Vape deals can be very tempting but it is important to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. While there are a number of fantastic electronic cigarette deals out there, there are, unfortunately, many more that are well-disguised rip-offs. Enterprising consumers and experienced web surfers may have a knack for sniffing out the lowest prices but when it comes to vaping deals, your eyes can deceive you. Let me paint you a picture.

Sam is an enterprising individual and has been reading a lot about ecigs lately. Sam also notices many people in the neighborhood using ecigs and vaporizers. A definite trend has emerged. Ever since Sam lost a bundle on ordering 500 “Dogs Playing Poker” pictures from eBay, there has been an eagerness to find redemption and undertake an enterprise that will put a Maserati in the driveway. Ecigs may be it!

“Ecigs are great to sell!” Sam says aloud. Getting a business license is easy. Check. Wow! This is simply an electronic device and the seller has no obligation to personally guarantee a warranty. If Sam’s customers have a warranty issue, they can take it up with the manufacturer in China. Sweet! At least sweet for Sam.

Sam emails a few companies, posts some questions in a few forums and before you know it, Sam’s email inbox is inundated with overseas ecig distributors offering all sorts of ideas. There is also Ali Baba, a place for people to examine the offerings of overseas manufacturers particularly those in China. Now, Sam is not a vaper but does know that the Sigelei mod ecigs are popular and there is a brand new Sigelei Fuchai 200 watt temperature control mod. Sam correctly surmises that the Sigelei Fuchai is a great product that vapers are going to want. So, what happens next?

Sam checks the emails and finds a distributor who is offering to sell 20 Sigelei Fuchais for $49 per unit. On top of that Sam has to pay shipping and import fees. Some of the top online vape stores that promise the best vape deals are offering the Fuchai for anywhere from $75 to $80. Sam checks the Sigelei Fuchai listing on Amazon and eBay. They are being sold for as low as $60. There’s not much room for profit! Maybe this vaping business is not so good after all.

Then, Sam clicks on an email where someone is offering to sell him 20 Sigelei Fuchais for only $25 each! Ka-Ching! He even finds someone on Ali Baba selling them for $24 each. Now we’re talking vape deals! Sam sells his ecigs on Amazon for a low price, he undercuts everybody! There’s only one problem, Sam is about to rip you off without even knowing it. Sam is about to start dealing in cloned vape products that are actually pure junk. Now, I’ll paint you another picture.

Clone eCig Mods And Counterfeit Vape Tanks

Expert Vaping has previously published an article we titled “600 Reasons Not To Buy Cheap eCigs”. The reason why we used the number 600 when discussing the problems with cheap ecigs was related to the number of factories located in a small section of Shenzhen, China that are producing electronic cigarettes. There are 600 ecig factories all located in the same neighborhood.

Some of these factories are truly amazing. Companies like Sigelei, Aspire, Smoke, Kangertech and a few others have distinguished themselves as some of the absolute best in the world. They have extensive quality control and they use only the best materials. These brilliant companies are always pushing the technology forward and making better and better ecig products. Unfortunately, they are in the same neighborhood as hundreds and hundreds of other factories that exist for one purpose, to steal their designs and copy their most successful products.

Avoid purchasing any products you suspect may be counterfeits, their often shoddy construction can lead to serious safety hazards undetectable to the human eye.

Aspire, Kanger, Innokin, Smok and others are imitated all the time. The boxes look the same, the products look the same. It is very hard to distinguish a clone ecigarette from the real deal. The clones will not work as well and will break down quickly so that sucks. One example, fake Aspire Nautilus coils look like the real thing but one giveaway is when you do not see the small screen on top of the wick inside the coil. But you won’t really see that until you tear open the box and pop one out. This is the problem, if you ever discover that you bought a clone vape product it won’t be until after you have bought and paid for it.

Worse, cloned ecigs and tanks may actually be dangerous to vapers. The technology is probably unstable and the batteries will be made with second rate lithium ion. Exploding ecigs or overheating ecigs are probably the result of clones. These cheap ecigs should not be sold but people simply do not detect them until it is too late. Even experienced vape shop owners tempted by increasing their margins have been known to sell clones. Many have no idea that they are. It is a minefield.

