The Vape Life Community is comprised of a diverse demographic of people who use E-Cigs. This is due in part to the reasons they begin using them. For many it’s a decision to give up smoking, for others it’s simply curiosity or simply enjoyment.

Who Are Vapers?

A 2017 study from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine showed how varied e-cigarette users are by age, gender and ethnic background. Vapor enthusiasts represent every corner of society. As a result, it’s an inclusive and positive group to be a part of.

Since it doesn’t require any particular expertise or prior experience to try it, you can start vaping as soon as you pick one up. Using e-cigs is intuitive, if you’ve seen someone do it, chances are you already know how to use one. Don’t be shy, join the vape life community and find out what you’ve been missing.