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About Kanger

KangerTech was founded by Danny Zhu and Li Di Lin in 2007. Their main facility is located in the vaping hub, Bao'an District, Shenzhen China. The company's mission statement includes a commitment to ending smoking. Hence, this explains their name translating to "cure and make you healthy."

Kanger made waves early on building their Protank with glass instead of the industry standard plastic. This prevented damage by vaping e-liquids nicknamed "tank-crackers." As a result, innovations such as this, has helped Kangertech grow from two founders to thousands of employees in a short time.


Responsible Vaping Production

Kanger has focused on products that appeal to the broadest possible customer base with mods like the Cupti, Kbox, Pollex, and SubVod There are two primary ways in which they achieve this. Firstly, they offer their products affordable by developing and producing their components in locally owned facilities. This helps keep their costs and prices down, and they pass the discount on to the consumer. Second, they design their vaping products to be simple to use. This is especially important for customers new to vaping. For the purpose of all users, even advanced mods still possess settings and modes accessible and understandable to novice vapers.

Customer Support

Upgradeable firmware is made easy with indexed links to files on the Kanger website. Additionally, they have multiple contact email addresses to expedite customer questions and product concerns. Kangertech is one of the few e-cig manufacturers who lists their employee names and positions on their website, being one of the few that puts a friendly face on their support. Furthermore, they offer a similar authentication tool to other popular e-cig manufacturers with added security measures. As a result, this three part anti-clone certification including QR code checker, scratch box code authenticator and security code analysis, makes Kanger products among the most difficult to counterfeit.

Support Email: [email protected]

Secondary Support Email: [email protected]

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