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Best Vape Mods 2018 — Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

what are the best vape mods of 2018

Top 3 Best Mods for 2018

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Best Vape Mods

Since the invention of the vape mod, an abundance of companies, models and devices have saturated the market. Selecting the best mod for your vaping needs requires research, review and hands-on experience. However, along with a flood of options corresponding to preference, it's helpful to have an idea of what other users are happy with and why.

We compiled a list of the most impressively designed and seamlessly functional devices to help narrow your search. If you're looking for a short list of all-star vape devices, these are our nominees. You get to select the winner.

Vaporfi vex 150 watts of temp controlled vaping

There’s no confusion about why the Vex 150 TC is one of the best box mods for the value. Compact, yet powerful, this sleek vape unit is capable of vaping temperatures between 200 and 600F at 150 watts. With the Vex 150 from Vaporfi, they really put customization in the palm of your hand.

This box boasts an abundance of options for personalized vaping. Its abilities include temperature control modes, variable wattage and custom resistance in TCR mode. It comes with presets designed to optimize Ni200, titanium, and stainless-steel atomizer coils. Additionally, it will automatically detect the best preset for an unspecified coil material and resistance.

A sizeable, 0.96 OLED display makes every detail easy to read and easy to adjust. It reads real time vaping settings including wattage, temperature, voltage and charge icons for each of its 18650 batteries. In addition, an amperage setting is able to be changed to a puff counter or timer.

Temperature control mode will vape coils ranging from 0.05 to 1.5 ohm. Variable wattage mode will utilize coil resistances between 0.01 and 3.5 ohm. It features extras such as stealth mode, and 3 TCR presets. The durable body of the Vex comes in black or stainless steel. However, silicone cases are sold separately in a range of color options including black, clear, blue, pink, red and green.

The Vex 150 TC comes with a bunch of standard safety features including over discharge, over-current and reverse polarity protections. Battery access door is spring-loaded and fits snugly. It can be charged via an included USB cable when an external charger is unavailable. Incredibly, this box mod operates as a pass-through as well. Not only do you never have to put it down, you may never want to.


  • Maximum 150 watts
  • Intuitive temperature control and variable wattage modes
  • Able to vape a range of coil materials 0.05-1.5 ohm in TC and 0.01- 3.5 ohm in VW mode
  • Includes an automatic coil detection function
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Powered by 2- 18650 high-drain batteries (sold separately) that can be charged with included micro USB cable

Halo reactor mega starter kit

This compact box mod delivers a lot of power in a small package. With an impressive range of settings and coil options, the Reactor Mega is a discreet mod that still retains massive functionality. An understated powerhouse, this little mod pumps out satisfying vapor and intense flavor.

Miraculous mode options for the Reactor Mega TC include temperature control, variable wattage, bypass mode and 3 customizable preset banks. It will draw 0.05 to 1.5 ohm coils in TCR mode and 0.1 to 3.5 ohm in VW mode. The Mega has a smart mode which automatically selects optimized power, resistance and temperature levels based on the coil fitted.

Tanks attach via a spring-loaded, floating 510 connector. This allows the Reactor Mega to pair with a stockpile of coil and tank options. These include Ni, Ti, SS and applicable Triton and Atlantis coils.

This mod has a range of built-in protections including overheat, over charge, and dual circuit protections. It’s built-in 5000 mAh battery is able of cranking an impressive 80 watts out of a sparse, sleek, low-profile box mod. A large OLED display shows stats on vaping settings including coil type, wattage, ohms and battery life indicator.

Button cluster arrangement is easy to use including a central toggle to switch modes. The battery is built into the device, however, the Mega can be recharged via its included USB cable. It comes in a number of colorways including brushed stainless, bronze, woodgrain and white.


  • Maximum 80 watts
  • Temperature control (.05 to 1.5ohm), variable wattage (0.1 to 3.5ohm), bypass mode and smart mode automatic coil detection
  • Upgradeable firmware including the option to customize the massive display screen
  • Easy-to-use, tactile button cluster and range of presets to optimize coils
  • 3 customizable TCR settings
  • Wide range of applicable coil options
  • Built-in rechargeable 5000 mAh 18650 battery

V2 vapor 2 trinity box mod kit review

With a trio of exciting modes including variable wattage, temperature control and bypass, the Trinity presents a holy moly of functionality in a miniature mod. One of the most discreet mods available, the Vapor 2 Trinity is the intersection of power, function and portability. The pinnacle of on-the-go customizable vaping, this compact box mod dishes out satisfying vapor all day long.

Though it tops out at 40 watts, it was high enough to find our respective “sweet spots” in testing. How V2 made room for all the functions and mods into this mod is staggering. Specifically, they managed to pack a ton of advanced modes into a smaller, user-friendly device. Additionally, the rubberized blue or black silicon cover makes it impressively durable for a box mod.

The Trinity is powered by a non-removable 1200 mAh 18650 battery. Though it doesn’t offer the ability to charge batteries externally, the USB port is conveniently placed on the side. To clarify, this means it never has to lay down, which is a solid plus.

That said, the battery holds an impressive charge. This was sufficient enough to carry us through a full day of continuous vaping. Though its 40 watts may not be a sufficient draw for advanced users, Bypass mode effectively turns it into a mech mod. This enables users to draw as much power as this compact unit will allow until the battery is drained. The Trinity’s 200 to 600F parameter allows for high temperature to pick up the slack for adaptive, mobile vaping. For something that fits as comfortable in a pocket as a tube mod, the Trinity performs brilliantly. It’s easy to forget this mod’s size when its cranking out impressive vapor.


  • The most compact mod we’ve reviewed with this much wattage and functionality
  • Range of engaging functions including variable wattage, temperature control and bypass modes
  • Easy to navigate menu through convenient OLED screen

Apollo solare colorful dna 75w vape mod kit

A touch of class on every finish, the Solare DNA 75 by Apollo is an impeccably designed compact box mod. The Apollo Solare DNA 75 TC is truly a gift from the gods meeting every objective for the vaping connoisseur. The range of modes and functions are about the best in class.

However, it’s the details of this popular mod that are what set it apart from the rest. The multi-color LED display makes it easy to toggle between TCR and variable wattage modes. It’s able to vape a broad spectrum of coil wire composites in TC mode. These include Ni200, Ti, stainless steel, and future temperature readable coil options. The Solare is compatible with kanthal and other wires that aren’t TC compatible in VW mode.

Little Box, Big Options

This beautiful box mod can be powered by EITHER a 26650 OR 18650 battery (it comes with an adapter sleeve). The batteries (which are sold separately) can be charged externally or via USB. Additionally, the device can be used as a pass-through while charging. For a 75-watt power mod with a color LED screen, the battery provides sufficient power to keep this cloud maker puffing away for most of the day.

Each mod comes with a unique, artful, swirling paint resin finish in five combinations. It’s button cluster setup and screen are easy to navigate through for newer users. A locking function ensures settings aren’t changed in a pocket or bag accidentally. The Solare DNA 75 TC features the EVOLV DNA 75 chipset, the top of the line technology offered by Apollo. This chip comes with the EScribe software. Escribe allows the Solare to be programmed onboard in the field. In addition it offers impressive features such as preheat. This sends a bolt of heated energy to the coils as soon as the fire button is pressed. The Apollo Solare is a bolt of boxed lightning from Mount Olympus sent to produce big vapor and turn heads.


  • Variable wattage up to 75 watts
  • Temperature control/ TCR modes from 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Able to optimize a range of coils including but not limited to nickel, titanium stainless steel and kanthal
  • Impressive multicolor LED display with upgradeable firmware and onboard customization
  • Able to vape coils with ohms as low as 0.06ohm
  • Runs on either 18650 and 26650 battery options
  • Able to be used as a pass-through while charging
  • Color options including Cream & Raspberry, Green & Red, Lime Green & Yellow, Red & Blue and White & Blue

Smok alien 220 watt temp control kit with baby beast tank

With other-worldly technology, it’s no wonder why the Smok Alien is one of the best-selling box mods available. Slim, simple, and feature-rich, this device is as aesthetically beautiful as it is functional. Taking a sleek design and filling it with an impressive 220 watts, this mod possesses functionality from beyond the stars.

The Alien delivers out of this world vapor to your fingertips powered by two 18650 high-drain removable batteries (sold separately). This mod produces some of the most nebulous clouds of vapor known in the vaping galaxy. Its ergonomic design makes it as perfect for space travel as it does for everyday use.

The Alien 220w is able to optimize a variety of coils including nickel, titanium and stainless steel in TC mode. It vapes UVAs (Unidentified Vaping Atomizers) with a resistance range of 0.06 to 3.0 ohm. Variable wattage mode can handle coils from 0.1 to 3.0 ohm at power levels from 6 to max 220 watts.

For all the power and functionality, the Alien 200 is still an ideal unit for vaping on the go. Its impressively large OLED screen allows users to easily switch between TC, VW, and 22 programmable memory presets; yes 22. The dual 18650 batteries offer an unbelievable amount of puffs before the dual 18650 batteries need to be recharged. That said, they can either be taken out and charged externally, or internally via a USB port.

The Display shows real time temperature, wattage, battery health and optional puff counter/timer. The body itself comes in black or stainless with carbon fiber accents framed in black, bronze, red, stainless or red. For vapers looking for ability above the clouds, the Alien 220 is an extraterrestrial experience.


  • Massive 220-watt power output range
  • Easy-to-use, large OLED display
  • Temperature control and variable wattage mode
  • 22 custom memory settings
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Powered by 2 18650 removable batteries (not included)

Leaf aster vape mod in Black

A compact monolith of vapor, the Aster 75w TC mod from Eleaf is a mini mod with maxi functionality. This feature-rich pocket mod seamlessly combines personalization and portability. Appropriately named, the Aster is sure to cause “a stir” among intermediate and advanced vapers alike.

