Well it has been quite a couple of weeks for vaping. We all knew that the FDA ecig regulations would be unveiled at any time and we had strong suspicions that the rules would not be favorable to the vaping community. Frankly, it is rather easy to tell when you are being ignored and the FDA certainly ignored the voice of the vaping community.  On the other hand, the anti-vaping groups that have all the government and bureaucratic connections had the full attention of the FDA. The writing was on the wall.

So we had a few bad days contemplating how these regulations will make it easier to smoke than to vape. Worse, these regulations give cigarettes an easy path to market and vaping products an impossible one. Bizarro world exists and we are living in it. But, in the days afterward something very cool began to really take shape. The vaping community decided that we are not about to let the FDA sell out public health by condemning smokers to very limited options when it comes to their personal health decisions. We found our fighting spirit.

The FDA shows their contempt for smokers by limiting the alternatives available to help them quit smoking.

One of the first companies to step up and get into the fight was Halo and their Nicopure e-liquid lab facility. Many years ago when the vaping business was still in its infancy, Halo Cigs and Nicopure took the ejuice blending and made it into a true science. Nicopure Labs now produce a number of top quality eliquids in their state of the art lab facility where they will easily exceed any standard that any overreaching regulator might care to impose. They never use diacetyl or acetoin and all of their eliquid blends are manufactured by qualified professionals. They are 100% transparent.

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Best of all, Nicopure labs and Halo make outstanding vape juice with exceptional flavor and truly satisfying vapor. Halo Cigs offers their famous line of original ejuice blends as well as the new Halo VG ejuice for sub-ohm vapers. When you visit Halo Cigs website, you will also see that you can pick up some famous Evo E-Juice, also from Nicopure labs.

Vape Halo And Help Fight The FDA

Halo product line includes Tribeca and Kringle's Curse e-liquid and Reactor vape mod available in an array of colors including pink, black, gray, and blue.

Nicopure and Halo are working to stop the FDA from essentially banning 90% or more of all vaping products. Listen, in this industry we all want sensible regulation. Childproof e-liquid caps? Of course. Labeling and transparency of ingredients? That’s a no brainer, of course and every credible ecig brand is miles ahead of regulators and have been following these measures already, but you will never hear that in the media.

Fighting the FDA is not about fighting age restrictions or common sense safety measures. This is about a grotesque overreach that will limit your rights as a vaper to access effective products. This is about your rights as a smoker to have access to an alternative and you right to make decisions about your own personal health choices. It is also about jobs and preventing thousands of them from being lost. This is a fight for common sense and the greater good.

When you buy Halo E-Juice, not only will you be getting one of the very best eliquids in the world, you will be supporting a brand that was first to step up and fight for you.

Halo eCigs

In an attempt to defend their customers from unfair regulations by the FDA, e-cigarette companies Halo and Nicopure Labs fire back with their own legal measures.

Halo eCigs offers a full line of high quality electronic cigarette devices and ejuices. For new vapers, the Halo G6 is an excellent choice. Lacey at Expert Vaping switched to vaping with the Halo G6 and it is still her daily vape to this day. We did a full Halo Cigs review of the G6 and not only is it a terrific vaping experience, it is also one of the best values in the business.

Right now Halo will give you a free G6 Go kit with any purchase of $25 or more.

Halo also has the famous Triton mod. The Triton was one of the first truly successful ecig mods with refillable tanks. It has undergone a coule of changes over the years and it has kept up with all of the current technologies. The Halo Triton remains a favorite in the vaping community and is a very easy to use vape mod.

Halo Cigs now also offers two subohm vape mod kits. The Halo Reactor is a box mod with a sub-ohm vape tank. It is adjustable up to 50 watts of power and has a long lasting battery. You adjust the power setting to match your vaping preferences. The Halo Tracer mod is also a subohm mod but you don’t have to adjust anything! All you have to do is enjoy the huge vapor.  The Tracer tank, which is like the Horizon Arctic tank, has amazing airflow and is one of the best vape tanks.

Check out Halo and for sure give their juices a try. Use Halo coupon code Expert Vaping5 to save 5% on your purchase. Sign up for Halo Points and earn extra discounts or free stuff. Halo Cigs and Nicopure Labs are going to be a big part of the fight ahead. They also make exceptional vaping products so let’s get behind them and vape on.