Please, do not be afraid. Yes, this is the month of ghouls and goblins, perhaps a few zombies, freely roaming the earth haunting our streets. But we must confront these fears because we have to name our e-juice of the month. People are depending on us to stare down the denizens of the night and announce the winner. So get out of our way, zombies, because we have a winner. Very appropriately, the October e-liquid of the month is Vampire Vape Loser e-juice.

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This e-juice came to our attention back in September when it was recommended to us by one of our Facebook friends. By the way, if you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet make sure you do! Our page is updated every day and it is a great way to let us know what you think or to tell us what you think we should be covering. Anyway, we ordered some Vampire Vape Loser e-juice in a 30 ml bottle for $17.95. That is pretty good for a premium quality vape juice. And we got free shipping. By the way, a big thanks to Ailia for telling us about this juice because as soon as we tried it we knew we had a winner.

Cartoon vampire reaching over the company name Vampire Vape in red.

Loser is a 70 / 30 VG / PG e-liquid that is suitable for subohm or temp control vaping. You can even use it for dripping. Loser a sweet combination of vibrant fruit flavors including sweet fruit, citrus and pineapple. The flavor is sweet and the vapor is smooth. The most satisfying aspect is the lingering tingly sweet and refreshing sensation on the exhale and afterward. It is fiendishly good.

Vampire Vape Loser E-Juice

The vapor production you get from Loser e-liquid is really impressive. The clouds are nice and dense. What I really enjoyed about the vapor is the smoothness and consistency. The fruit flavors are very pronounced and that is fantastic. The pineapple adds such a great finish to top off the sweet and citrus fruits. It is refreshing but not cool like a menthol. If you do want the best menthol e-juice for a blast of cool then this is not that type of refreshing. This is more of a sweet, summer day cold glass of fruit punch refreshing.

Black bottle of Loser e-juice made by Vampire Vape.

Obviously a very fitting choice for the month of October considering it is the month of Halloween, which as you know is every vampire’s favorite day. In fact, I think vampire’s consider it a holiday. But a working holiday as they are reported to be quite active on Halloween. At any rate, it is a very deserving winner of our e-juice of the month. It comes in three nicotine options including 0 mg, 2 mg and 4 mg.

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If you like fruit flavors then by all means make sure that you give Vampire Vape Loser a try. It really is a delicious fruit blend and the vapor hits the spot. It is so good. Loser is for vaping winners! As you watch the ghostly vapor wisp away the hauntingly delicious flavor lingers on. The vapor and flavor really shocks your vaping into a frenzied delight. So, congrats to Vampire Vape Loser, our Expert Vaping vape juice of the month.

Vampire Vape

Muuhahaha! Loser! Yes, loser is the winner. Vampire Vape is a UK based vape juice manufacturer established in 2012. We found this video that talks about the company and shows the production line where their e-juice is made.

Vampire Vape has a large production facility with several full-time professional staff. They have three clean rooms where the highest production standards are strictly maintained. The nicotine is pharmaceutical grade as are the VG and PG. The flavors are food grade. Every batch includes a sample that is set aside to be kept for 15 years in order to track every single batch to ensure optimal quality control.

We talked to some of our vaping community friends in England and confirmed that Vampire Vape has an excellent reputation for quality e-juice that makes great vapor. Where they really stand out, however, is with their flavors. They are known for creating brilliant flavors. Vampire Vape has two full-time flavor artists dedicated to refining and perfecting flavor blends. In fact, many other e-liquid brands use the flavor and production talents to create their products.

So as it turns out, many of the most popular e-liquid brands in Europe are actually produced by Vampire Vape.  In the US, Direct Vapor has imported Vampire Vape e-liquids to offer these high quality e-liquids to American vapers. Direct Vapor is very selective about what kind of vape juice they offer. They do not sell losers, but fortunately, they do sell Vampire Vape Loser e-juice! Get a 30 ml bottle for $17.95 with fast, free shipping and try out Expert Vaping’s vape juice of the month for October, the spookiest month of the year!