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About Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs is one of the most historic vaping brands still operating today. Since 2009 they have set ever higher standards for the e-cig industry on the whole. As the story goes, founders Jason Del Guidice, Jeffrey Stamler, and his brother Ken Stamler formed Halo in a New Jersey diner.

Once there conversation turned to the topic of e-cigs, there was no going back. "There should be a safer alternative to smoking that is easily accessible to the public", they thought. At that time the vaping industry was being compared to the wild west, with its lack of regulation and openly innovative culture. Many companies were attempting to make their fortune with little regard for the consequences of consumers. Jason, Jeffrey, and Ken approached e-cigs from the opposite perspective. They wanted to make products that would legitimize an industry seen as a passing fad and make it respectable. Thus, Halo e-cigs was created.



Halo's first products were e-liquids. Recognizing the dangers of diacetyl and the often unscientific methods of their competitors they sought to offer consumers a product they could guarantee the safety of. This desire led to the creation of the celebrated eVo liquid line under their sister company Nicopure. Since then, Halo has added dozens of flavors and include a high VG or vegetable glycerin line of juice. Additionally, they created one of the leading child proof liquid bottles. This is a company that not only cares about the safety of its customers, but their families as well.

Top Products

You can trace the evolution of the e-cig industry through Halo's innovative product line. Starting with their now discontinued 3 piece cigalike, they upgraded to the 2 piece "G6" that continues to be one of their best sellers in just six months. By 2013 they breached the open-tank market with their Triton followed by their response to the birth of Sub-Ohm vaping such as the "Tracer" and "Reactor" mods. Halo has maintained its reputation as a responsible company that not only evolves with the times but also blaze a trail for others.

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