This is one well built device. Our Aspire NX75 mod review will help you decide if this is the vape that is going to deliver the experience, reliability and durability that you are looking for. You can get the NX75 mod when you pick up the Aspire EVO75 kit. With that kit you will get the NX75 mod in tandem with the new Aspire Atlantis Evo vape tank. The price is just under $50 so I am going to say right now that this kit is an excellent value.

There are a few new twists to talk about with the NX75 mod. I like to do vape reviews of devices with something unique to offer, something that fills a niche. The NX75 mod does that.

Aspire Nx75 with Atlantis Evo reservoir tank in silver, white and black.

How you ask? Well, if you are someone who enjoys vaping maybe you have been reluctant to buy an advanced subohm or TC vape mod because of the involved process of accessing all of the features.

Maybe you’ve checked out a mod but didn’t want to bother because of all the steps you have to go through to access the menu. You know, three quick clicks for the menus, click the up and down buttons at the same time for other features, basically you have to learn the Morse code of every device. Well the NX75 mod does not require you to go through any process to access the menu. This mod has advanced features but no worries about paging endlessly through menus.

Aspire NX75 Mod Menu

How does the Aspire NX75 mod operate without an extensive menu? Extra buttons! Typically a vape mod has a power button and an up and down button. Using these buttons you can access all of the vaping options such as changing wattage, temp settings etc. The NX75 mod has two extra buttons that enable you to control your basic vaping modes without thumbing through a menu. Switch from variable wattage mode to temperature control mode with the click on one button. That was easy.

Indexed chart of button functions on the Aspire Nx75 power supply mod.

Now, the NX75 mod has a whole lot of capabilities. It will work as a variable wattage device, variable voltage, and a bypass feature so it works like a mech mod. It also has temperature control vaping capability for Ni (nickel), Ti (titanium) and SS (stainless steel) coils in addition to offering TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance). Because it has so many features there is a little Morse code effect for some of the settings. All of these settings access advanced option if you should choose to do so.

So, I know I seem a bit contradictory right now but I can explain, honest. Nobody explains things better than I do, believe me, everyone says so. We are going to make vaping great again. Anyway, yes if you want to enjoy subohm vaping and then throw in a TC coil, you can switch modes with one button. If the menu systems of other devices was holding you back, the NX75 is for you. At the same time, there is a laundry lost of advanced features that you can access if you should choose to customize your vapor experience if you would like to. Up to you, keep it simple or get wild! The ball is in your court.

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Using The Aspire NX75 Mod

Press the W button when using the Aspire NX75 mod to access variable wattage. Press the T button to access and set your temperature control. When you have found your perfect wattage or temp setting for your atomizer and you are ready to lock it down. To lock your settings, you push the W (wattage) and up button at the same time. That might be all you need to know. But there is a laundry list of additional features you can play with if you are up for it. Unique features I have not seen on any other vape mods. Let’s start with one that I think is particularly excellent.

Do you have kids around the house? The NX75 mod has a child lock feature. You push the W and minus button at the same time to set up a code. Once you set the code the device will be locked until you enter the code. You can change to code anytime. This is a handy feature for parents. You do not have to use this feature if you have no need to it is just an excellent option and a big thumbs up to Aspire for including it with the NX75 mod. Big time plus in my book.

Aspire Evo75 power supply mod kit including reservoir tank.

You can create a custom logo on your NX75 mod. How about your name? Push the T and minus buttons at the same time and you can create a logo or more accurately a word. I used my name for mine. My Aspire NX75 mod says D Vader on it. I’m thinking of switching to J Kirk because I just saw Star Trek. Anyway.

Let’s talk about what else that magical W and T buttons can do. Press it once and you are in standard variable wattage mode. You choose the wattage, lock it in, and happy vaping. You push that W button twice, and you will get into variable voltage mode. For those of you who have atomizers of 1.0 ohms and above you will probably prefer variable voltage. Push the W button three times and you will be in bypass mode, that essentially a conversion into an unregulated mech mod. I don’t recommend using bypass because I have concerns about the safety of mech mods but some drippers do prefer it. I don’t think most of us will ever use it though.

