UPDATE: November 2018 – V2 Cigs is no longer in business and has shut down. Any links on Expert Vaping for V2 will now redirect to Hot Juice which is a company we believe is comparable to V2.

Nothing quite satisfies like a warm cup of it, which is why we did the testing and research for our V2 Platinum Coffee vape juice review just when we needed a little boost in our day. As an office full of dedicated caffeine lovers, who do not understand decaf, AT ALL, we weren’t sure how we’d feel about an eJuice that carried our favorite flavor without that boost of pep.

However, everyone tends to forget that nicotine is a stimulant, not unlike caffeine and though its effects can sometimes make you docile, somehow the combination of it delivered with this rich coffee flavored vape juice seemed to perk us up instantly. That said, it may be all in our heads, the subconscious association with coffee giving you an energetic blast to perk up your afternoon has that context behind it. Regardless, we enjoyed this coffee eliquid flavor immensely and decided to keep a bottle next to the office coffee maker permanently (the irony is not lost on us).

Final Thoughts on the V2 Coffee Flavored Vape Juice Review

While our V2 Platinum Coffee flavored vape juice review had us all buzzing with the deliciously robust flavor of fresh roasted beans, the room filled with the elegant aroma of rich French Roast. It was as if we suddenly turned the office into a roastery and some of us couldn’t help but reach for our water cups expecting the taste of warm coffee only to suddenly realize what was actually in them. For flavor and odor authenticity, this coffee e-juice from V2 Cigs should really be in a class of its own.

In fact, this is a pretty common occurrence with V2 Platinum liquids, since they aren’t as big on blending flavors as much of the industry, what you get are intensely familiar and satisfying tastes in the best vape juice flavors available. For V2 Cigs, it seems like its all about recreating taste combinations and authentic flavors they know people will instantly love, and they pull this off beautifully. Specifically, their Platinum coffee flavored e-liquid brings a full pot of French press brew to every consistent puff of this flavor.

That said, coffee is a flavor many of us have come to understand as part of our daily lives. As such, it’s an unbelievably easy taste to apply to all day vaping specifically because you already know you love it. Throughout our testing for this V2 Platinum coffee vape juice review, we were divided on whether vaping this coffee flavored e cig juice would fit perfectly in our routine because of familiarity, or whether it would ruin the treat of making a fresh cup for yourself. I’m in the former category as I spend the next couple of days enjoying it endlessly.

Additionally, while it isn’t a factor for many people, I could see myself conceivably giving up caffeine fairly easy vaping this rich coffee flavored e juice. Not that I want to, but I could with the aid of this incredibly robust vape flavor. To explain, if you’re going to give something up, it’s easier to supplement your need for it, and as this is one of the best coffee vape juice flavors I’ve tasted, it would be pretty easy to put this in my tank and keep filling my cup with water. Have a taste for yourself to see if this is the perfect e liquid flavor to put a little pep in your vapor.


  • blend of 70/30 PG/VG
  • Comes in a 50ml bottle with a filling dropper built into the cap
  • 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4% nicotine options
  • Intensely smooth, satisfying throat hit
  • Lightly sweet, robustly creamy authentic coffee flavor