Let’s go back to Sam for a second. Sam just sold you a Sigelei Fuchai mod. You look at the box, it looks legit! Did you really get a good vape deal? Or is this one of those vape deals that really was too good to be true? Everything looks the same. It even has an authentication code on the back. You scratch off the authentication code. You go to the Sigelei product inquiry system to make sure your mod is authentic. You type in the authentication code number and the system says ….. “This code has been entered before. You have an imitation.” You have been ripped off.

Avoid purchasing counterfeit e-cigarettes, even though they're prices are low, the risks for injury are too high a price to pay.

The clone mod in your hands is probably made with the cheapest components the cloners could get their hands on. If it works for a week you’ll be lucky. You hear rattles because the buttons are loose. Clones are junk. They are not good electronic cigarettes and chances are you are going to end up being very disappointed in the performance.

What do you do? You call Sam but that goes nowhere. You contact Sigelei but it’s not their product. Sam refers you to the distributors. They send you an email saying, “Dear sir, thank you for purchasing our vape product. It is a 200 watt mod with temperature control. We hope you enjoy it!” That went nowhere. You could sue Sam for selling you a fake or try and find a lawyer in China. But suing for $60? Nope. You are going to take your lumps and probably be mad at the entire industry.

Most people don’t even check the authentication code so counterfeit vape tanks or clone mods are never even discovered. In many cases, people will simply assume that Sigelei, or whatever the imitation product is pretending to be, is just not that good. It’s a lose – lose situation.

Where To Get The Best Vape Deals

So, good news. You can get awesome vape deals on authentic vaping products from the best manufacturers. In fact, there is one place you can go online and get the best price guaranteed! Along with the best price guaranteed on authentic vaping gear, you will also get free delivery every single time. That is unbeatable. Direct Vapor is the place to get 100% authentic ecigs, mods, tanks and accessories.

How does this best price guarantee work? It goes like this. If you see an authentic product being sold for a lower price anywhere else, Direct Vapor will match that price. You will also get free delivery on any purchase, no exceptions. It’s that easy.

Getting free delivery and a best price guarantee is a vape deal but there a lot more to the ‘best vape deals‘ than that. Remember when we talked about having to deal with overseas manufacturers to try and handle warranty issues? Well you don’t want that. It is a monumental hassle. Kangertech, Aspire, Smok, Joyetech etc are all great companies but they are across an ocean in addition to the ocean of red tape that you may have to navigate to get a warranty honored. Most vape shops are not equipped to manage warranties and the same goes for the majority of online vape stores. Direct Vapor is different.

Avoid cloned vaping devices with hidden safety dangers by purchasing your products at reputable web stores such as Direct Vapor offering the lowest prices on name brand vape products.

Direct Vapor not only offers the best vape deals on the most popular imported electronic cigarettes and best vape tanks, they also will directly handle the warranty. First, they give you a 15 day money back guarantee. You can send it back within 15 days and get your money back. All of your money back! No hidden restocking fees and Direct Vapor picks up the shipping cost. Buying from Direct Vapor is risk free.

Next, they will warranty your purchase for 60 days. They will directly honor that warranty, no sending you to try and talk to an overseas manufacturer. Have any questions, call the toll free number and you will speak to a customer service rep right here in the USA. Direct Vapor is an American company that goes the extra mile.

Last but not least, the best vape deals are totally useless unless you are getting authentic products. Direct Vapor deals direct with the best manufacturers in the world and they know what they are doing. Every product that they sell is guaranteed to be 100% authentic. It is the no clone zone! Do not let yourself be ripped off by a clone ecig, buy from Direct Vapor and get the real thing every time.

Add it all up and there’s not much doubt that Direct Vapor is the place to go for the best vape deals. You can say that objectively because they have the low price guarantee, free shipping, warranties and guaranteed authentic products. So if you want the best from Kangertech, Aspire, Joyetech, Innokin, Pioneer4You or any of the other leading brands, go with Direct Vapor. They also have the newest products, like the IPV5 TC mod, as soon as they are released. They also have a huge line of the best USA made eliquids. Direct Vapor is doing things right.

Cheap eCigs

The other problem with some vape deals that seem to good to be true is that many cheap ecigs that seem like a steal are nothing but full on garbage. Once again these cheap ecigs are coming from the same factories that spend their day making clones. And the reason that there are so many cheap ecigs is the same reason that there are so many clones! Clear as mud? Time to paint another picture although this one will be faster, I promise.