Aspire NX Mod Custom Fire Button Profile

You push the little W button 4 times and you get into something else entirely. You will get into the custom fire button settings. You can create 3 custom profiles. What you do is manually set the wattage output for each second that the mod is firing. For example, maybe you will want 65 watts right off the bat in the first second because you like a hard hit as soon as you take a vape. Then for the second, third, fourth and fifth seconds you might pick 50 watts to mellow it out a little.

Being able to customize the firing profile of a mod is not new. What is new is being able to do it on the device itself as opposed to doing it through software while wired into a laptop. You can set up 10 seconds of fire time all on the device in 0.5 second increments. Here’s how to do it.

Once you see the custom fire button profile options in the W menu, pick one to start with. They are labelled C1, C2 and C3. You can modify all three. By the way, all three do come with pre-set values but they are easy to change. So, let’s pick C1. While in C1 push the W button again. You will see the details of the NX75 mod custom profile appear on the screen. To make changes press the T button. That will move the timeline on the bottom of the screen. At each phase in time, you can use the up and down buttons to set the wattage you want at that particular point of the atomizer firing. When done click the fire button and voila, you have customized your personal firing recipe for your ideal vape. Fantastic feature.

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NX75 Mod Temp Control

Aspire Evo Nx75 power supply mod starter kit comes with atomizer coil, reservoir tank and charger.

To access the temperature control vaping features of the NX75 mod, it all starts with that T button. Push the T button and the first thing you get is Ni, push it twice to get titanium, and three times for 316 L stainless steel. Use the up and down buttons to adjust the temperature in 1 degree increments in both Celsius and Fahrenheit (a standard 200 F to 600 F degrees or 100 C to 315 C). Push the T button four times and you will be into the custom profiles for TCR temperature control.

There are three profiles that you can create for a temperature control profile. There is M1, M2 and M3. You can set the TCR value and a ramp up wattage setting. For example, if you have a tungsten coil the TCR value is 0.00450. You can program that value and set a pre-heat ramp up wattage of 60 watts. That way you get the exact temperature control with a bit of ramp up to make it more responsive.

Once again to make clear with my Aspire NX75 mod review this device is menu free insofar as you can easily access variable wattage and temp control with the touch of a button. Conversely, if you do want to access advanced features, there are all of the options that you could want. So, it is both easy to use and capable of complex vaping functions. The NX75 is both. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

By the way, I saw the testing charts for the custom fire button profiles and the Aspire NX75 mod is very accurate. The custom profile is no joke. It will deliver exactly as you design it to. That is very impressive and speaks to the quality of this vape mod.

Okay, to wrap all of that up here is the chart provided by Aspire showing all of the functions and how to use the Aspire NX75 mod.

Aspire NX75 Mod Specs

Disassembled battery chamber for the Aspire Nx75 vape mod power supply.

I think we have covered most of the specs in my long-winded descriptions above but let’s just make sure I’m giving you as much information as I can. There are three versions of the NX75 mod. There are the S, Z and A versions. Those letters indicate the material of construction. S is stainless steel, Z is a zinc alloy and A is aluminum. With the Aspire Evo 75 kit you get the NX75 Z, the zinc alloy construction. The zinc alloy version is fantastic. Very well made, beautifully made actually, and lightweight. With an 18650 battery on board it weighs in at 214 grams or 7.5 ounces.

I want to talk a bit about the construction. The NX75 mod is carved out of a block of metal. It is not welded at points, it is not a series of connected panels. This mod is solid state and tough. I found a video that shows how it is made. Take a look.

You can see how they carve out the form of the NX75 mod. The battery loading system is different. Instead of inserting the battery into the mod and then slapping a cover over it, the battery loads into the battery compartment and then magnetically connects to the rest of the mod. I got a picture to show you that will demonstrate better than I can describe.

