UPDATE: November 2018 – V2 Cigs is no longer in business and has shut down. Any links on Expert Vaping for V2 will now redirect to Hot Juice which is a company we believe is comparable to V2.

Our V2 Platinum Bold Leaf Menthol vape juice review takes a deeper of puff of this lightly sweet minty flavor blend. Discover why V2 Cigs may have created one of the best eJuice flavors for a frosty treat of chilly vapor in every robust cloud.

We put this popular menthol vape flavor through rigorous testing to determine what made this uniquely cool taste so wildly popular. Travel with us across the frozen polar edge of a distant iceberg as we float through the taste profile and vapor production of this outstanding menthol flavored e liquid. Discover a new twist on classic menthol with a sweet turn of chilly flavor in V2’s Bold Leaf Menthol e-juice.

Summary of the V2 Bold Leaf Menthol flavored eLiquid Review

Although V2 Cigs is well known for their e cigarettes, vape mods and vaporizers, they have carved out a loyal following of vapers who love their popular vape juice flavors. While they have created a well-rounded selection of celebrated vape flavors, they are especially well known for their outstanding menthols. For our V2 Platinum Bold Leaf Menthol flavored vape juice review, we tried to determine whether this improvement on their traditional taste blend truly fashioned a new sensation by adding a hint of sweetness and moving to the next level of minty intensity.

First of all, we love the original V2 Platinum Menthol, it’s robust, refreshing and cool in every way a menthol flavored e-liquid should be. We had set a high bar for Bold Leaf Menthol, one that we weren’t sure it would be able to surpass. However, none of us were prepared for the sweet and tasty intensity that was packed into every puff of this delicious vapor.

Due in part to the simplicity of the initial flavor, those that love their menthol flavors have a fairly stringent method of measuring whether they go the distance, or if they’re just as good as the typical tastes offered industry wide. While V2 is known for the quality ingredients and integrity of their products they offer, one of the interesting things about this company is that their vape juices are predominantly PG based. This is a unique way to go about designing vaping flavors, however, there is a solid explanation for why they have their liquid set up this way.

For the most part, V2 Cigs is a brand that prides themselves on the performance of their devices and the ability for any level of vaper to use them. As such, their e-juice has to be compatible with at least most of them, and offering liquid with a high PG content ensures a longer life of coils and cotton which can be key for vapers on a budget. Additionally, propylene glycol based juices are known for delivering the most intense flavor possible by design, it’s why so many e liquids have some measure of PG in them.

Throughout our testing for this V2 Platinum Bold Leaf Menthol vape juice review we found that the subtleties of traditional minty flavors that get lost in many high VG e liquids were far more pronounced and we were able to experience new aspects of the menthol that had been hidden before in favor of larger vapor production. Since we’re a crew that enjoys our menthols immensely, this was a significant improvement that we all agreed was welcome. If you’ve been searching for the best menthol e liquid available, your exploration may find it’s ideal destination in a bottle of V2 Bold Leaf Menthol, give it a taste for yourself and find out.


  • PG/VG in 70/30 blend
  • Available in 50ml bottles with a built-in dropper for filling vape tanks
  • 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4% nicotine dosages
  • Mellow, balanced throat hit
  • Bold, refreshing menthol flavor with subtle sweetness that heightens the minty taste