The Aster 75w is as compact as it is customizable. This tiny tower of impressive vapor will crank out between 1 and 75 watts of fabulous flavor. Impressively, they fit a wealth of modes into its condensed carriage. Included are Temperature control, Variable Wattage, Bypass and a Smart mode for detectable coil composites.

Additionally, there are three customizable TCR presets giving users a ton of functionality that’s easy to use and navigate. Users easily toggle through the selections of adjustable wattage, resistance or temperature modes. In TC mode, the Aster is able to vape Ni200, Ti and Stainless-Steel coils from 0.05 to 1.5ohm and in VW, Bypass and Smart modes from 0.1 to 3.5 ohm. The temperature ability is 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit, a competitive range for larger mods.

The Eleaf Aster 75w TC is powered by a single 18650 battery (not included). It produces an astounding volume of vapor for an impressive duration of charge. The Aster comes with a USB charging cable for in-device use and firmware upgrades.

The most impressive aspect of this mod is the responsive fire button, the margin of time between firing and massive vapor clouds is unmeasurable. As perfectly designed and discreet in a pair of jeans as it is in a suit jacket, this mod is a perfect representation of the evolution of mod technology. Eleaf has packed an unbelievable amount of features into a sleek, futuristic piece of vaping sculpture.


  • Variable wattage from 1 to 75 watts
  • Temperature control and TCR modes from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Able to utilize a range of preset coil options in TC mode including Ni, Ti, and SS
  • Spring-loaded 510 connector
  • Super compact, comfortable design
  • Vapes coils from 0.5-1.5ohm in TC mode and 0.1-3.5ohm in VW/Bypass/Smart modes
  • Available in Grey, black, white, deep pink, and brushed steel

Mig vapor wtf target mini kit 40 watts temp control kit in red

Possibly the stealthiest mod available, the WTF Target Mini puts incredible vapor output in the size of a pocket multi-tool. This is apt considering all the functionality they stuff into a mod smaller than the palm of your hand. The Target Mini is so compact and lightweight you may forget it’s there. That is, if you can keep yourself from using it.

The button cluster is incredibly intuitive, newer vapers would not have a difficult time navigating through its impressive functionality. Easily toggle through temperature control modes including optimized nickel, stainless steel and titanium coil coefficients and 2 customizable TCR settings. In TC mode, the Target vapes coil resistances from 0.1 to 1.0 ohms at ten-degree increments of 200 to 600F.

Variable wattage is adjustable between 5 and 40 watts and will vape 0.15 to 5.0 ohms. Even in VW mode, the built-in 1400 mAh 18650 battery provides extensive power for a full day of consistent vaping. The device is USB rechargeable and displays the percentage of battery strength while plugged in.

The OLED screen is just shy of 0.5 inches and displays real time stats on wattage, battery, resistance and voltage. This mod has incredibly responsive firing and vapor delivery. The Target Mini design is perfectly contoured for the palm of your hand. Additionally, an added stability pad makes firing extremely tactile either with your index finger or thumb. The Target Mini is as perfect for stealthy vaping and is as easy to use as it is to conceal.


  • Massive functionality in an incredibly compact design
  • 5-40 watt VW mode with coils from 0.15-5.0ohm
  • TC mode includes 2 TCR settings from 200-600 degrees Fahrenheit with coils between 0.1-1.0ohm
  • Built-in 18650 battery is USB rechargeable
  • Near ½-inch display is easy to use
  • Responsive button cluster delivers immediate vapor
  • Locking button feature keeps settings in place and prevents accidental firing of device
  • Channels designed in the 510 connector platform for maximum airflow

Vaporfi vox 80 watts of temp controlled vaping

Among the beefiest of Vaporfi’s mods the Vox 80 TC provides the simplicity of full functionality in an elegant device. With adjustable and customizable features this vape unit is available in black or stainless. In addition, The Vox 80 is offered with optional silicone protective skins in colors including black, blue, red, pink, green and clear.

With easily toggled temperature control, this slim yet robust box will vape both Ni200 and stainless-steel coils. Including three customizable TCR settings it will vape coils in the 0.05 to 1.5 ohm resistance range. Its variable wattage feature will vape between 0.1 and 3.5 ohm coils. Additionally, bypass mode at max 80 watts will optimize coils as low as 0.5ohm.

A massive 0.96 OLED display shows wattage, resistance, amps, voltage and battery life. In addition, displays an internally programmable clock feature that includes the date. Active button lock features ensure no accidental setting adjustments or firing. Integrated protection suites include a low battery cut off to keep the battery from dangerously low levels.

A built-in 4000 mAh Li Po battery is USB rechargeable and delivers hours of high-wattage vaping. The charging port placement is right in line with the button cluster and screen. This makes the Vox 80 perfect for pass-through vaping while the battery is charging. This TC box mod is perfect for vapers looking for a serious upgrade of fulfilling features in a sleek design.


  • 80-watt variable wattage mode range uses coils from 0.1-3.5ohm
  • Temperature control and 3 preset TCR modes vape between 0.05-1.5ohm including Ni200 and SS atomizers
  • Bypass mode vapes 0.5-3.5 resistance atomizers at 80 watts
  • Built-in 4000 mAh Li Po battery is USB rechargeable and is pass-through vapeable
  • Massive 0.96 display
  • Internal clock includes date and time settings

Kanger drip box in red best for rdas

The Dripbox mod from Kanger is the perfect device for users who want to think outside the tank. This bottom-feeding mod comes standard with a 7ml squonk bottle to keep drippers vaping full flavor and vapor all day. Whether you’re looking for an introductory drip deck with a one-handed ability for driving or using your phone, this is the most affordable solution!

Kanger has combined the simplicity of an all-in-one mod and the complexities of a drip mod to offer a compact, easy-to-use box mod that delivers impressive flavors and massive vapor. For vapers without the mechanical know-how to build their own drip decks, Kanger offers pre-built replacement decks that are modular and thread on to the spring loaded 510 connector. The Subdrip RDA atomizer tank is specifically designed as part of the Dripbox system. However, users can connect any applicable squonking tank to this mod.

A built-in bottom-filling squeeze tank, or squonk keeps the 0.2 ohm coils firing big vapor clouds all day long. A single 18650 battery (not included) is the power source for the Dripbox. This battery is easily replaced or swapped by removing the knurled cap at the base. Squonk bottles are even easier to swap and held in place with a magnetic support cover. This mod is available in red, black and white and vapes at an impressive 60 watts!

It’s USB rechargeable, and since there is no screen or fine tuning, there is no firmware to upgrade. While this can be disappointing for many experienced vapers, it makes this device ideal for newer users interested in giving dripping and squonking a try. This sleek, compact box mod is capable of massive cloud production and intense flavor at an affordable price.


  • 60 watt device
  • Single replaceable 18650 battery (sold separately)
  • Affordable, easy-to-use design perfect for novice vapers
  • Built in squonk ensures users always get the perfect amount of juice on the coils
  • Battery and squonk access are easily accessible through magnetic access door

Eleaf istick pico 75w temp control box mod

Eleaf has perfected the compact box mod in the iStick Pico 75-watt temperature control model. The design maximizes space, function, and user interface with an extended battery cap that sits atop the mod deck beside the 510 connector. A wealth of settings are included such as variable wattage, TCR temperature control, stealth, and locking modes. As a result, the 75 watt version of the Pico is one of the most tactile compact box mods available.

In Temperature Control or any of the three customizable TCR settings, the Pico 75 vapes a resistance range from 0.5 to 1.5 ohms. Its variable wattage mode will vape power settings from 1 to 75 watts and coil resistances from 0.1 to 3.5 ohms. The temperature range is the standard 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

The iStick Pico is USB rechargeable and powered by a single 18650 removable battery (sold separately). Additionally, using the Pico as a pass-through it can be used while plugged in for charging. However, unique to the Pico, the battery is top-loading via the aforementioned extended battery cap. This makes this box as compact as possible without downsizing to a smaller battery. In fact, the fire button is the only one that appears on the body of the mod to streamline functionality and design.

Hidden Customization

The hidden + and – mode buttons are recessed into the base plate of the Pico 75w TC. An easily readable OLED screen displays wattage, resistance, voltage, amps, battery life and puff counter. The modes are easy to toggle through by pressing the fire button three times and scrolling using the up and down buttons on the base.

Moreover, the upgradeable firmware makes this box both an intuitive device and an investment that vapers can put functional confidence in. It comes in silver, gray, black, white, and hot pink and available with matching tank rings.


  • 75 variable wattage mod able to vape coil resistances from 0.1-3.5ohm
  • Temperature control mode vapes resistances between 0.5-1.5ohm
  • Three customizable TCR presets
  • Recessed +/- buttons on the base for an uncluttered body
  • Sizeable OLED screen
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Powered by a single 18650 removable battery (not included)
  • Able to vape as a pass through

Best Mech Mods

the best mech mods for 2018

No screens, no adjustments, no variables, just raw power. Mech mods draw from the peak available power and send it straight to your atomizer. If you're looking for finely tuned digital adjustments, you may want to skip ahead.

However, if you're looking for raw power and unrestricted vapor production, keep reading. Mech mods are the outlaws of the mod world, functioning by their own rules and always pushing their abilities to the limit. For users who don't want some computer chip telling them how to vape, here's where you can start.

Asvape Lucifer 240w stabilized wood mech mod with gold tank

Legend has it Lucifer was an angel before turning to the dark. This dual-battery mech mod produces enough vapor to block out the sun. It may not have horns, but the Lucifer 240-watt, stabilized wood mech from Asvape is so powerful, it’s a sin.

