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About Atmos

When Atmos opened shop in 2012, vaporizers on the market were primitive by today's standards. These "desktop vaporizers" limited the customer's ability to use their products while being charged as they had to be plugged in. The design team at Atmos believed they could make these vaporizers more convenient.

Using their in-house engineering team, they secured the patent for the first portable vaporizer pen. As a result they began crafting some of the top vaporizers available. They're best-selling models today include the Astra 2, Ruva, and RX Complete. The demand for these products has grown considerably with the expanding legalization of marijuana.


What Is A Dry Herb?

There are many different dry herbs people use in vaporizers such as damiana, catnip, and valerian. Though the term "dry herb" can include these plants it often refers to cannabis. A dry herb vaporizer vaporizes these herbs without causing them to burn. This allows customers to enjoy the benefits of marijuana's cannabinoid chemicals without inhaling the dangerous carcinogens released during combustion. Atmos' Astra 2 is an outstanding example of a dry herb vaporizer perfect for use with cannabis. It's compact, portable and refreshingly easy to use.

What are Wax Vaporizers?

Wax vaporizers pass heated vapor through a concentrated wax material rather than e-juice or dry herbs. The wax consists of distilled cannabis and tends to provide a more potent hit than dry herbs. These wax concentrates have to be heated in a different way because of their consistency. Traditional vape mods use conduction heating. When the material that is being vaporized comes into direct contact with the heating coil, it's considered conduction. Most wax vaporizers use a different heating method called convection. Convection heats the air around the wax instead of the wax itself. Atmos specializes in creating wax vaporizers like the Kiln RA. Atmos is well known for their mods that can vape dry herbs, wax, and e-liquids using different attachments, such as the Atmos RX Complete.

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