UPDATE: November 2018 – V2 Cigs is no longer in business and has shut down. Any links on Expert Vaping for V2 will now redirect to Hot Juice which is a company we believe is comparable to V2.

For this V2 Cigs Standard Kit Review we gave this beginner ecig setup a thorough two week testing. While there are plenty of electronic cigarette review websites out there listing the V2 Cigs ecig brand as their top choice, we wanted to be sure it delivered everything it promised before giving it any amount of approval and urging the Expert Vaping community to give it a try. Firstly, the V2 Cigs vape brand has done a great job of making their name a dominant force in the vaping industry. Understand, this is no small feat when you realize just how many top ecig brands are vying for consumer attention.

We wanted to find out for ourselves if all of the hype and attention was warranted. It was important to us to determine whether V2, an ecig brand that is nestled comfortably in the median price range, actually earned the right to one of the top ecigarettes ratings from our team.

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In order to fully grasp the performance of the V2 standard kit, we put it through rigorous vaping investigation. We gathered real statistics and measured expectations only after testing the product thoroughly as part of our uncompromising electronic cigarette review process.

We tested it, gave it an extensive period to excel or fail. It’s up to you to decide if its worth your investment. Our V2 Cigs Standard Kit ecig review simply presents you with the data. Ultimately, you must determine whether it will meet your needs or won’t measure up to your requirements.

V2 Cigs Standard Kit: What You Get

v2 has a smoke for free program that has you giving out v2 discount cards that net you $15 if used

Priced at $59.95, the V2 Cigs Standard Kit comes packed with:

  • 2 V2 E-cigarette Batteries (choose either automatic or manual and choose from 5 color options)
  • 10 V2 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 NEW Smart Charger
  • 1 V2 Manual

Packaging and Presentation

Once you receive the V2 Cigs ecigarette starter kit, you’ll notice the large standard magnet flip-top box. Everything inside is laid out nice and is easy to unpack, presentation of their products is always significantly slick. In addition, a valuable feature that comes with this comprehensive vape starter kit is a packet of V2 coupons with a corresponding discount code. The intention is that you pass these out to friends and family so they get a 15% discount off starter kits and in turn, you’ll receive a $15 credit on your next order. They dubbed this the “smoke 4 free” program. Shameless self promotion or an opportunity to save some serious coin?

If you want to save 10% off your entire order right off the bat, use our exclusive V2 Cigs coupon code EXPERT10 just for being a part of the Expert Vaping community.

Also, if you’re interested in seeing the actual layout of the packaging for the V2 Cigs Standard starter kit, check out the video ecigarette review and the photos posted below. Keep in mind, it’s not the cleanest packaging we’ve seen but we wouldn’t say it looks particularly cheap either compared to any leading vape pen starter kit we’ve reviewed. A quick word about the video above, our V2 electronic cigarette reviews go into great depth, so it’s a fairly lengthy watch at roughly 20 minutes.

To explain, we aren’t like ever other vape review site making big promises without actual experience, it’s crucial that we give you only the accurate details and solid data gathered from extensive testing. You put our trust in us, and it’s important that we work equally as hard to earn it. In fact, as a supplement to our V2 reviews we gather information about the company itself including new products launches, updates and changes to their internal structure which can all be found on our V2 Cigs vaping news category page for further info on how this prominent manufacturer may be changing its approach to producing vape mods, 3-in-1 portable vaporizers and high quality ecigarettes.

V2 Cigs Standard Kit Battery And Charging Performance

the longer v2 battery does last longer but its physical size is just too big to be manageable

Inside the V2 Cigs Standard vape kit you’ll get 2 classic 250mAh rechargeable vape batteries promised to be good for around 200 puffs on a single full charge. That said, they offer a range of longer, more powerful batteries which come with the more advanced V2 vape starter kits on their website. You can opt for a standard battery, a long battery or a short battery at the same performance level, but you can expect to spend a bit more for better equipment, same as any industry. There are manual push button and auto draw ecig batteries available depending on what interests you.

We recommend you go with the automatic draw, simply because its only activated when you draw vapor out of it and there is no chance of accidental activation in your pocket or bag. Each is offered in a range of color options as well as whether you’d like the standard or long design. Trust us, the long V2 ecig battery may last longer, but it’s REALLY long, so be prepared for less convenient storage and a more pronounced device which can be a serious draw back for users trying to make a smooth transition to vaping. In fact, it’s one of the longest vape batteries we’ve ever seen from any ecig company ever outside of an advanced V2 vape pen starter kit. It’s seriously lengthy and increases the risk of bending or breaking if you’re going to keep it in your pocket most of the time.

Realize, all of the data in this V2 vape review is based on averages determined after long-term usage of our expert team. After testing we found the long battery only to actually last approximately 150-175 puffs. This is average among budget-range cheap ecigarette starter kits, but considering the length of the battery, we were honestly expecting a lot more and disappointed by the performance.