With a four-setting potentiometer, vapers can adjust through phases I, II, III, and IV, a voltage for every season. To clarify, it is still considered a mechanical unit even though the potentiometer changes the voltage. Specifically, this is because the Lucifer does not regulate power. The potentiometer simply diffuses the maximum voltage using a series of lugs that determine the resistance of the mod. Effectively, this turns a high-wattage mech mod into a variable voltage device without the complicated chipset or screen.

Asvape’s Lucifer 240w opens a door to massive clouds pouring from what is ostensibly a simple, four-setting power mod. This device is best suited to RDAs and customizable drip setups. With that in mind, this mod IS NOT for new or curious vapers. There is a lot of warmth and clouds literally pour from every inch of this robust device.

Dual 18650 batteries that power the Lucifer are not included. However, they are easily replaceable through individual slots which each have a user-friendly threaded plug on the bottom. Battery covers secure flush and seal tightly ensuring no rattle.

A “ruby eye of the devil” serves as the firing button, the dark angel winks every time you fire the Lucifer 240. The stabilized wood grain patterns are “breathtakingly” beautiful (pun intended). Additionally, each device has a completely unique color combination and grain design. It may seem like a collector’s mod for sure, but this is one powerful piece of art. You’ll want to hang it on your wall, if it isn’t constantly in your hand.


  • Massive 240 watts of power
  • Elegant simplicity in adjusting the four setting potentiometer
  • Unique design makes each mod a singular work of vaping sculpture

Wotofo stentorian ram bf colorful squonker mod

The Stentorian RAM BF Squonk mod by Wotofo combines the simplicity of a squonk with the affordability of an entry-level box. It includes design details that include a powerful magnetic access door. A PEEK thermo-insulator ring insulates the box from the heat of the deck. Traditionally, mech mods bring an elegance to low tech precision, and the RAM bottom-feeding Squonk is no exception.

There is some debate about its qualifications as a proper mech due to its integrated wiring. However, the limited electronics inside bevel seamlessly into the body of the box. That said, the security of the access door with its powerful magnetic system is a welcome development to this squonk. It efficiently combines easy squonk access with the confidence of a stable cover with no rattle.

The Stentorian RAM BF is operated by a mechanical button with a built-in, turn-locking function. This insures users don’t have any accidental firing when the mod is not being vaped.  The Stentorian RAM comes in four resin finishes; black, purple, blue, green and a natural, rich, red Padauk woodgrain. Included with the RAM itself are three 7ml squonk juice bottles.

Having multiple squonks enables users to switch between juice flavors easily. With a mech like the RAM which produces heavy vapor and incredible flavor, this is crucial. It may not have a lot of complicated contours or functions, but this affordable box mod still “wows” its users with every puff.


  • Outstanding juice feed through squonker bottles
  • Comes with three 7ml squonk bottles
  • Secure magnetic access door
  • Powered by single 18650 battery (sold separately)

Tesla invader 3 240w mech mod in black

Nicola Tesla was the father of modern electricity. Although the Invader III doesn’t have much circuitry, Tesla would still be proud of this powerful mod. With 240 watts of available puff power in a minimal design, the Invader III slips in just under the radar to colonize Earth with massive vapor.

It’s zinc alloy body is available in gunmetal gray, blue and black and reminiscent of a vintage military fuel canister. In part, this is due to its actual design and to how substantially durable and secure it is. The magnetic access lid not only fastens snugly, but it fits flush to the mod body in a recessed channel. This design ensures the modular parts have zero rattle.

The Invader III 240 will vape coils with resistance as low as 0.1 ohm. The power output is adjustable via an integrated potentiometer, which is why it’s still considered a mech. A setting dial is stepped in five numerical increments; I, II, III, IV, and V. Although this adjusts the voltage between 3.7 and 6.6 volts, there is no screen or electrical indication corresponding to the setting.

This mod’s sturdy construction has an indicator light which glows when it’s in use. Additionally, it lights up when it needs to be charged or to confirm that the device has been locked/unlocked with five clicks of the fire button. Uniquely, the Tesla Invader III comes with a full range of protections including, low voltage, high current, atomizer short circuit, overheating and reverse polarity.

Two 18650 high-drain batteries (not included) power the Tesla Invader III. The conductive components are silver-plated brass including the spring-loaded 510 connector. It may not be a part of Nicola Tesla’s inventions, but this mech mod is definitely destined to become one of the vaping worlds’s legendary innovations.


  • Potentiometer-controlled 240 watt max
  • Powered by two 18650 batteries (sold separately)
  • Able to vape coils as low as 0.1ohm
  • Durable zinc-allow body
  • Indicator light and fire button lock

Augvpe druga squonk mod in black with druga rda

As a supplement mod to their extremely popular Druga RDA, Augvape has created a supplementary mech mod that is as compact as it is functional. Optimized to squonk with the drip deck of the same name, this mech box delivers delicious, satisfying vapor in a lightweight, compact design. For vapers who can’t wait for their vapor a drip at a time, the Druga Squonk mod delivers a constant supply of juice with maximized flavor and dense vapor.

Though many of the newest squonks are similar, there are few this lightweight, compact and portable. Specifically, Ultem is the most celebrated, high-quality plastic material used in practical electrical applications. The Druga Squonk’s amber-colored fire button is fabricated of Ultem. This insures the connectivity of this mech does not reach the user in any form other than vapor.

The Druga comes standard with an impressive 8ml squonk juice bottle that connects directly to the spring-loaded 510 connector. Powered by a single 18650 battery, the design of this injected resin body mech is so compact, Augvape has left no room for rattles. It’s design looks similar to mechanical mods only capable of dripping. However, the Druga BF squonk box produces satisfying flavor with every puff without the constant need to drip.


  • Compact, lightweight, resin-cast box is portable and discreet
  • 8ml squonk juice bottle
  • powered by single 18650 battery (sold separately)

Wismec noisy cricket 2 d25 mech mod in brushed metal

The pride of Jaybo-designed mech mods for Wismec, the Noisy Cricket II is possibly the most clever, tactile and user-friendly variable mech available. Equipped with the MOSFET chip, this little variable voltage unit is the Swiss Army mod of mechanical vapes. As subtly elegant as it is functional, the engineering on the Noisy Cricket II has made it a Big Bang in the vaping industry.

The potentiometer effectively allows users to vape coils with resistance as low as 0.1ohm at variable voltage in Series Mode. In addition, there are two direct output modes. First, in Series Mode by toggling the fire button holding it down for five seconds. Thus, activating the indicator backlight to reflect the mode.  In this mode users are able to vape coils with resistance as low as 0.2ohm.

The second setting and most impressive aspect of this mod, is set by flipping the contact plate on the bottom of the battery secure door to Parallel Circuit mode.  As a result, vapers receive a direct output of power and can use coils with resistance as low as 0.1 ohms. If this worries some vapers, it needn’t. To clarify, the Noisy Cricket is equipped with a slew of protections from the built-in MOSFET chip. Specifically, they include low atomizer resistance, low voltage, short circuit and reverse polarity.

Additionally, this mod comes equipped with a battery life indicator integrated into the fire button backlight. To explain, the light will stay lit, flash moderately, slowly or frequently depending on the charge available. Dual 18650 externally charged batteries (not included) power the Noisy Cricket. Furthermore, this mod is equipped with the standard spring-loaded 510 connector. In conclusion, this mech may be the most masterfully designed and engineered mods ever made.


  • Potentiometer-adjustable 2-6 volts in SERIES MODE
  • Three modes combined in a powerful mech with reversible circuit contacts including Direct Current and Adjustable Voltage in Series mode and Direct Output in PARALLEL
  • Powered by two 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Battery life and mode indicator light
  • 510 connector
  • MOSFET chip including protections

Best Tube Mods

The best tube mods for 2018

Simple, compact, and durable, these mods are little more than a battery case with a place for a tank to sit. That said, some of the most innovative mod developments have been integrated in tube mods.

With built-in functionality like variable wattage, these sub ohm upgrades are the ideal devices for e-cig users in search of more vapor and maximized flavor. Stop dreaming of a better vaping experience and start living it.

Vaporfi vaio go tube mod kit best tube mod for 2018 in blue

The Vaporfi VAIO Go is an outstanding device for users interested in an introduction to sub ohm vaping. This all-in-one tube mod comes with everything for vapers to upgrade to intense flavor and dense vapor output. The VAIO Go gives the green light for e-cig users to put the pedal to the metal and speed into the world of sub ohm vaping.

Available in black, gunmetal, red, blue, purple and teal, this tube mode comes standard with a 1.5 ohm coil and a 0.5 ohm so users can experience the best of sub ohm vaping. In addition, two drip tip options users can experience optimum performance with either mouth to lung or direct lung vaping. Equally as important, the mouthpieces and coils are easily replaced. Conveniently, the integrated 3ml tank is top filling giving users both the security and convenience of modular atomizer tanks.

The built in 2000 mAh battery feeds the VAIO and is USB rechargeable. Furthermore, a series of LED lights insight the tank indicate the charge of the battery with green, yellow and red lights. In addition, the fire button can be locked to prevent accidental firing while traveling in a pocket or bag.

The VAIO Go incorporates an array of protections including atomizer, low voltage, overheating, short circuit, and a 15 second cut off. While this tube mod isn’t the most powerful device available, it’s ideal for novice vapers looking to expand their vapor and flavor output in the world of sub ohm.


