If you’re curious about those complicated mods advanced vapers use, there are some fundamental rules about vape battery safety everyone should know to determine is vaping safe for them. The most common criticism of e-cigarettes is the exploding battery story. Some poorly made e-cigs exploded and injured their users, however, there were logical explanations for why these instances occurred.

Vaping products should always be purchased from a trusted, reputable retailer. Second, most e-cig manufacturers have a built-in system for identifying genuine products. Authentication systems include checking QR codes, serial numbers and other non-replaceable details. These safeguards guarantee that the device being purchased is not an inexpensively made clone or knock-off.

Purchasing vaping products from a reliable retailer with prevent physical injury to due improperly packaged components. Further, inspect all batteries before installing them. Make sure their protective plastic coating covers the entire body of the battery to prevent accidental activation or instability.

Is Vaping Safe With Powerful Batteries?

 Lithium-ion batteries have a reputation for being unstable. However, if produced responsibly, they are perfectly safe when handled and used according to set specifications. Irresponsibly manufacturing methods caused explosions and fires. The use of inferior equipment caused circuits to overload and bridge without the intention of their users.

With that in mind, this is a primary reason not to store extra e-cig batteries in your pocket. Anything metal including conductive coins, could cause it to activate. Bridging the terminals of a battery, can cause it to generate energy, heat and possibly flame. We advise housing spare batteries in non-conductive, static-free plastic carrying cases.

Whether or not is vaping safe doesn’t solely depend on your knowledge of vaping equipment or how you handle batteries. However, each bit of vaping knowledge will empower you to protect yourself from hidden dangers you can’t pick up without doing some research. The best way to keep yourself safe to enjoy vaping is to know how to appropriately handle and operate your equipment.

Treat vaping like any useful tool; use it correctly and it will function just as you need it to. If you don’t treat it with respect, there can be potentially serious results. Protect yourself with knowledge and understanding and you will be able to comfortably enjoy vaping just like the rest of us.