We are going to take an up close and personal look at a new concept in electronic cigarettes. Our Expert Vaping V2 Cigs Series 3X review will go over the new wickless ceramic coils as well as how this baby vapes. There are a lot of features to talk about with the Series 3X but I will try and keep it short and sweet.

So I said new concept in electronic cigarettes and you are thinking..yah sure! My response to that is.. no really. V2 Cigs is truly in a renaissance mode these days. They were one of the first e-cig brands and in the last year they have come up with some very unique and interesting vapor products. For example, if you have read our V2 VERTX review you will know what I mean. The VERTX is a new take on cigalikes with all magnetic connections. Now the Series 3X is more of a mod style, or pen style refillable tank device with no wick coils.

v2 pro series 3 vaporizer features

The wickless coils come in 0.9 ohms resistance, 1.1 ohm resistance or 1.5 ohm resistance. The coil options allow you the ability to use standard 50/50 e-liquids or you can sub ohm vape with VG e-liquids. Now how do the Series 3X coils eliminate the wick? They rely on ceramic coils. That provides a fantastic, clean flavor.

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Series 3X Vs V2 Pro Series 3

The V2 Series 3X follows in the path forged by the V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 e-cig vaporizer hybrid device. The Pro Series 3 is a combination of a dry herb vape pen as well as an e-cigarette for e-liquids. To use the Pro Series 3 as a dry herb vape, or waxes and oils, you simply insert the appropriate cartridge. The Pro Series 3 cartridges will work in the new Series 3X.

v2 pro series 3 in red, black, and silver

There are some key differences with the new Series 3X. First you get a larger higher capacity battery. You can adjust the power settings including temperature on the Series 3X and customize the vapor experience. And with the Series 3x tank you can adjust the airflow.

All of these new features are terrific. But for my money what I most enjoyed vaping for the V2 Cigs Series 3X review was the dense, flavor rich vapor. Of course I liked the ability to adjust power, use a variety of e-liquids. But that flavor! The clean flavor sensation delivered by the wickless ceramic coils.

A Ceramic Electronic Cigarette

Ceramic coils have been around for a while now. We have seen ceramic vaporizers for herb and ceramic coils for vaping. And we are going to see more. But I am going to tell you what is different about the Series 3X as a ceramic electronic cigarette. So far the ceramic coils available, like the Horizon Krixus tank, have been made for the big high powered mods. The Series 3X is the most accessible ceramic vaping experience so far.

Quick overview of two types of vaping. Subohm vaping and standard vaping. Standard vaping involves using a 50/50 eliquid or a PG e-liquid. With standard vaping the technique is mouth to lung or MTL. This is ever familiar..draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale. Subohm vaping involves using atomizers with a resistance of less than 1.0 ohms using a VG eliquid that produces more vapor. Instead of MTL, you inhale the vapor directly into the lungs or DL.

new v2 series 3 ceramic vape coils

So two styles of vaping and you can do both with the Series 3X ceramic coils. The 0.9 ohm coil is for MTL vaping and the 1.1 0hm coil and the 1.5 ohm coil are for standard vaping. Standard vaping is the most familiar style favored by new vapers. The Series 3X features ceramic coils for standard vaping and that is a first. A fantastic first and hats off to V2 for bringing it to us.

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V2 Cigs Series 3X Review

Okie dokey then time for some details in our Expert Vaping V2 Cigs Series 3X review. The price is $99.99 and you get the Series 3X device, the top fill adjustable airflow tank, 3 ceramic atomizers and a battery charger. You are not going to pay full price though. And you are going to get a discount and save $10 by using the link below and using V2 Cigs coupon code STARTERKITS. You enter that code and you are going to get a discount.

v2 pro series 3 kit in black

The Series 3X comes in three different colors. The colors are charcoal, gunmetal and crimson. Or black, silver and red to lay people like me!

There’s some cool technology here. Like the motion activated battery indicator. V2 is setting the standard for magnetic connections as opposed to threaded connections. The only threaded connections are for the atomizer coils. The magnetics work perfectly and there are never any leaks and never any hassle removing and attaching connections. There will be a variety of mouthpieces that you can choose from.

How To Use The V2 Series 3X

Using the V2 Series 3X is easy. Three clicks of the power button to lock and three clicks to unlock. There are three power settings. To access the power settings you click the button twice. Then look at the back of the device. You will see the options cycling. One light for the lowest setting, two lights for the medium setting and three lights for full power. When you see the setting you want indicated click the power button and you got it.

The top fill design makes the e-liquid refilling process quick and easy. To check the battery life give the Series 3X a shake and the battery indicator will light up.

Fun and easy to use. Clean, rich flavor from the ceramic coils. The option of subohm vaping. The V2 Cigs Series 3X is great for new vapers and experienced vapers alike.