  • All-in-one integrated system perfect for beginning vapers
  • Capable of vaping a range of resistances from 0.3 to 2.0 ohms
  • Multiple drip tips, atomizer coils and color options
  • 2000 mAh built-in USB rechargeable battery
  • 3ml juice tank
  • Fire button lock and battery charge indicator LED lights

Mig vapor morpheus tube mod with tank kit in black with green button

Another tube mod ideal for an introduction into sub ohm vaping is the Morpheus by Mig Vapor. For a stick mod that is both modular and optimized for vertically-integrated equipment this vertical mod delivers impressive vapor from an easy-to-use device. While many tube mods seem similar, the Morpheus is the one to guide users to “let go” of their introductory devices and “jump” into sub ohm vaping.

The matching tank is designed with two variable air-flow ports. To clarify, adjustable airflow rings are fitted to both the base and a secondary adjustable inlet on the Delrin drip tip mouthpiece. In detail, the tank comes with both 0.4 and 0.2 ohm kanthal coils packed with organic cotton. Furthermore, the tank itself has a 3ml capacity and is fitted through a spring loaded 510 connector.

The Morpheus automatically regulates itself between 20 and a maximum 100 watts. As a result, the built-in optimization sets the power to the fitted coil resistance in a seamless coefficent. Mig Vapor’s Morpheus is powered by a single built-in 3000 mAh 18650 battery that is USB rechargeable. Additionally, a pass-through feature allows users to continue vaping while it’s plugged in. Included, are battery protection rings in a variety of colors including red, pink, blue, black and clear and the battery mod itself is available in black or silver carbon fiber.

This tube mod comes with a slew of integrated protections including high temperature which turns it off when the device becomes too hot. Also, there is a locking feature to prevent unintentional activation with a 5-click activation/deactivation of the fire button. As a result, the Morpheus “unplugs” users from rudimentary technology and instantly upgrades their vapor “program”. For more details on this introduction to sub ohm vaping for “neo” vapers, check out a video review.


  • Variable wattage mod automatically adjusts 20 to 100 watts depending on fitted coil ohms
  • Durable stainless and carbon fiber case
  • USB rechargeable with pass-through vaping
  • Built-in 3000 mAh 18650 battery
  • Comes with two sub ohm coils 0.2 and 0.4 ohm
  • Adjustable airflow on tank base and Delrin drip tip

Halo tracer twist tube mod in black with tank

For vapers looking to start learning about how variable wattage affects their vaping, the Halo Tracer Twist is the best tube mod to expand their e-cig knowledge. With a range of settings and coil resistances, this stick mod delivers impressive vapor and mouth-watering flavor with every puff. Indeed, Halo has put a new “twist” on an old design and set the personalization of sub ohm vaping back in the hands of the user.

Specifically, the namesake of this mod is in the adjustable variable wattage ring on the base of the battery case. Effectively, this allows users to customize their power output between 10 and 30 watts. Additionally, the twist has a bypass mode which also gives newer vapers their first foray into direct power vaping and essentially turns this unit into a mechanical mod.

Available with a range of replaceable coils, the resistances range between 0.25 and 1.2 ohms. Coupled with, a single, built-in, 2300 mAh USB rechargeable battery the Tracer Twist can be used as a pass through. In turn, vapers are able to keep puffing their device while it charges.

Halo’s Tracer tank works in conjunction with the Twist and is designed with an adjustable airflow ring. In detail, the Tracer tank is top filling and has a 4ml liquid capacity which is significant. In addition, it comes with two drip tips which allows users to optimize their own experience for mouth to lung or direct lung preferences.


  • 10-30w Variable wattage including Bypass mode
  • Compact, affordable, and comes in a range of color options including black, white and red
  • 2300 mAh built-in USB rechargeable battery
  • Capable of a range of sub ohm resistances

Kanger subvod tube mod in black with red button

A perfect beginner sub ohm device from Kangertech, the Subvod produces dense streams of vapor in a compact, easy-to-use tube mod. Another key point, this mod comes in a range of color options including black, purple, pink, blue, white and stainless. This is an outstanding accessory addition to anyone looking to make the switch to vaping. The Subvod’s genius is in its simplicity of use and performance.

With automatically selected wattage and coil range that starts at 0.4ohm, all users have to do is charge it, fill it and vape it. Its 1300 mAh USB rechargeable built-in battery delivers optimized power to a specified coil with every puff. Comparatively, this is another tube mod which can be used as a pass through device guaranteeing no interruptions to all day vaping.

Capable of vaping between 15 and 60 watts, the settings ensure all levels of users can experience sub ohm vaping safely without knowing the math and science of resistance coefficients. It comes with integrated protection systems such as short circuit, low resistance, overcharge, and a low-battery warning indicator light. The complementary, color-matched tank has a 3.2ml capacity and is conveniently top filling with an adjustable airflow ring.

The fire button has an indicator light which lights up when fired or to indicate low charge and charging status while plugged in. Whether it’s for a first-time vaper, someone relatively new to vaping or a dedicated e-cig user looking to move into sub ohm, the Subvod suits introductory vapers who value minimal functions with maximum satisfaction.


  • 15-60 watt automatically adjustable resistance coefficient
  • Sub ohm vaping with coils as low as 0.4 ohm
  • 1300 mAh USB rechargeable integrated battery with pass through
  • Simple, affordable and available in a range of color ways

Innokin endura t18 tube mod in gray

One of the best suited tube mods for vapers looking to make the switch, the Endura T18 from Innokin is about the best device for new users who favor MTL vaping. With limited airflow, above ohm coil optimization, and incredible flavor output, old habits die easy at the drip tip of this compact mod. Notably, with a range of paired, color-matched tank and battery combos in pink, black, and Tiffany blue, it’s never been easier to make the decision to try vaping!

A 1000 mAh USB rechargeable battery delivers delectable flavor with every puff of its 14 watts. Plus, a pass-through option provided interrupted vaping for users who want a familiar feeling from a device that still produces satisfying vapor. For surety, the fire button locks and unlocks the functionality of the device. In addition, the integrated indicator light will keep users informed about the strength of their battery.

The Endura charges through a hidden micro USB port protected by a swiveling cap on the base of the device. Furthermore, the attached tank implements a unique 1.5 ohm coil system which does not need to be primed, just let it soak five minutes and the organic cotton-packed atomizer produces amazing flavor. Accordingly, the 2.5ml top-filling tank is 510 threaded and the tight coupling creates a tight draw that transforms vaping into a reminiscent feeling.

Simplicity, durability and style are the cornerstones of the Endura T18. Consequently, the stainless-steel body gives users both confidence and reassurance in the substantial design and engineering of an entry-level device. For users looking for an affordable mod to get their feet, and taste buds, wet in the world of vaping, this mod Endures. In other words, we cannot recommend a more perfect device for beginning vapers who value vibrant e-juice flavor. 


  • 1000 mAh built-in rechargeable battery
  • 5 ohm coil system delivers outstanding flavor
  • Perfect for beginners, excellent MTL hits
  • 510 threading
  • 14 watt max output
  • 5ml top fill tank
  • NOT for sub ohm vaping

Best Compact Box Mod

Best small compact mods for 2018

As technology gets smaller, so too does its functionality. With that in mind, no longer do vapers who need higher wattage and adjustable customization have to settle for an oversized power supply. Enter the world of compact box mods, where small, handheld devices, transform atomizer tanks into stealthy, mobile, vaping command centers.

These are the devices of secret agents and world leaders alike. If full function combined with discretion is your vaping requirement, look no further. Just because you aren't a super spy, doesn't mean you can't vape like one.

V2 vapor trinity vape mod

As one of the most portable, lightweight and durable box mods available, the V2 Trinity isn’t even big enough to be a box. This easy-to-use mod has all the functionality of a complicated, overstuffed device, condensed into a convenient, resilient casing. As a result, it’s an ideal device for vapers looking to expand their abilities into a more dialed-in experience. The Trinity has a sublime trio of modes customizing the best in V2’s mobile vaping technology.

Three adjustable vaping modes make the trinity as efficient dispensing impressive clouds as it is intense flavor. Variable wattage mode allows users to easily gain a grasp on their power output with a range of 5 to 40 watts. Although, this may not be enough for more advanced vapers. However, this little unit does make a perfect supplemental vape for travel or as a backup to a box mod in heavy rotation.

VW and TC Details

The temperature control mode will generate anywhere between 200 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. To clarify, that’s a lot of heat for this tiny oven. Additionally, it comes equipped with sub modes to optimize Ni200, titanium and stainless-steel atomizer coils. Moreover, the Trinity is able to vape a range of resistances between 0.2 and 3.0 ohms.

This device comes with a range of protections including atomizer short circuit, overtime vaping warning, over current, low voltage, and overheating. It has a 10 second cut off, a 30 minute automatic shut off, locking fire button and 30 second dimmer all meant to conserve the battery life. Conversely, the 0.69 OLED screen is well lit, easy to read and displays real time stats such as wattage, voltage, active atomizer resistance and battery strength.

V2’s Trinity is powered by a single, built-in, USB rechargeable 1200 mAh battery. The small size in no way limits the functionality of this unbelievably tactile mod. Simply calling it a box would not do it justice. As we all know, the best vape mods come from thinking outside the box.


  • Compact design comfortable in a hand or pocket
  • Temperature Control mode optimized for Ni, Ti, and SS coils at a range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Bypass mode for real time max power output
  • Variable Wattage setting available from 5 to 40 watts max
  • 1200 mAh built-in battery is USB rechargeable and provides an impressive duration of vaping before requiring a charge

Vaporfi vaio mini box mod red

For an easy-to-use, pleasurable flow of vapor and flavor, Vaporfi’s VAIO Mini is the perfect compact all-in-one. As a result, the VAIO’s modular system integrates each element in a streamlined device that sits more comfortably in a pocket than a set of keys. That said, this compact vape still generates a stealthy stream of satisfying vapor. The VAIO may be small, but where its minimal on size, it maximizes every vaper’s experience.

