About Smok

Smok was founded by Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co Limited in 2010. They have been an industry leader in research, development, and sales since their beginning. This is partly due to their location in Shenzhen’s Nanshan district which is the world's hub of vaping production.

Here they are on the ground floor of vaping's cultural revolution while creating a technological evolution of their own. Consequently, with lines of best-selling mods and customers loyal to the Smok brand, it's clear how they've become one of the largest e-cig manufacturers in such a short time.

A History of Innovation

Smok is well-known throughout the vaping industry for pushing the boundaries of e-cig design and function. This is a company that has never been hesitant from experimenting with their products such as the G-Priv and Alien mods. As a result, they are responsible for growing trends and industry developments that have become standard today. Smok led the way in innovation to create a standard of quality and tech growth that endures. For example, Smok was the first company to sell the aptly-named "telescope mod". The ability to be powered by different sized batteries was a significant technological breakthrough. Additionally, they introduced the Bluetooth-controlled mod. Pioneers in the tank-building world, Smok brought the TFV4 sub ohm tank to the vaping community and chasing clouds became an easier pursuit.

Customer Support

Like many e-cig companies based in Shenzhen, Smok offers an online product authentication tool to guarantee customer safety and discourage counterfeiters. Consumers purchasing products from third parties are in danger of buying clones. With that in mind, this confirmation code system exists to ensure safety, not make money. Alternately, Smok vapor offers full support options via email, phone, and live chat. However, with an impressively comprehensive FAQ or frequently asked questions menu, it may not be necessary to answer any questions.

Phone Number: 704-696-8900

Support Email: [email protected]

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