Let’s use Sam again. Sam the enterprising individual gets an email from an ecig factory saying “We make best of ecig cigarettes for your company to make you profit.” Many of them really are worded like that. Basically, what they are saying is that if you give them a brand name, say Sam Cigs, they will mass produce you a nice inventory of Sam Cigs. You can go with a cigalike or a mod. Sam is about to start a new ecig brand!

Sam picked out an eGo style ecig and a cigalike, picks a couple of flavors and nicotine levels, makes a logo and like that, Sam Cigs is born. The Sam Cigs website launches the next day. There are hundreds of ecig brands in the US most of them started just like our imaginary Sam Cigs. What do these brands want? The biggest profit margins. And you can get big profit margins by buying the very cheapest, generic products.

The ecig market is flooded with a ton of ecig brands that are selling generic vaping products and offering what seems like great vape deals but in reality they are selling junky garbage. They are using cheap atomizers that heat unevenly and inconsistently. They use cheap lithium ion ecig batteries that are full of impurities that interfere with the movement of charged particles, as cheap batteries are want to do. That means very inconsistent ecig batteries that do not even charge properly.

It gets worse, the eliquids used by these cheap companies are not good. Many cheap eliquids have diacetyl in them. Diacetyl may be harmful if inhaled and frankly eliquids that have diacetyl in them give the entire industry a bad name. That hurts all of us. Don’t buy cheap ecigs or low quality ejuice!

The Best American eCig Brands

While there are some cheap ecig brands that you should not touch with a pole of any length, we are very happy to say that there are some absolutely exceptional American ecig brands that are innovating and producing some of the avery best ecigs in the world today. The best American ecigs brands lead the world by a long ways when it comes to making pure, high quality ejuice.

Halo eCigs, Apollo and VaporFi are three American vape brands that are making the best eliquids in the world. Some of the boutique, cheap or imported ejuices have been generating a lot of bad press and that is, pardon my French, a damn shame because these American ecig companies have invested in state of the art eliquid labs that are making the best ejuices to the highest standards.

Shop the best American vape brands and blow patriotic vapor in the face of smoky corporations.

In addition to the best ejuices, these three companies also make some incredible quality electronic cigarettes. They use only the best materials and components to offer you the best possible vaping. Plus, they give you some great vape deals! You almost never see vape shops selling Apollo, Halo or VaporFi ecigs and that is also a shame because these American brands deserve some respect. They are the best of the best.

A lot of people ask us about the best ecig to get started with. There are a lot of choices. Many people like to start out with a cigalike, that is the type of cigarette that looks like a cigarette.  Well, most cigalikes are junk. Most are generic, cheap designs especially the ones being sold in retail stores, gas stations, etc. Don’t waste your time with those. Cut out the bull and go strait to the best cigalike by far, Green Smoke.

Green Smoke Vape Deals

Green Smoke is simply the best cigarette style electronic cigarette, out cigalike, that you can get. Our Green Smoke ecig reviews have all of the details. We tested these ecigs inside and out and they simply perform at an elite level with a consistency that is head and shoulders above the competition. They offer three different starter kits so there is something to match your budget. Green Smoke eVapor offers excellent customer service, a 30 day money back guarantee and a one-year limited warranty of ecig batteries. So, what about these Green Smoke vape deals?

Green Smoke E-Vapor is offering unbelievably charged up deals on their starter kits, e-cigs and accessories.

There are a couple of ways to get a great deal from Green Smoke. One thing I recommend is to sign up for the Auto Ship program that will allow you to get the best deal on ecig refill cartridges in the business. The next way to get a great vape deal from Green Smoke is to use a coupon code. Just so happens that we have one!

Expert Vaping is going to pitch in here and help you get a great deal from Green Smoke. We have an exclusive coupon code that will save you 15% off of any starter kit. Use coupon code Expert Vaping15.