A 1000 mAh battery packs a lot of power into this tiny box. It’s USB rechargeability and singular locking fire button, make this the ideal device for discreet vaping anywhere! Accordingly, the side of the VAIO Mini has four battery life indicator lights to keep users informed to their active vaping time.

Reflexively, with no screen, no excessive buttons and internally regulated power and resistance options, there are few devices that produce such a gratifying vape with as much simplicity. Beginners looking for an upgrade in power, vapor and flavor options will find all their expectations met by the VAIO Mini mod. As a result, this mod works wonderfully as an entry-level mouth to lung device. Furthermore, the convenient front-loading fill port e-juice tank gives users endless options for flavor and nicotine dosage preferences

This device creates a superb balance of flavor and vapor ratios to ease the switch to vaping. This mod is available in a range of colors, including black, red, pink, purple and blue. Although, coil options are limited to 1.0 ohms. That said, if there was a singular starter mod to recommend for vapers with no preferences, this would be at the top of the list.


  • Compact all-in-one, easy-to-use, fill and maintain
  • 1000 mAh internal USB rechargeable battery
  • Wonderful flavor and MTL vapor
  • 1.0ohm kanthal atomizer coil packed with organic cotton
  • 2ml internal e-juice tank

Apollo nano micro box mod black

Considerably smaller than most compact box mods, the Nano Micro crams an impossible amount of function into three and half inches of power. As a result, the range of vaping functions, cloud production and stealth, make this a top pick among concealable mini mods that disappear in the palm of your hand.

This tiny durable mini mod is slimmer and lighter than most people’s overstuffed wallets. In addition, the streamlined design and engineering is flawless. Specifically, a curved fire button, recessed OLED screen and +/- buttons are adequately spaced for easy use adjustment. In detail, the screen displays wattage, resistance, voltage and battery life while switching between its three intuitive vaping modes.

A variable wattage mode allows users to adjust their applicable power and this unit is able to vape coil resistances as low as 0.2 ohm. Moreover, a bypass mode puts the battery power in the hands of the vaper delivering the maximum 50 watts until the low charge protection kicks in. By the same token, temperature control mode offers preset levels optimized for nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils.

The Nano Micro is affordably priced for the wealth of functionality it possesses. With this in mind, the 1200 mAh built-in USB rechargeable battery makes this mod outstanding for hours of discreet sub ohm vaping. Speaking of built-in, the Micro incorporates a spectrum of built-in protections including overcharge, voltage, overheating and a 5-click lock and unlock feature.

Apollo’s Nano Micro comes in black, stainless steel, tiffany blue, gunmetal, red, pink-blue-purple dots, and a pink-purple marbled pattern. It wasn’t enough that Apollo brought this box down to a nano, they trimmed this little powerhouse into micro. However, you don’t need a microscope to see how valuable and tactile this mod is.


  • Super compact! The mod itself is smaller than most vapers hand!
  • 1200 mAh USB rechargeable built-in battery
  • Sub ohm vaping with Ni, Ti, SS coils as low as 0.2 ohm
  • Three modes including Variable Wattage, Temperature Control and Bypass
  • Charger port on the base

Halo reactor mini box mod kit silver

This product line of Halo E-Cig’s mods are among the most popular for beginning and intermediate vapers and the Reactor Mini is no exception. Smaller than the Mega, this box mod brings a smaller profile, weight and wattage to a successful and gratifying design. Vapers on the hunt for a thundering powerplant in a portable unit will get a burst of nuclear flavor with every pull on the Reactor Mini.

With variable wattage and temperature control modes, this mod stacks up the abilities of larger unit and stuffs them into an abbreviated version of the Mega. To clarify, temperature control modes are optimized for Ni200, Ti, and Stainless-Steel atomizer coils. Additionally, variable wattage mode makes the best use of the Reactor Mini’s available 40 watts.

This little ball of energy is ramped up by a 2600 mAh rechargeable battery. The Reactor battery is conveniently USB rechargeable. As a result, the Reactor Mini has a slim, sleek and elegant design that fits flawlessly with a wide span of vaping experience levels. On top of that, it compiles a range of protective firmware including overheat, short circuit protection and a ten second fire button cut off.

A good size LED screen displays active voltage, wattage, battery strength and atomizer resistance. Equally important to some, this mod comes in three colors; black with silver buttons and base plates, silver with silver buttons and base plates and blacked out, making it one of the stealthiest box mods on the market. For vapers looking for a small, discreet, but functional box mod from a name you can trust, the Halo Reactor Mini allow users to customize a blast of energetic vapor in every puff without causing their wallet to have a “meltdown”.


  • 2600 mAh Reactor battery
  • Temperature Controlled Ni, Ti, and SS vaping
  • Variable Wattage mode up to 40 watts

Aspire gusto mini compact mod in red

The Gusto Mini from Aspire is a gratifying little all-in-one tailor made for new vapers. Whether you’re desiring lush vapor or rich flavor this compact box dishes out doses of delicious delicacy in on-demand droplets. To clarify, it doesn’t get much easier to make the switch, stop puffing on pathetic power packs and start a versatile vaping voyage on the S.S. Gusto Mini.

Pod mods are gaining notoriety among new users. Specifically, this is for their ability to deliver more personalized vapor production at an introductory cost. As a result, the Gusto Mini utilizes a system that allows vapers to literally “plug in” popular flavors and choose their nicotine dosages through a carefully designed collaboration with Halo. Keep in mind, Halo is one of the oldest, most respected names in vaping.

Vape Pods

The pods Halo specifically created for the Gusto Mini come in 6mg or 12mg of nicotine, and their most enduringly celebrated flavors such as Tribeca, Subzero, Cryptic Blast, Sugar Twist and Turkish Tobacco. Additionally, the pods are easy to install, and like the device itself, incredibly affordable. In fact, as a beginning vaping system, the Gusto Mini may be the best investment curious vapers ever make. To illustrate, you can check out the pods here.

Each of Halo’s 4.2ml e-juice pods have a built-in atomizer coil with 1.5 ohms of set resistance. To change the pods, simply remove the aluminum body which comes in black, red, blue and gray, and plug in the fresh juice and coil barrel combo. Accordingly, the Gusto’s 900 mAh self-contained battery pumps out an unwavering 14 watts.

A small LED light below the fire button informs users of the battery life by blinking green or red. Not to mention, a sizeable juice window in the side of the mod lets users know how much vaping they have left before they need to change the pod. Equally important, it possesses safety features like short circuit protection, over discharge and overheat prevention that protect users. Consequently, it’s never been easier to switch to vapor, the Gusto Mini makes the transition a breath of fresh air.


  • Self-contained, easy-to-use and change cartridges
  • USB rechargeable
  • 5 ohm 4.2ml coil and e-juice pod combo
  • Halo made pods come in a range of flavors and nicotine doses

Wismec Rx mini vape mod colors

About as intricately designed as compact box mods get, the Reuleaux Rx Mini by Wismec cranks out vapor like a flavored fire extinguisher. Massive functionality in a palm-sized mod, this little bottle rocket blasts vapers with personalized power and revelatory resistance in a petite package. The Reuleaux Rx Mini is exactly what experienced vapers are looking for in an ultra-portable, unbelievably affordable box mod without sacrificing performance.

Included safety programs are overcharging, over current and the aforementioned over discharge from the Reuleaux Rx Mini’s dual circuit protections. It’s USB rechargeable power in a compact device. In addition, the Reuleaux’s upgradeable firmware includes an outstanding preheat function which delivers amazing vapor with every puff. The 510 connector makes this mod super versatile. Consequently, some users have found that fitting a drip tank amplifies the flavor output as well as the expected vapor clouds in Bypass mode.

VW and TCR Modes

This Jaybo-designed dynamo is stocked with functions including Variable Wattage, Temperature Control with TCR settings and Bypass modes. The Reuleaux Rx Mini spouts between 1 and 80 watts of power to coil resistances between 0.1 to 3.5 ohms from the built-in 2100 mAh battery supply in VW mode. In Temperature Control and TCR modes it optimizes Ni, Ti and Stainless Steel atomizers from 0.05 to 1.5 ohms at between 200 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, bypass mode essentially turns the box into a mech drawing the max 80 watts until the protections cut off its use.

This mod makes it easy to navigate through modes using the jumbo LED display and recessed +/- regulatory buttons on the base of the unit. Another key point, the Reuleaux Rx Mini body is available in five colors; red, black, grey, white and stainless steel. Likewise, the stick-on leather hand grip comes in black, brown, gold and red to further personalize the tactile, elegant design.

Essentially, the Reuleaux Rx Mini is one of the most exhaustively well-engineered compact mods for vapers who want insane functionality in a travel-sized mod. To clarify, don’t let this mod’s power and shape fool you, it’s amazingly lightweight. As a result, the Reuleaux Mini offers the most portability available in a unit with this much utility. Reuleaux-out the best compact vapor modern technology can offer with the Rx Mini box mod, and discover the essence of compact power vaping.


  • Compact, lightweight, function-rich and powerful
  • Temperature Control and TCR modes optimize Ni, Ti, and SS coils from 0.05 to 1.5 ohms at between 200 and 600 degrees
  • Variable Wattage and Bypass modes vape atomizer coils between 0.1 and 3.5 ohm
  • Massive vapor and flavor output

Kanger topbox mini 75w temp control box mod silver

Kangertech’s box line has enough models to appeal to all levels of vaper looking for expanded functionality in a compact mod. As a result, the Topbox Mini 75w TC combines their greatest achievements of size and ability. Available in black, white, red and stainless steel “Platinum Edition”, this Mini’s understated design includes a sticker to color coordinate the mod with a cut out Kanger logo battery window. While it isn’t the tiniest compact mod Kanger makes, the functionality and range of coil options puts the Topbox Mini 75w TC in our “top boxes” for personalized vaping.

