.

The Aspire Athos Is Easy To Clean And Maintain

Another thing you will notice is that the airflow control ring also separates from the base of the Athos tank. This is another great feature in my opinion. Being able to remove the airflow control ring gives easy access to the airflow intake. You can get in there and keep the air pathways nice and clear.

Aspire athos 4 ml tank parts

This pays off because the Athos tank has fantastic, smooth airflow. It is very nice to vape.

Aspire Athos Coils

The new Aspire Athos coils continue the trend of very large multi-headed vape coils. These are Kanthal coils designed for variable wattage subohm vapor making. These coils allow for massive air to be drawn right up through the center accenting the flavor and bringing the vapor.

Aspire athos tank coils a3 and a5 .3 ohms and .16 ohms

There are currently two coil options available for the Athos. There is a 0.3 ohm triple coil and a 0.16 ohm penta (five) coil. You will get one of each with the Speeder vape kit. The triple coil can be vaped at up to 75 watts and the penta coil up to 120 watts.

The Athos tank with the new coil design is a pleasure to vape. It might not win a cloud competition but it will produce a lot of rich, dense flavorful vapor. And it will let you push things up to 120 watts if you are in the mood.

Aspire Speeder Kit Review Wrap-Up

The Aspire Speeder complete kit comes with all of the following:

aspire speeder gold 200w mod with athos tank and tc vaping

  • The Speeder 200 watt TC mod
  • One Athos Tank
  • Two coils
  • An extra Delrin drip tip
  • Extra glass tube
  • 1x USB cable for charging (2 Amp) and upgrades
  • Extra O-rings
  • User Manual

That about does it! The last word for our Aspire Speeder kit review is this: A fully loaded user friendly mod with a new well designed and built vapor making tank in the Athos. ‘Nuff said.