UPDATE: November 2018 – V2 Cigs is no longer in business and has shut down. Any links on Expert Vaping for V2 will now redirect to Hot Juice which is a company we believe is comparable to V2.

Sometimes you just need a can of soda, luckily our V2 Platinum Cola vape juice review is here to bring you a breakdown of familiarly sweet tasting bubbly pop. Take a moment to relax, recharge your mind as well as your eJuice and discover why we love this incredible flavor.

There’s nothing quite like a cool, refreshing glass of fizzy soda to put a little pep in your afternoon. However, there really isn’t a moment we can think of that a bottle of sweet cola wouldn’t be perfect. That said, the V2 Platinum e-liquid is an incredibly tasty flavor that just might be the best cola e juice we’ve ever had. You’ll soon realize why V2 has is mentioned on our recommended vape juices page, simply put, they almost always hit the nail on the head with their vape juice flavors. Surely you’re going to find a flavor that you really like, if not this one.

Recap of the V2 Cola Flavored eLiquid Review — Like The Real Thing

Few taste combinations in this world are as nostalgic as the taste of cola flavored soda and V2 Cigs certainly packs that sentimentally tasty flavor into every puff of this well-rounded e-liquid. The bottle we received for our V2 Platinum Cola flavored vape juice review was a 0.6% nicotine dosage, which is on the lower end of their intensity spectrum. However, with the gentle sparkling flavor of the cola, it provided a mild throat hit from the PG without being overly intense, which is always important to us.

Often, whimsical flavors can seem like a gimmick or a trick, an extra taste offering that reminds users of a specific food or beverage but doesn’t really make for a satisfying all day vape. That said, the V2 Cola e-liquid is incredibly delicious for an innovative, refreshing flavor. At times soda or cola flavors can taste minty after periods of continuous vaping, but V2 really worked out the kinks for their version and it shows in every puff.

While the bubbly flavor is pronounced, definitely distinguishing this as a soda pop, it manages to blend perfectly with the sweet cola flavor. Our V2 Cola E-liquid review discovered a taste that smooths out and becomes more even and comforting with each successive sip of this delicious flavor. V2 Cigs is well known for their ability to offer devices that satisfy every level and preference of vaper, however, ejuice flavors like their Platinum Cola has put them at the forefront of the best e liquid brands operating in the industry today for the same reasons.

It’s important to get an eliquid that not only speaks to your passion for specific flavors and familiar tastes, but to get something that you can effectively use continuously. The V2 Cola flavored e-liquid is an incredibly satisfying vape flavor perfect for all day vaping. Flavor recipes like this one are a major reason for why V2 is well known for producing outstanding premium e juice varieties.

Collectively, we truly enjoyed this flavor throughout our V2 Platinum vape juice review, it seemed to energize the room and get everyone motivated even though there’s no sugar and no caffeine in it. It was like our brains filled in the gap of what the taste of cola is usually accompanied with. Put a little boost of sweet soda pop flavor in your vape tank and give this incredibly tasty cola flavored e juice a taste for yourself.


  • 70/30 blend of PG/VG
  • Each 50ml bottle has an integrated dropper
  • 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4% nicotine options
  • Mellow, smooth throat hit that doesn’t compete with the flavor
  • Mildly sweet, fizzy intensely refreshing cola soda taste