UPDATE: November 2018 – V2 Cigs is no longer in business and has shut down. Any links on Expert Vaping for V2 will now redirect to Hot Juice which is a company we believe is comparable to V2.

Our V2 Cigs Vapor 2 Trinity review proves how its able to pack a lot of features into a small package. It’s easy to underestimate a mod this small, but vaping is believing. This review will illustrate how it’s a great mini mod that can meet the needs of almost any vaper.

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Even though this pocket-sized powerhouse doesn’t take up much room, it more than fills in the empty space with impressive vapor. For a smaller device, this unit is as perfect for newer users looking for a serious upgrade as it is experienced vapers looking for a backup with discretion. Small, simple, and powerful, we’ll show you why we think the Trinity is one of the best compact box mods available.

Appearance and Design

the trinity comes in both blue and black
Measuring 62mm tall and 33 1/2 mm wide, it’s about the smallest a box mod gets without significantly sacrificing power and functionality. Front and center a perfectly sized OLED screen lets users toggle through the various modes and settings. The fire button is positioned conveniently just above that to help vapers fine tune their device with the display in full view.  Two +/- adjustment buttons are angled at the top of the mod so that users can specifically set their temp and wattage levels. A silicone rubber outer coating protects the unit from drops and is available in blue or black. 

Getting into the Specs

This mod has a lot of built-in safety features to keep it functioning at optimum efficiency without worry.  It comes standard with a list of protections including over current protection, overtime vaping protection, low voltage, and short circuit protection. Additionally, not only does it have a 10-second cutoff to protect users from accidental firing in a pocket or purse, but it has a built-in auto shutoff when the mod isn’t used for 30 minutes. This was a huge asset for vapers like me who always think they’re going to pick up their mod again every five minutes. This feature significantly saves battery life and adds plenty to your active vaping time. Even if you’re only interested in safety features that “save” you time, you can still live dangerously on your own terms.

510 Connector

This little power plant comes with the standard 510 tank connection. As a common threading for tank attachments this gives users almost as many options as e-juice to put in it. Specifically, if you have a tank you already love and you’re looking for a mod to give it a boost, or something more compact to switch back forth while your other unit is charging, this mod is ideal. Additionally, you can keep multiple tanks ready with different flavors and loaded with varying resistance atomizer coils. Switching vapor and flavor output is as easy as unscrewing the tank. For vapers who enjoy a variety of resistance and liquid options throughout the day, the 510 is crucial.

Interchangeable Coils

the trinity can use ohm and sub ohm coils
The Trinity can be used with both ohm and sub ohm atomizer coils. Effectively, this means this mod is capable of producing dense vapor clouds as well as maximized flavor output depending on the settings and equipment. To explain, sub ohm coils have lower resistance, or ohms. This allows the mod to vaporize certain liquids at higher temperatures. With liquids based predominantly of vegetable glycerin or VG, sub ohm vaping takes advantage of it’s higher temperature threshold. This produces larger volumes of vapor, or clouds. Sub ohm atomizers for the matching Trinity tank are available in 0.8 and o.5 ohm resistance. However, attaching a different tank will have a varying effect. This mod is capable of vaping sub ohm between 0.2 ohm and 1.2 ohm. Essentially, users can vape a range of resistances at corresponding temperatures and wattage based on their preferences. It’s the perfect mod to quickly and easily dial in user’s vaping “sweet spot”. While it’s an outstanding sub ohm device, it optimizes PG just as efficiently. The aforementioned Trinity tank comes standard with a 1.2 ohm coil for flavor chasers. This mod really can do it all, I don’t mean to oversell it’s abilities as it does have lower wattage as far as box mods go, but for it’s size it’s capable of an impressive amount of detailed vaping.


As mentioned, the fire button appears just above the screen and the fine tuning adjustment buttons above on an angled edge of the top of the unit. This allows users to toggle through menus and settings as selecting coils and levels requires switching back and forth. Button pressure is well balanced between easy toggling and activation with enough resistance to keep it from changing your settings in your pocket while you walk.


Though 1200 mAh battery is built-in and not replaceable (not an ideal attribute for a box mod), it’s impressive how quickly this device charges up. Additionally, the V2 Trinity is equipped with charge indicator lights which tells users when it’s full. One of the small compromises of this mod that deliver bigger rewards.

Variable Wattage

a quick and easy starter kit
As small as it is, V2 made room for variable wattage circuitry. Again, an impressive feat in a mod this compact. VW mode allows users to set their preferred wattage as low as 5 watts up to the max 40 watts. As mentioned, 40 watts isn’t the big power punch many advanced users are looking for. However, the engineers knew exactly what they were doing when they designed the Trinity as this mod’s sweet spot needn’t reach the full 40 to be satisfying.