Furthermore, the standard manual battery we received in the kit provided a rather sad 85-120 puffs, well below the promised 200. While the manual batteries were supposed to be more efficient, after testing it repeatedly we just could not get more than 120 puffs out of it on a full charge which was a serious let down. Generally, we’re not big fans of manual batteries as you’re required to push the manual button for each puff, which is fine for an advanced mod, but without the complicated technology, auto draw is ideal for entry level beginner ecigarettes. In detail, you’d think you would get more life out of a battery that makes you work harder and adds an extra step to operate it manually, but alas, we found this to be untrue and frankly, underperforming.

We did find that the V2 vape battery charger had a significantly long charging cable (see photos) so you can be a bit flexible with where your ecig batteries charge in relation to the USB port. However, this particular cartomizer system is not able to function as a pass through, so have a longer cable isn’t all that useful. Charging the batteries takes approximately 2 hours for each battery even though they may be different lengths. Since convenience store devices like the Juul starter kit promise a one hour charge time as well as 200 puffs almost guaranteed for about twenty dollars more, this is yet another disappointing statistic.

Refill Cartridge Performance

v2 cartomizers last an average of 125 puffs but suffer from the all too familiar 50 puff drop in flavor

A significant highlight of the V2 Cigs Standard starter kit is the ecig cartomizer flavors and nicotine range. The vape flavors of the V2 cartridges are bold and tasty while offering a range of nicotine strengths to help you acclimate to vaping. It’s probable you’ll find at least one V2 eliquid flavor to fulfill your needs and they offer most of the standard nicotine options of other comparable beginner vape starter kits.

V2 Platinum eliquids flavor options they offer are: V2 Red, V2 Menthol, Sahara, Congress, Chocolate, Vanilla, Peppermint, Green Tea Menthol, Grape, Coffee, V2 Cola and Cherry. You can read all about our ejuice reviews of the individual flavors in our V2 vape juice reviews. The nicotine levels of V2 cig refills range from 0, 6, 12, 18 and 24mg respectively which provides a solid variety of dosages not available in many vape starter packs, especially cheap ecigs sold in convenience stores and gas stations that typically only offer one.

We found that each of the refill V2 cartridges provided approximately 125-175 puffs, which is about average (but a bit disappointing given the price and contents of the vape kit). After being enticed by the V2 ejuice flavors and nicotine levels, you’ll almost immediately experience a let down after about 50 puffs when the boldness of the vape flavor drops off considerably, which again is sadly typical for this kind of entry level electronic cigarettes starter kit. Additionally, the nicotine satisfaction drops off a bit after around 50 puffs as well. It seemed as though from puff number 50 to about 150 puffs we experienced a much subtler flavor and a significantly lower throat hit from the nicotine with the propylene glycol doing most of the work.

Shipping and Customer Service Performance

all v2 orders have a $5 flat rate shipping option or are free on orders over $50

One aspect that we did enjoy was that when you buy V2 Cigs online from their website they offer free shipping on all orders destined for domestic locations within the continental United States. They also offer expedited shipping options if you’re willing to pay for the difference to get V2 refill cartridges to your doorstep quicker. And yes, they also ship worldwide, which of course, will cost you a bit more, but for some vapers V2 vape products are the only ones they trust and are happy to pay the premium for shipping.

orange and green button

Review Wrap-Up

like many others v2 ecigs are a good value and work well enough but are lacking in the cartridge performance department

For the price, the V2 Cigs Standard Kit seems like a good value given what they offer and the stats they promise, but it definitely does not reach the abilities they list on the V2 Cigs website. Although the vape batteries themselves produce acceptable performance (even though the finish on them is fairly cheap and doesn’t last long), the flavored V2 Platinum eliquid cartomizers they include need a serious performance and engineering upgrade. Obviously, the most calculable short coming is the drop off of flavor in every consistently disappointing vape cartridge, it’s not one or two, it’s all of them which is a testament to low standards of production and quality control. Not a good look for V2 vapes.

Even though V2’s flavors are satisfying, there are plenty of other electronic cigarette brands out there like Mig Vapor with their Mig Cigs Economy starter kit in the same price range that hold their flavor and nicotine satisfaction a bit longer. Ultimately, finding the best ecigs for you is all about getting the highest quality vape pens at an affordable price and this beginner ecig starter kit simply does not deliver. In the past, V2 Cigs has made a solid product with positive feedback and user ecig reviews.

However, there seem to be some serious cons that are holding them back from standing among the top vape brands. For more information on their line of portable 3 in 1 vaporizer systems for ejuice and weed as well as other ecigarette starter kits check out our V2 Cigs review pages and learn more about their vape brand as we our personal experience with all of their most popular V2 Pro Series vape mods and ecig products. Feel free to leave your own thoughts as well if you have any experience with these small electronic cigarettes.

Should you decide V2 starter kit products are ideal for your needs and you like the look and performance of what they offer, we offer a valuable V2 promo code for almost all of their top ecigarette products. Have a look at our V2 coupon code collection to find the corresponding discount for the cigalike or 3 in 1 vape pen you’re interested in and save a bundle of money.

Whatever you choose to start with, Happy Vaping!