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About Sigelei

Sigelei was founded in 2011 in Shenzhen, China. Their founder Ou Junbiao named the company in a moment of inspiration. Sigelei's translates to "4 thunders". This comes from a story in which Mr. Ou was outside thinking of what to name his company.

While weighing his options, he heard 4 thunderclaps before it began to rain. He took this as a sign from the heavens to name his company after the thunders. As a result, Sigelei made a thunderous entrance into the vaping industry and remained one the top brands.



The Zmax is one of Sigelei's earliest e-cigs. It was an instant hit in 2012, allowing them to begin crafting more powerful and advanced mods. In 2013 they released their first box mod called the Sigelei Mini. The Mini was a sign of the research and development team's advancement. Sigelei used the momentum from the Mini to design the Sigelei 100w and 150w. These mods were extremely popular in the US and Europe. The success of their products pushed Sigelei to become one of the top-selling vapor companies today.

Top Products

Sigelei's flagship product is their Fuchai 213 line. These mods showcase their years of experience and progress. They are durable, easy to use, and visually stunning mods that are impressively affordable. The Snow Wolf Xfeng 230w is an advanced mod that has the Chinese Zodiac constellations etched into its case. Sigelei was able to focus their team's labors on the design aspects of this mod while maintaining the quality and durability that their products are known for. Worth mentioning, the Kaos Z has a clear case that allows the user to see the inner working of the mod. It comes equipped with internal LED lights to show off its chipset and circuitry.

How to Contact Sigelei

Phone Number: 888-739-2909

Support Email: [email protected]

Sigelei mod reviews

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