The V2 Void vaporizer is designed by XEO, a progressive and innovative German electronic cigarette company. That’s intriguing for a couple of reasons. In Europe, regulators recognize the potential of vaping to save lives. As a result, they have not regulated in the same insane way that the FDA has. The FDA is trying to snuff out vaping. In Europe, the regulations have been more directed toward product safety and quality.

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The German vaping company XEO have been leading the European market in design quality. To comply with European regulations, a series of quality standards have to met and vape tanks have to be leak proof. Precision design, quality and leak proof are what you can expect with this vape device. In our V2 Cigs Xeo Void Review we break down everything you need to know!

The V2 Void Designed By XEO

V2 Void vaporizer by XEO comes in black, silver, white, gray, red and blue color palette.

So where are we here! Okay, yes. The V2 Cigs Void vaporizer. V2 calls is a vaporizer and it is although most people would call it an ecig mod. It is new design that follows in the tradition of eGo type electronic cigarettes that are designed for mouth to lung vaping or MTL. An eGo type e-cigarette is an electronic cigarette that has a battery and a separate tank that you manually fill with e-liquid. It is a larger battery and holds more e-liquid than a cigalike, which is the type of ecig that looks like a cigarette.

Cigalikes are what you see behind the counters of gas stations and convenience stores. So the big advantages of larger electronic cigarettes with refillable tanks is the better value, longer lasting battery and more vapor.  Now, you probably also see people walking around with very powerful mods that are box shaped and have a big tank on top. Those can be more complex to use and they are usually designed for subohm, direct lung vaping. Mouth to lung vaping or MTL is when you draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale. That’s the same sensation and feel when smoking a cigarettes. It’s familiar.

Direct lung vaping is when you directly inhale the vapor into your lungs. Direct lung, or DL, is used by subohm and temperature control vapers who want massive vapor clouds. If you are looking for a first ecig or still getting a feel for vaping then don’t even worry about subohm vaping right now. Don’t go to a vape shop where they will sell you some kind of advanced device that costs an arm and a leg. Start out with a basic MTL device like the V2 Void.

Why Should I Buy The V2 Void Ecig Device?

V2 Void sub ohm electronic cigarette by XEO is optimized for VF blends with a German design.

So you have a lot of choices! Many of them are not worth your time. V2 Cigs is consistently a top ten rated American electronic cigarette brand. They have been around since the earliest days of vaping and unlike most companies, they are not some fly by night outfit in it for a quick buck. They were one of the first and V2 is one of the responsible vaping companies that will survive FDA over-regulation. We have completed a V2 Cigs review years ago of their basic starter kit.

So many people started vaping with V2 and they are known for fantastic flavors. Should you buy the V2 Void? I can tell you that it is an excellent introductory vape product and a good buy. You have a lot of options and you should check around but the V2 Void deserves to be one of the options that you consider. We are here to help and you can always contect us if you have any questions or just can’t quite decide which is the right one for you. I will say about mass retail devices, be careful about vape shops, and avoid subscription programs like O2 pure.

The V2 Void is one of the quality choices that you should consider. So V2 is a reliable, top ten company and that is a plus. Another reason to buy the V2 Void is that it is very well made and designed. I like the leak proof tank, that’s a big deal. I like that there are two atomizer choices. Your V2 Void by XEO will come with two atomizers. One is rated at 1.0 ohms and the other is 0.6 ohms. Now, bit of these represent a very different experience with different types of eliquid and I am going to tell you about that now.

Made For PG and VG E-Liquids

XEO vape liquids offered in Pg and Vg versions of their e-juice in Tobacco Honey and Tobacco Cold.

There are two types of base used for e-liquids. One is propylene glycol (PG) and the other is vegetable glycerin (VG). Both are food grade additives used in everything from food to shampoo to toothpaste to medications. PG is a thinner liquid that carries flavor very well. VG is thicker and although it doesn’t carry flavor as well it creates a thicker, smoother vapor. Many people like a 50 / 50 VG / PG blend and that’s what I recommend that you use with the 1.0 ohm atomizer. What Nicotine Level Should You Choose? Check Here.

With the 1.0 ohm atomizer the 50/50 or even a standard PG blend will work just fine. Now, when you go with the 0.6 ohm atomizer, you will want to go with a majority VG e-liquid. Choose something that is at least 70% VG. With a VG e-liquid and a lower resistance atomizer that will burn hotter, you are going to get more vapor! So for that reason, when choosing a VG e-liquid you will require less nicotine. So choose a 6 mg nicotine level or less.

This is one of the very few electronic cigarette devices that will let you enjoy the familiarity of mouth to lung vaping with a subohm atomizer. To me, this is a plus because you can enjoy more vapor without the complexity or change in method typically required for subohm vapor. So the V2 Void has some diversity not to mention being precision engineered and high quality,

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If you would like to give the V2 Void by XEO a try, we do have a coupon that will save you 10% off the $59 price. Hey, every bit helps, right! Use V2 Cigs coupon EXPERT10 and that is going to save you money. Now, V2 Cigs does have a number of e-liquids to choose from. They are know for great flavors so you can pick up some PG and VG e-juice when you buy your V2 Void kit. So there you go!

From our perspective at Expert Vaping the V2 Void vaporizer by XEO is certainly a quality device that is not going to leak and is going to be a reliable vapor maker! By all means consider your options and the V2 Void is worthy of being one of those options!