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About Joyetech

Founded in 2007, Joyetech is one of the oldest vaping companies in the industry. The name Joyetech is short for, "En(Joy) life with (e)-(tech)nology." They own some of the best-selling brands in vaping such as eLeaf, iSmoka, and Wismec, short for Wiseman Technologies.

Joyetech is one of the largest companies in the e-cig industry. As a result, their evolution has allowed them to build some of the most advanced vaping products on the market.


Joyetech's e-liquids are organized into 6 categories. They include tobaccos, fruits, herbal, drinks, dessert, and characteristics. The Characteristic flavors are named after natural elements such as Clear Spring and Sunshine. Tobacco is there most robust category with over 30 flavors. In addition,  they have a line of e-juice flavors that draw inspiration from fantasy worlds. This line of e-juice includes 4 flavors; Brute Rage, Sorcerer Spell, Sorcerer Spirit, and Abbot Soul. Consequently, Joyetech should have named this line "Vape of Thrones". Additionally, these fantasy inspired e-liquids are packaged in a faux-leather tube with a parchment style label. Their e-liquids range in nicotine dosage from 0-20 mg.

Top Products

Joyetech has a history of producing high-quality vaping products at a reasonable cost. One of which, the Cuboid Tap is a stunning example of a high-performance mod that is affordable and easy to use. Other popular mods are the Atopack Penguin and its followup the Atopack Dolphin. Uniquely, these mods have a rounded shape that creates greater airflow within in the mod, while fitting the contour of your hand. In addition, Joyetech designs impressive tanks such as the ProCore SE and ProCore Remix.

Online Forum

Joyetech recognizes that customer interaction with their company and each other is a powerful tool. This led to the creation of a community forum located on their website. Here customers are able to discuss their products, ask the company questions, find product manuals, and download firmware upgrades.

Phone Number: 855-569-3168

Support Email: [email protected]

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