In wattage mode the Topbox Mini can power coils with resistance as low as 0.1ohm and between 7 and 75 watt max. Temperature Control mode is able to vape Ni200, Ti (T1), stainless steel (316L) and NiCr atomizer coils. To clarify, Kanger’s SSOCC or Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coils are not necessary stainless steel. Instead, this refers to the metal used for the casing.

It’s fed by a single, removable 18650 battery (sold separately) and is USB rechargeable with a pass-through function. By the same token, the battery access door is easy to remove and magnetically attached through four contact points. A large OLED screen displays battery strength, voltage, atomizer resistance and wattage. Although, it is still large enough to make navigating through modes easy and clear.

Two fine +/- adjustment buttons allow users to toggle through menus and settings. Additionally, they lock functions from being misdialed in a pocket or a fall. Further, the Topbox mini comes with a standard 510 connector with four channeled airflow tunnels where a bottom drawing tank sits. This mod is an outstanding investment for intermediate vapers in search of a tunable box mod that’s compact and easy to operate.


  • Variable wattage mode from 7w-75w
  • Temperature Control mode vapes, Ni200, Ti, SS, NiCr and Kanthal coils
  • Single 18650 battery (sold separately)
  • Easy to navigate through menus, buttons functions are intuitive

Eleaf icare mini bonus vape mod green

If you think mini all-in-one mods have no dexterity, allow me to introduce you to the Eleaf iCare Mini. Specifically, the slim profile of this mod is so minimal, it’s discreet in your tightest pair of skinny jeans. For this reason, vapers who think compact all-in-ones are created equal, the iCare Mini may change your mind.

Powered by an impressive 320 mAh USB rechargeable battery, the iCare Mini comes with a portable charging dock. In detail, the Eleaf PCC is a portable jump charger specifically designed for the iCare Mini. Furthermore, this dock is equipped with an internal 2300 mAh battery that is itself USB rechargeable. Additionally, the PCC dock comes in black or white and can also be used as a pass through while the device is charging, ramping up the power of the unit.

Tank and Coils

Uniquely, a removable drip tip doubles as an airflow adjustment and coil replacement tool. To explain, the bottom of the drip tip fits into the chimney top to unscrew it from the 1.3ml built-in e-juice tank. As a result, the compact size and insane functionality of this tiny device are an unbelievable value for an entry-level all-in-one.

The Eleaf iCare Mini will work with any PG/VG blend e-liquid and nicotine dosage of user’s choice. Standard coils with the mod are 1.1 ohm, however, Eleaf sells replacements at 1.3 ohm as well. Not to mention, the iCare is available in gold, black, white, red and cyan (like teal).

For a tight, fulfilling lung hit from a compact pod mod, the iCare Mini delivers consistent vapor and flavor from a minimal unit. In all, the Eleaf iCare Mini is an excellent pod mod for new users who want more vapor and e-liquid customization than a cig-a-like at an affordable price. Consequently, this discreet mod is the perfect device for mobile stealth vaping in an easy-to-use design.


  • Compact, stealthy, lightweight and easy-to-use
  • 320 mAh integrated USB rechargeable battery
  • 2300 mAh USB rechargeable PCC mobile charger
  • 1-1.3ohm coil resistances

Tesla stealth mini vape mod kit in red

It’s not easy to find a simplified box mod with powerful, satisfying sub ohm vaping that is still discreet. Enter the Tesla Stealth Mini, a slim, low profile, fixed wattage mod fitted with a removable tank. Therefore, for vapers seeking a box that fits in a pocket without the drip tip peeking out, the Stealth Mini hides as easily in your hand as it does behind your coffee cup.

Delivering massive vapor production and delectable flavor, the most impressive aspect of the Tesla Stealth Mini is its revolutionary, low-profile 510 modular atomizer tank mount. To clarify, the connector sits on the base of the mod bringing the height of the tank to an almost parallel level with the battery effectively making the entire setup a small box (tank and all). That said, users can fit any 510 applicable tank 16mm in diameter or under.

Additionally, this mod is extremely affordable for a sub ohm setup and is USB rechargeable. It can vape coils with resistance levels as low as 0.3 ohm. Alongside, the Stealth Mini is powered by a 1300 mAh Li Po built in battery with a maximum wattage of 60 watts.

The body of the Stealth mini comes in black, purple, white, brown and red. In addition, it’s case is made of a zinc alloy for increased durability. An LED light between the fire button and drip tip indicates firing and battery life or low charge as well as charging stage and can be used as a pass through while plugged in. Thus, for a beginner to intermediate vape device with dense vapor production and low-profile stealthy design, this mod is “unparalleled” (it’s funny because the tank and battery are parallel).


  • Stealthy, low-profile design with recessed 510 tank connector
  • 60w maximum determined by applied resistance
  • Easy-to-use, great vapor production and flavor
  • 1300 mAh USB rechargeable Li Po battery

Joyetech evic vtwo mini kit black

A refined, classically designed box mod, Joyetech’s Evic Vtwo Mini extracts copious vapor from a modestly-sized device. With three different performance control options, this slim box mod will always tell users what time it is…because it has an integrated clock. In turn, for an incredibly adaptable unit at an inexpensive price, the Joyetech Evic Vtwo Mini maximizes vaping value.

A two-point magnetic bar-secured battery door keeps the single 18650 battery (sold separately) in place and ensures no rattle. It should be said the battery is external. However, users can still charge the device with it installed using the micro-USB port on the front. Further, just above the port are two +/- adjustment buttons to toggle and set the various modes and performance suites.

Modes and Features

A bypass mode turns up the juice to the unit’s maximum 75 watts of vaping. It should be said, both bypass and variable wattage modes can optimize atomizer coils as low as 0.1ohms and up to 3.5ohms of resistance. Additionally, the temperature control mode can vape e-juice heated by Ni200, SS316, and Ti coils as low as 0.05ohms in the preset TCR sub-modes.

The Evic Vtwo Mini has a built in key lock feature, as well as stealth mode. Equally important, the 0.96 OLED display shows wattage, resistance and the aforementioned clock with date settings so that users always know when it’s “vape o’clock”. The firmware of the Vtwo Mini can be upgraded through the USB port, ensuring its technology is always optimized.

Notably, the Vtwo comes in a range of color options including orange (what?!), blue, burgundy, black and white. Additionally, each Evic Vtwo Mini comes with a VTC Mini skin in clear silicone to help protect the finish from drops or knock-overs (we all do this). In conclusion, summed up in a slender little cube, the Joyetech Evic Vtwo Mini is the best of Joye-tech condensed into a smaller box mod.


  • Variable wattage and Bypass modes will coils from 0.1 to 3.5 ohms between 1-75watts
  • Temperature Control and TCR modes optimize 0.5 ohm and above Ni200, SS316, and Ti atomizer coils
  • 24K gold-plated 510 connector
  • Single 18650 replaceable battery (not included)

Best Vape Kits

Best vaping kits for 2018

Starter kits simplify the mod selection process. They're equally as ideal for a first time vaper desiring big cloud production as an experienced vaper yearning to try the newest in innovative technology. Each starter kit offers different equipment and a very different experience.

For vapers who know exactly what they're looking for, starter kits compile the best of what you want with everything you need. Whatever your preferred mod size, functionality or style, there's a kit available for everyone. We gathered the most impressively optimized packages available for your convenience.

Vaporfi vex 150 tc starter kit

What do you get the vaper who has everything? A device that does it all! Specifically, the Vex 150 TC Starter Kit bundle comes with immense functionality, generous accessory preferences and a bottle of Vaporfi’s delicious e-juice to offer the best starter kit for experienced vapers who are ready to upgrade to serious box mod.

For a smaller box mod, the Vex 150 TC offers a generous amount of power and spectrum of modes. Especially, the temperature control and TCR setting which efficiently scrolls users through presets and three customizable “M” settings. As a result, vapers get the most from their Ni200, Ti and stainless-steel coils at a range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. In detail, VW mode will vape a range of coil resistances between 0.05 and 1.5ohm.

Additionally, the wattage can be tuned between 1-150 watts in 0.1w increments via the sizeable 0.96 OLED display. Not to mention, Vaporfi’s Vex 150 TC starter kit comes with a customizeable bottle of their premium e-liquid in a range of nicotine strengths, PG/VG blend and flavor combinations. Similarly, the Vex plus corresponding tank options come in black or stainless. Likewise, the mod itself comes with a silicone protective case in black, red, blue, green, pink, or clear.

Tank Options

Twin 35A 2500mAh, 18650 high-drain Vaporfi IMR batteries are included in the kit. Users have a choice of tank to sit atop the zinc alloy body. Specifically, options include the Viper (above and sub ohm, top fill, top and bottom adjustable airflow, 4ml tank), Vibe (sub ohm, top fill, top airflow holes, 3.5ml tank), Venom RDA (customizeable ohm, top and bottom airflow dripper deck) or the Vulk (sub ohm, bottom airflow, top fill, plentiful 5ml tank).

If you’re ready to stop puffing in the dark and start vaping on your own terms, this kit is an outstanding jumpstart into fully interactive advanced mods. Consequently, with a well-written and detailed manual combined with simple adjustment function, this is the expanded vape experience you’ve been looking for. Pick up the Vex 150 TC starter kit and breathe life back into your vape.


