Juul Brand — Company Info On The Top Pocket Vape

Juul Vape — The Fastest Growing E Cig Brand In the World

If you're out and about, you've probably sees JUUL everywhere, then again maybe you don't, the Juul eCig is the fastest growing product from one of the top vape brands in world. The brainchild of Pax, a major player in weed vaping, Juul Vapor has emerged as one of the most popular ecigarette brands.

UPDATE: Due to recent media coverage concerning JUUL, Expert Vaping can no longer recommend the JUUL Brand.

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Juul Alternative

Juul eCig Brand — Details on Pax Labs Biggest Triumph


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Juul Vapor Brand — Reshaping the Design of Compact E Cigs

From one of the best engineered e cig brands out of San Francisco, California, the Pax Juul has become one of the most popular e cigarette brands of all time in a very short period. With a single, discreet, modern design, Juul effectively took control of the e cig market overnight with their Juul starter kit. Creating a device with a set nicotine level deemed appropriate for any former smoker making the switch, the Juul e cig has experienced wide popularity among a community of vapers uninterested in complicated box mods and accessories.

The pinnacle of discretion, Juul labs designed their vaping device to camouflage in the hand of any user. As a result, they created one of the most non-cigarette vape devices with ultimate discretion seen outside of vapor-free e juice. Additionally, their domestically headquartered company has been celebrated for their outstanding Juul customer service, being immediately available to solve the issues of their customers.

In fact, Juul labs customer care is among the most easily reachable service departments of major retail ecig companies. The Juul vape brand is set to steadily gain popularity and control of the market, which is impressive for a power player who isn't backed by big tobacco and still sold widely in a range of retail locations. Juul labs created an overnight sensation that became a hit with celebrities and influencers leading to rampant success across the vaping market.

The Juul e cig brand is likely to become a historic name in the legendary list of top e cigarette brands. If you're not already a fan of the Juul vape product or their modular Juul pods, we encourage you to give it a try. Vaping is believing with the Juul, which is a significant reason why they are one of the most common e cig brands seen on the market.

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