There you go! It is a great system. Once connected, the fit is firm with no rattles or wiggles. This is a easy, secure way to load your 18650 vape battery. Sometimes loading the battery can be a pain. A tight fitting battery compartment can often tear the battery cover. With the NX75 vape mod battery loading is a breeze. The easiest of any vape mod review I have done so far with an honorable mention to Aspire’s Plato all in one vape.

The buttons of the Aspire NX75 mod are slightly raised and click perfectly. A very nice action indeed. How about the size, screen and button placements? Take a look at the image right under these beautifully crafted words.

By the way the screen display is gorgeous. The vivid display can even be seen outside in the daytime. The variable wattage range is from 1 watt up to 75 watts in 0.1 increments. Voltage settings are also in 0.2 increments. Temperature settings range from 200 F to 600 F in one degree increments.

Now that we are heading into the post-regulation era of vaping, I am recommending that consumers consider vape mods that have software that can be upgraded. The reason why is because we may be seeing fewer products being offered as we go forward but with firmware upgrades at least you will be able to upgrade your existing device to accommodate new vaping technologies. I am happy to report to you that the Aspire NX75 mod is 100% upgradeable. In fact, Aspire already has a number of upgrades available if you are interested.

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The EVO 75 Kit With Atlantis EVO Tank

Aspire Evo Nx75 exploded diagram shows the connections and separations of drip tip, top hardware, pyrex reservoir tube, atomizer coil, base hardware with built in airflow control valve.

Get The NX75 With The EVO 75 Kit. Comes In Black, Stainless And White.You can get the NX75 mod is a complete kit that includes the new Atlantis Evo tank for under $50. I am recommending this kit strongly and happily. I love being able to tell you about great vaping products and the EVO 75 kit is just an awesome choice and an outstanding value.

I’ve told you all about the NX75 mod and now I’ll touch on the Atlantis EVO tank a bit. The original Aspire Atlantis subohm tank was a huge breakthrough for vaping. Once upon a time, subohm vaping was a complex form of vaping. The original Atlantis made it easy. The Atlantis was a huge hit and remains popular to this day. The latest version of the Atlantis is the brand new Aspire Atlantis EVO.

The Aspire Atlantis EVO offers new advanced coils with larger juice ports and more vapor. At the same time, the new Atlantis EVO works with existing Atlantis and Triton coils giving you a vase number of vaping options. The new EVO that comes with the kit will have a 2 ml capacity and the new quad airflow design. And like the new Aspire Nautilus X tank, the EVO is leak proof. The 2 ml capacity and leak proof design makes the EVO kit compliant with EU regulations. US and Canadian customers will be able to expand the capacity of their EVO tank if they like.

The Aspire Atlantis EVO tank works beautifully and vapes incredibly. From the original Nautilus, the Atlantis, the Triton, the Cleito and now the EVO, Aspire remains a true master of crafting brilliant vape tanks.

Aspire EVO 75 Kit Review Wrap-Up

If you have read this review all the way through and are still with me I have two things to say. First, thank you! I hope you will share this review with others and help let vapers know about this particular device which I think is pretty outstanding overall. If you know vapers who have kids at home, the NX75 lock feature adds some peace of mind and is a long overdue idea for vape mods. Second, as you can probably guess, my Aspire NX mod and EVO 75 kit review final word is a strong recommendation with two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

The EVO 75 kit is truly a terrific value and an excellent performer. The vaping is brilliant and the variety of options is impressive. The solid state design and construction offers an elite level of durability. The upgradeable software is yet another plus that ensures that you will be able to take advantage of future advances in vaping technology. It is both very easy and hassle free to use while simultaneously offering advanced capabilities that can all be accessed directly on the device.

The only con, if you can even call it that, is that it is a basic box design. Aesthetically it may be a bit plain in the eyes of some. Of course, that is not a big deal. Far more important are the numerous pros and advantages that EVO 75 kit offers. Not the least of which is the value. You are getting an exceptional product at an exceptional value. Fin.