VaporFi Vape Deals

VaporFi has simply a massive range of products. They have cigalikes, eGo style vape tanks, advanced vape tanks, precision temperature control mods and more. VaporFi eliquid is phenomenal. It is made in an FDA registered lab that adheres to the highest possible standards. VaporFi ejuice blends are not mixed in the back room of a vape shop. No, these eliquids are prepared by professionals in a sterile lab setting. The ingredients are all top of the line including USP grade and kosher.

Shop Vaporfi vape deals on eCigarettes and custom e-juice blends for the best value on the highest quality products.

VaporFi eliquids are all 100% diacetyl and acetone free. If you go to the company website using the link below, you can actually access and independent lab report that verifies the purity of VaporFi eliquids. There are no impurities. They have a full range of 50 / 50, high vg eliquids. You can even make your own eliquid using VaporFi’s custom ejuice feature.

Getting vape deals from VaporFi is easy. Just use the link below and you will automatically receive a discount if you decide to make a purchase of any ecig products. It is as easy as that! So make sure to check out the huge line of VaporFi vaping products and enjoy your automatic discount!

Apollo eCigs Vape Deals

Apollo eCigs is an American vape company based in California. Apollo has been around since the early days of vaping and through it all they have stayed on the cutting edge of the vaping revolution. They have continued to develop and innovate some of the top of the line ecig and vaping devices in the world.

Apollo eCigs like the Endeavor are an amazing ecig value and a top performer. The Endeavor is ideal for beginner and intermediate vapers. For those who want a basic sub ohm vape, the new Ohm Go is perfect. For advanced vapers, the VTube 4.0 or the temperature controlled Apollo Reliant are beautiful options.

Apollo Fine Electronic Vaping is offering some sweet deals on all flavors of their e-liquid and vaping devices.

In addition to all of the phenomenal vape gear, Apollo has built their own eliquid lab where they are making some of the best USA made ejuice. They have three lines of eliquids including 2 of the best VG ejuice brands in the world, Fa-Q and Lindberg. And if you want vape deals of the leading ecig products and best eliquids, Apollo has that, too.

Apollo eCig very often offers vape deals. Look for holiday sales especially. The good news is that you do not have to wait. Expert Vaping has an exclusive Apollo coupon code that will save you a bundle on any purchase from Apollo, anytime. Save 20% off of any purchase, including eliquids, by using coupon code Expert Vaping.

Halo Cigs Vape Deals

Halo Cigs is on everyone’s list for best eliquid every year. They were the very first to make eliquid manufacturing into a refined science. Their work paid off as Halo Premium eLiquids have become world famous for the amazing flavor and satisfying vapor. Halo eliquids are produced by top rated professionals in a lab setting where every contingency is considered and every quality control measure is in place. Every lot is tracked and only the best USP grade ingredients are used.

In 2015, Halo expanded their mastery of eliquid production with the addition of the new VType VG eliquid. Now Halo eliquids are available to those of you who love sub ohm vaping and advanced ecig mods. Speaking of advanced mods, Halo offers a few of those as well!

Halo offers a range of electronic cigarette hardware. The Halo G6 cigalike for beginners, to the Halo Triton for intermediate vapers and both the Tracer and the Reactor for those into sub ohm vape clouds. All are offered for very affordable prices and all are top quality ecigs. That said, you can also get Halo vape deals using a couple of methods.

Halo e-cigs is offering smoking deals on all their vape mods and e-juice made in the USA.

First, enjoy great deals from Halo by participating in the Halo Points rewards program. That adds up to about a 10% savings over time. Plus, we do have a Halo Cigs coupon code that you can use any time on any purchase. Save 5% anytime on anything when you use Halo discount code Expert Vaping5.

So, this article started out on a bit of a downer, I admit, because instead of focussing on vape deals we spent a lot of time going over how to not get ripped off. That was important because of all the clones and junk out there. Because of all the junk, sometimes the most unbelievable ecig deals really are too good to be true. Once we got that warning out of the way, I think we covered the all of the top genuine ecigarette deals you can get. From Direct Vapor for the best deals on imported mods and tanks, to the best vaping deals from the leading USA ecig companies.

We know this can help you get the most bang for your buck and get the best quality. If you don’t mind, please share this with your friends and family because we really need to get the word out on the problem with counterfeits and cheap ecigs that give the industry a bad name. Vaping can be an amazing, life changer! We need too make sure that everyone is educated and aware.

Happy Vaping!