  • Vex 150 TC mod; Variable Wattage, Temperature Control, TCR, Memory x3 and Bypass modes
  • Ni, Ti, and SS atomizer coils from 0.1-3.5ohm (VW and Bypass) and 0.05-1.5ohm (TC and TCR)
  • Choice of tank; Viper, Vibe, Vulk or Venom RDA
  • Bottle of custom Vaporfi e-juice
  • Dual 18650 high drain 2500 mAh batteries

Apollo reliant 75w temp control kit black

As an upgrade to any vaper’s arsenal of equipment, the Reliant 75w TC Pro kit from Apollo arrives ready for action. With a matched Phazer sub ohm atomizer tank, silicon rubberized custom color skin and two sub ohm kanthal coils, this mod setup is a dependable and pleasurable package that generates massive vapor clouds and excellent e-juice flavor.

A Temperature Control and TCR function implements 0.2 ohm Ni200 atomizer coils (sold separately) with a range of 400 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it will function with compatible Ni, Ti, and SS coils and automatically detects heating time preventing dry or burnt hits. As a result, this will save users greatly on purchasing replacement coils prematurely, as they are unlikely to burn them before they have been sufficiently vaped.

In Variable Wattage and bypass or more accurately named on this device “Mech Mode”, vapers can expect more specificity. In detail, optimum ranges are 30 to 70 watts on 0.2 ohm kanthal coil or between 5-50 watts on a 0.5 ohm kanthal coil. Additionally, the included Phaser tank is offered with a 1.2-ohm atomizer coil to be vaped at between 15 and 70 watts. However, this coil isn’t included in the kit. It should be noted, the maximum wattage in mech mode is 75 watts and vapers unsure of how to optimize this power function should consult the extensive and impressively written user’s manual for the best atomizer pairing.

Phaser Tank and Components

The Phaser tank itself has a 3.5ml e-juice capacity and the upgraded version in the kit is top-filling. Moreover, coils that fit the tank have a built-in e-liquid flow control ring to adjust the amount of flavor and vapor output. Additionally, the tank itself has a generously wide airflow control ring on the bottom. As a result, users get the most of their draws from the bottom up.

Apollo’s Reliant 75w TC Pro Kit comes with one Sony 18650 VTC5 2600 mAh battery. While it is USB rechargeable while mounted in the device, it is removable through a battery door on the base which is easy to access. In addition, the Reliant 75w mod can be used as a pass through. Consequently, this function allows users to vape from it while it’s plugged into a power source.

The Reliant body comes in red, white, teal and black. Coupled with, the Phaser tank has stainless steel fittings, glass tube and 510 connector. With its simply navigated system and usability, combined in a kit offering the best of what Apollo has to offer, the Reliant is a stupendous device for intermediate vapers who want to experiment with more personalized functions. Expressively, it’s not called the “Pro Kit” because it’s for amateurs. That said, you don’t need to be an expert to get the best of what this package is capable of.


  • Includes 75 watt mod, top-filling Phaser tank, two sub ohm coils, USB charging cable and Sony 18650 VTC5 2600 mAh high drain battery
  • Variable wattage, temperature control and bypass (mech) modes
  • Optimizes ni200, Ti, SS and a range of kanthal coils

Eleaf icare bonus vape mod bundle

The Eleaf iCare Bonus Bundle serves up a delicious three course platter of custom flavor. Keeping it simple for the switch, this package gives new vapers the opportunity to experience better performance than a cig-a-like. Indeed, this tiny little all-in-one tucks rewarding vapor in the smallest of pockets. While the Eleaf iCare makes a statement that you truly do care, the bonus bundle wraps up the best parts of this device in the tiniest package.

A built-in 15 watt 650 mAh battery may leave many vapers to question the mod’s performance. However, the iCare emits wisps of flavorful clouds that will give even the harshest critics pause. Armed with a 1.1 ohm atomizer coil, this compact box will give new users the opportunity to taste their juice like never before in a unit that’s smaller than one of the three 30ml juice bottles that come with it. Furthermore, the 1.8ml built-in tank will keep user’s filled with delectable vapor for hours.

The iCare is USB rechargeable, refillable and has replaceable atomizers. Incredibly, this bonus bundle comes with seven, count them, SEVEN, 1.1 coils. In addition, the device itself can optimize atomizers from 1.0 to 3.5 ohms. Uniquely, a removable mouthpiece acts as a tool to remove the chimney and replace the coil heads.

Available in black, red, gold, white and cyan, the iCare from Eleaf comes with three 30ml bottles of e-liquid by Vaporfi. Specifically, each bottle comes in a 30/70 PG/VG blend for enticing flavor and fulfilling vapor with every puff. For the stealthiest starter all-in-one that still performs better than beginner e-cigs, the iCare Bonus Bundle from Eleaf, enriches user’s lives with incredible vaping. Why do I endorse this kit so intently, because iCare.


  • Convenient, easy-to-use, stealthy all-in-one
  • 8ml built-in atomizer tank
  • Utilizes atomizer coils in a 1.0-3.5ohm range
  • 650 mAh built-in USB rechargeable battery
  • 3 flavors and dosages of 30ml Vaporfi e-juice

Vaporfi rocket 3 tube mod starter kit

A short ride to the cosmos of nebulous vapor, Vaporfi’s Rocket 3 Vape Starter Kit Bundle is a supersonic shortcut to sub ohm vaping. This convenient variable wattage tube mod will take an introductory vaper beyond the stars and produce dense, flavorful vapor to the moon and back. Hit the fire button and prepare to blast off with the best in easy to use sub ohm vaping.

Integrated LED indicator lights in green, red and white inform users to not only the wattage and temperature setting their using. The three levels will alert vapers to their battery strength and atomizer/ battery protections built into the device. Significantly, the TC and VW settings are indicated in an automatically set range dependent upon the affixed atomizer coil.

A matching Rocket 3 sub ohm atomizer tank is able to vape a range of coil resistance from 0.1 to 0.5 ohms. The Vape Starter Kit Bundle comes with two atomizer options a 0.5 ohm coil and a 0.1 ohm Ni200 coil to optimize TC mode.

The Rocket 3 is USB rechargeable and can be used as a pass-through device while charging the 2500 mAh battery. As a result, users who’ve made the switch are guaranteed to never be caught without their vapor. In detail, the bundle includes a 5-pack of 0.5 ohm replacement atomizers, a 2-pack of replacement o-rings for the tank and a bottle of custom Vaporfi brand e-juice. Having spare parts to begin with, will ensure users a longer period of active vaping time before having to make an additional investment.

For the fastest path between being bound to old habits and taking an express shuttle to sub ohm vaping, the Rocket 3 takes you away to the far reaches of improved vaping.


  • 1-0.5 Sub ohm coil range
  • 30-50w variable wattage range
  • 400-600F TC range
  • Mode automatically selected by device corresponding with attached atomizer
  • 5ml top-filling Rocket 3 tank
  • Custom color options for tank and battery including mix and match: blue, purple, black, white, stainless steel, and red
  • Easy-to-use LED indicator light system

Mig vapor wtf target mini starter kit

Vapers looking for an upgrade that’s on point and hits the high-performance mark with every puff, the WTF Target Mini Vape Mod is the hottest team-up in the vaping world. It's intuitive functionality and dexterity make it as appropriate for intermediate users than a travel backup for experienced vapers. Never mind that this is one of the most discreet mini mods available, it produces an immeasurable amount of vapor and savory flavor from a device smaller than your smart phone.

Powered by a 1400 mAh, built-in USB rechargeable battery, the Target Mini cranks out an impressive 5 to 40 watts of usable, variable power. This mod kit can vape a range of resistances from 0.15 to 5.0 ohms in variable wattage mode and 0.1 to 1.0 ohms in temperature control mode. With an intuitive TC mode generating between 200 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit, this mod is easy to navigate through with a separate, dedicated mode button.

In addition, the standard +/- buttons allow users to manually adjust their vaping preferences and two customizable TCR functions allow them to easily switch between coils. The tank itself is available in a range of color options including white, red, splatter green, black, stainless steel and gun metal gray and sits precisely atop Vaporesso’s Target Mini mod in black with red buttons and carbon fiber grip. The body of the mod gives vapers confidence in its durability for on the go vaping with a mix of zinc alloy and stainless steel.

WTF Tank

Mig Vapor’s WTF tank will shock users as much as the meaning of its name when it comes to producing flavorful hits. Fitted with a 0.5 ohm atomizer coil and provided with a 0.2 ohm replacement, this tank has an e-juice capacity of just under 4ml. Moreover, an adjustable airflow ring on the bottom of the tank is indexed. As a result, this insures the amount of draw is set and does not self-adjust.

As far as a function-rich mini mod goes, the WTF Target Mini is a bullseye on stealth performance. It’s a blazing arrow that shreds comparable mods with its sights set on versatility and a plentiful vapor/flavor index. This unbelievably well designed mod is the result of a partnership between two vaping giants with their aim focused on the best compact vaping experience available in an affordable package.


  • Unbelievably compact without sacrificing performance, durability or functions
  • 5-40w range in VW mode
  • 200-600F range from Ni, Ti, and SS coils in TC and TCR modes
  • 5 OLED display
  • Tactile, easy-to-use button cluster
  • Built-in 1400 mAh, built-in battery is USB rechargeable
  • WTF tank holds just under

Vape Mods: All You Need to Know

How do vape mods work?

In the early days of e-cigarettes, there were very few options. Users were fortunate if they were able to select a flavor other than tobacco. However, as flavors evolved and users became disillusioned to the thin, wispy vapor afforded by their cig-a-likes, they did what human beings have been doing since the discovery of fire, they adapted.