Temperature Control Mode

Again, the notion that V2 packed so many feature into something this small is baffling. The Trinity’s TC mode can vape a coil range of 0.1 to 1.2 ohms. It has preset modes tuned to optimize specific coil types such as nickel, titanium and steel found as Ni, Ti, and SS in the toggle menu. This mod’s  temperature range can be set anywhere from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Saving the ambient temperature creates a baseline from which you can

Bypass Mode

Experience users know that bypass mode effective turns your device into a mech mod. For those unfamiliar with mechs, this means every pull from your mod is at the highest power available from the battery until low wattage protection kicks in. Once again, this makes this little mod a perfect upgrade for vapers looking for a taste of cloud chasing in a device that’s easy to operate with nothing to build.


a comfortable and portable mod
Navigation of the menus and settings isn’t all that different from many mods in its class. However, that the toggling could be so tactile on a unit this small is staggering. Holding down the fire button or the +/- buttons for 2 seconds allows users to switch and adjust settings according to personal preference. Holding down the fire button switches you through to the next menu. Additionally, you can change the orientation of the screen. This doesn’t seem like a big deal to most vapers, but for those of us who are left-handed this is HUGE!(but also small, did I mention this mod was small?)


We all do it, in our office, we can hear it several times a day from across the room. It’s the sound of someone, I won’t name any names, knocking their mod over. While it’s rare that you drop it, it does happen. Thankfully, the Trinity is coated with a silicone rubber protective layer to protect it’s case. Basically, it comes with a custom cushion around it to give it a little bounce when it hits the ground. If you’ve ever dropped your mod, you know the panic that zaps through your body like lightning when this happens. However, this little mod is not only protected, but generally durable and sturdy. For how often we use them, vapers eventually begin to treat their vape devices with about as much care as a steel travel mug. We toss them in our bags, shove them in our pockets, assume that their durable metal shells will keep them from damage or destruction. This device inspires that kind of confidence almost immediately. For all the functionality packed into that little shell it doesn’t weight much, and that can mean a great deal if it hits the ground from height. Not only was I satisfied with how much abuse this mod could withstand in such a short time, I’m looking forward to testing it further– once I’m done enjoying it.


this mod can pour out dense clouds
For a mod this size, it’s fire response is super quick. Even using the preset modes, our V2 Cigs Vapor 2 Trinity review crushed any doubts I had about coil lag. It heats up almost immediately and delivers dense, satisfying vapor continuously. I tested it with the aforementioned Trinity tank fitted with the 0.8 and 1.2 ohm coils for TC mode, which honestly wasn’t ideal. However, both surpassed my expectations for dense vapor output and impressive vapor clouds. Swapping atomizers was super easy and the top-filling tank gives you exactly what you want, when you want it. Both TC and VW modes were simple to navigate, tactile and efficient. There was a bit of nuance getting the numbers dialed in exactly, but you can’t have this much functionality without having some drawbacks. However, this is an easy compromise to make on a device that delivers so many features in a palm-able mod. The 1,200 mAh battery had a decent duration, which was expected with something that small and with a lower wattage. Keep in mind, I was puffing on this thing continuously. I’m sure it would have lasted even longer capitalizing on the 30-minute power shut-off feature. That said, as with most mods with features like variable wattage and temperature control, it’s expected to charge this mod at least once a day, maybe twice. Charging is super easy with the accessible USB port right under the display screen. Are you ready for one of my favorite features? This outstanding little vape mod charges standing up. For those who don’t know, there have been many devices in the past which unfortunately charged on their side. This was often the source of leaking tanks and as a result, puddles of wasted e-juice.


  • This mod’s compact design makes it as comfortable in your hand as it is in your pocket
  • Temperature Control vaping at a range from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Menu is easy to toggle through
  • Variable Wattage setting available from 5 W to maximum 40 watts
  • The 1,200 mAh battery is built in, rechargeable and will provide a satisfying duration of vaping before needing to be recharged


  • The maximum wattage on this mod is only 40 watts which can be a dealbreaker for vapers who absolutely need a massive power range
  • Worth mentioning, mods without replaceable batteries have no pass through function, this means vapers will have to wait for the device to charge


a quick and easy starter kit
orange and green button
As I said from square one, it may not look like much, mostly because it’s small; but the Vapor 2 Trinity was about the most satisfying compact box mod I’ve ever used. I’m definitely buying one as a supplemental mod when I’m on the go. This is the take anywhere, do everything, stealthy, tactile, easy to use dynamo everyone said it was. The truth is, I find a mod like this convenient and recommend it for all levels of users. As someone who has watched the vaping industry evolve and develop more impressive tech as the years go by, I was expecting something like this mod. I just wasn’t expecting it so soon. Have you tried the Vapor 2 Trinity mod? Have a comment, a criticism, did we forget something important? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it. I’m hoping you’re as enthusiastic about it as I am, but I’m open to other interpretations (slightly less enthusiasm).