Responding to customer desires for more power, manufacturers introduced the first pen or screwdriver mods fitted with clearomizers popularly called eGo mods. Tubes packed with polyfill or loose fabric were replaced with intricate cotton wicks. Smaller, high resistance coils were about to replaced by hand-wound, sub ohm wires. As a result, members of the vaping community contend that it was in this moment when the term “vaping” came into fashion.

Growing out of the discussion boards and message forums of DIY vape engineers and craftsmen with electronic or fabrication backgrounds, vapers began to improve the technology. This was a slow process at first, modifying powerful flashlights that would give rise to the first generation of tube and mech mods. Suddenly, society went from seeing e-cigs as smoking devices, to vape mods in a flash of evolution.

The term vape mod, was derived from the modified devices and technology that do-it-yourself vapers used to repurposed to jumpstart the vaping renaissance. The devices themselves maintained the overall aesthetic of super-charged flashlights until the introduction of the first box mod.

Vape technology expanded quickly from there. Industrial giants following the modifications and framework of those primitive, direct-current drip decks and rudimentary tank systems developed consumer ready products to appeal to their growing audience. Suddenly, the entire world was a part of the vaping conversation. It became a common occurrence to step out into the street and see people exhaling clouds of vapor.

What Is A Vape Mod?

Man wondering what a vape mod is and how it works

Vape mods are devices that produce inhalable vapor powered by technology based on the original e-cigarette. There are four primary varieties of vape mod; mech mods, pen mods, tube mods, and box mods. Cig-a-likes are not considered mods since they ostensibly implement the original designs or e-cigs, though many sold currently are equipped with improved features.

Pen mods have emerged as the chosen mod for discretion among dry herb, wax, and extract vaping enthusiasts. Initial e-cigarette technology was originally designed to vaporize a liquid mixture. However, vape mods have been adapted to create vapor from organic material to atomize its essence.

Flowers, extracts and waxes are heated on a coil to the point of vaporization. to synthesize the active ingredients and distill them in a vapor cloud for inhalation. Conversely, come vaporizers pass heated air through dry herbs to create a cloud of active ingredidents.

Commonly, mods are composed of four basic parts that can be sold separately or integrated into a starter kit. Mods are given their names according to shape; tube, box, pen, etc. and powered by a lithium ion batteries. The power unit connects to a reservoir tank that is filled with e-liquid. Heating coils are powered by the battery and housed inside a protective head inside the tank.

Atomizer coils are packed or fed by cotton wicks which absorb e-juice, preparing it for vaporization. It is important that this wick always remain saturated with liquid to prevent dry or burnt hits. Repetitive dry or burnt hits with a full tank are a definitive indication that the coil or wick need to be replaced.

Types Of Vape Mods: What’s the Right One For You?

There are three types of mods, tube, box and mech.

Understanding the various types of mods is useful. This information can aid users in selecting the best vape mod for their preferences or desired use. Selecting the right mod that fits with a specific user’s desired effect and concentration of interest on flavor, vapor or both with help determine which style will best suit them. We will create an in-depth analysis of the positives, negatives, and the unique attributes each style of mod offers.

Pen Mods

Vape pens are the most compact mods available. Frequently, these models are called pen mods, screwdriver mods, eGo or stick mods. These are the most discreet portable vaporizers available and fit stealthily in a shirt or pants pocket. However, they aren’t very durable and the danger of bending or breaking them is an ever-present factor with pen mods.

Furthermore, they are also far less modular and one of the more affordable mods available. Pen mods are ideal for vapers who want their device to be concealable. In some cases, they'll fit in the palm of their hand. With that in mind, pen mods produce very little power, and by definition not much vapor. If users are simply looking for a flavor, nicotine or extract delivery system, pen mods will do the trick.

Mech mods

These are perfect for vapers who want to max out their vaping experience in one gear; fast. Users in search of a powerful experience of both flavor and vapor without any variables, options or functions a mech mod is ideal. If tube and box mods were a faucet you could adjust for temperature and volume, a mech mod would be a wild waterfall, pouring everything it’s got out over a cliff.

For the most direct flavor and max wattage output in every puff of vapor, the mech mod delivers the ultimate, at least until it runs out of power. Consequently, these devices run through batteries frequently.

Running the highest-possible electric current through a vape mod constantly depletes their charge rapidly. Mech mods wouldn't suit vapers who aren’t interested in carrying spare batteries.

Tube mods

They take their name, shape, and design from those early adaptive tech, turning tactical flashlights into mech decks. Though mech mods can be tube mods, they aren’t necessarily in the same category. Advanced features like variable wattage are available in tube mods. VW allows users to adjust the power output.

Tube mods with VW settings often come with a “bypass mode” which effectively turns it into a mech mod. Options such as coil material, tank style, size and resistance level are available with tube mods. Frequently, the reason users upgrade from tube mods is due to their limited power output as a single-battery powered device.

Box mods

Truly the mod for all seasons, boxes are fully programmable, computer chip-powered power plants. Box mods are capable of reaching outputs over 300 watts. Vaping connoisseurs follow the belief that more power equals more vapor. In addition, these are the chosen units for cloud chasers and flavor hounds alike.

While more power at low resistance produces more vapor, high power with higher resistance provides a robust flavor index. Swapping coils and understanding coefficients can make the vaping experience a challenge. Users are continuously improving the science of vaping in order to optimize their experience. Moderating and modulating the performance of a box mods requires experience. The desire to achieve a vapor output that is as nebulous as it is flavorful are a big attraction to them.

Box mods are ideal for hobbyists, tinkerers and tech savvy novices who enjoy careful calculation and fine-tuning their equipment. Hot rod motors of the vaping world, top box mods put high voltage vapor in the palm of user’s hands. As a result, they are the chosen upgrade for vapers who are looking to maximize their temperature and resistance levels. This allows for advanced, dialed-in settings to correspond with a given tank or coil pairing. Often, these mods have programmable slots that allow users to set them separately and save the information to its firmware.

These powerful mods come with battery options up to five high drain batteries. This allows for longer periods of vaping at higher wattage. Additionally, box mods offer advanced features such as temperature control, variable wattage and TCR or temperature coefficient of resistance modes. These presets produce vapor at the perfect strength paired with the coil type mounted.

Wattage & Voltage Explained

Vaping wattage and voltage rules

To understand the function of a mod’s wattage, voltage, resistance and amps, it helps to have a beginner’s knowledge of how each measurement contributes to the delivery of power. We’ll try to explain each in a simple, interpretable way to enable vapers to better tune their devices.

A circuit is a complete revolution of power from power source to electrical output and back making a loop. Picture a rollercoaster with a big loop in the middle of the ride rolling continuously. At the launch, it receives a boost of power and force keeps it steadily moving along the track at a determined speed.

The rollercoaster requires steady power to complete the loop and return to the station. The train power is boosted as it pulls into the station, sending it around the track again. The endless cycle of power, loop and return is a circuit.

Voltage is the measurement of electrical strength pushing energy through a circuit. In the case of the rollercoaster, voltage is the rate of propellant force moving the train along at a given speed. Voltage is capped for efficiency and safety, limited the performance speed and velocity of the coaster.

Amps are the rate of electrical charge or current flowing through a given point in a circuit. Short for Ampere, amps would measure the intensity of the rollercoaster between the station and the loop. In other words, ampere is the rate at which the train completes these intervals.

Commonly used to measure mod power, wattage is a coefficient of volts and amps. Coefficients are the multiplied intensity of a factor or factors. Similarly, the force of the rollercoaster multiplied by the intensity of its movement would be the wattage. The standard of electrical measurement the world over is in watts.

Removable vs Non-removable battery

what is the difference between removable and internal batteries

When e-cigs were first introduced to consumers, they came with built-in power. To clarify, the cig-a-like system has internal batteries without options to improve power output. However, once mods became a familiar sight in the vaping marketplace, manufacturers began offering products with upgraded power sources.

Tube mods are often equipped with high-power, integrated, non-removable lithium-ion batteries. For this reason, they are rechargeable and capable of a higher wattage. However, tube and pen mods are limited by how their batteries are charged. As a result, it's not possible to use some of them while charging. It quickly became clear that even with upgraded batteries, mods would drain much faster at higher wattage settings.

Bypass modes and max power units such as mech mods require constant charging in order to be in continuous use. Thus, users were able to vape longer and more consistently with the implementing of removable batteries. As a result, the vaping industry developed products dedicated directly to powering these devices with removable and rechargeable external batteries.

High-drain lithium ion batteries, external chargers and plastic safety cases designed specifically for these batteries to address user safety. Safety is the primary concern when handling, installing, charging and carrying lithium-ion batteries. In as much as the technology is predominantly stable, lithium-ion batteries have become known for causing fires and exploding e-cigs.

With this in mind, responsible purchasing and treatment of these batteries puts users in no more danger than a smart phone or an electric car. They contain fewer volatile materials than other forms of batteries. Lithium ion cells are the preferred rechargeable choice for modern engineering of technology. Purchasing batteries from a trusted seller and manufacturer can help prevent many injuries resulting from their usage.

Wrapping Up Vape Mods

How to vape like an expert

The process of discovering which mod is perfect for each user can be tough to begin with. It is our hope that this short list of the best reviewed mods helps to narrow the search. Ultimately, the goal of these pages is to help educate, illuminate and simplify the world of vaping. Our goal is to inspire more potential vapers who are curious about making the switch.

Understanding the purpose of vaporizers and why they're important is why we believe sites like this one have value. Everyone curious about e-cigs and vaping should have the right to knowledge. Especially, what's ahead of them without feeling like they need to buy something first. Vapers who understand their equipment, their science, and their rights are invaluable members of this community.

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