UPDATE: November 2018 – V2 Cigs is no longer in business and has shut down. Any links on Expert Vaping for V2 will now redirect to Hot Juice which is a company we believe is comparable to V2.

Lets dive right into our V2 Cigs Series 3 Review, for a dazzling upgrade to the realm of improved vapor, the Pro Series 3 from V2 is a significant step in better vaping. The original 3-in-1 vaporizer has stood the test of time becoming one of the most popular and enduring models of pocket vaporizers.

V2 combines the efficiency and outstanding technology of their advanced Pro Series vaporizers with an affordable, modular vape pen condensed in the Series 3. This compact personal e-cig is a perfect example of what has made V2 one of the most trusted names in quality vaping products. While technology has evolved much since it was released, we’ll tell you why we still love the Series 3 and believe it has endured as one the best 3-in-1 vaporizers available.

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The Pro Series 3 implements a smart battery technology that is unique and efficient. Though the ease of use is one of the highlights of this device, the reasons for it are far more impressive. Essentially, the internal electronics of the Series 3 automatically set temperature and voltage to correspond with the applicable cartridge fitted to it.

To talk about why affordability is important with 3-in-1 vaporizers, it’s necessary to know up front, the device comes standard with the e liquid attachment. However, cartridges for dry herb and concentrates are sold separately. Though, unlike many other more complicated and expensive devices, even the accessories are affordable.

V2 Series 3 Cartridges

You can pick up a ceramic high VG, high PG, loose leaf, or wax cartridge for the Series 3 for less than a bottle of vape juice. Additionally, once you buy a cartridge they last for quite a while provided you consistently clean and maintain them. Although, the vape juice cartridges require changing the atomizers as they burn out, which is pretty standard for most e-cigs and vape pens that use juice.

Each cartridge slides in with a well-engineered fit and clicks into place magnetically. There is little danger of them disconnecting on their own as users must press a button to disengage the sleeve from the battery unit. Cartridges for the Pro Series 3 have a soft rubber mouthpiece which keeps them consistently cool during extended sessions of vaping.

The device itself has a tight air draw and though there is no adjustable airflow, the function is perfect for former smokers making the switch to vaping who want a similar ritual experience. A top coil design of the vape juice cartridge creates great vapor production and outstanding flavor. A sizeable 1.6ml liquid tank makes for an incredible duration of steady vaping before needing to be refilled, which is especially significant for users who have recently dumped their tobacco.

this handy cheat sheet helps to determine the differences between the e liquid, loose leaf and concentrate or wax cartridges for the v2 pro series 3 three in one vaporizer

A built-in vape juice reservoir window displays how much liquid is left in the internal tank. Speaking of vaping duration, V2’s Pro Series 3 is powered by a single, USB rechargeable, 650 mAh internal battery, which provides for extended periods of consistent vaping ensuring users never have to be without it.

However, if it does need a recharge, it can be used as a pass through while plugged in for intermittent doses of nicotine while the battery powers back up. The Pro Series 3 is charged by a proprietary, magnetic cable that attaches to the base with no plug to wear down, loosen or weaken the connectivity.

An integrated LED indicator light ring on the base alerts users to the charge of the device while plugged into an outlet. Additionally, this light will tell users when it is heating up (red light), mid warmth status (yellow light) and when it is ready to be vaped (green light) while using extract, concentrate and dry herb cartridges. The fire button has an LED backlight to show when the device is in use, or when the button has been locked and unlocked.

Why The V2 Pro Series 3 Is So Affordable

If we’re going to talk about affordability, it’s important you understand why the Pro Series 3 has become our go to low cost recommendation. With many affordable vape pens, the price reflects the manufacturing and craftsmanship. However, the reasons for why the cost of this device has steadily dropped has to do with the significant advancements V2 has made since introducing this device.

While the quality drops to correspond with many vape pens and smaller personal vaping devices, the Pro Series 3 has consistently been a sleek, efficient and satisfying unit delivering consistent, top quality vapor. Essentially, the Pro Series 3 has a lower price point, because since it came out V2 has been improving on the technology to bring improvements on functionality, battery and chamber size and other little tweaks to market. The difference here is; they never stopped producing the Series 3 because it’s such an unbelievable introductory 3-in-1 vape pen.

The Pro Series 3 delivers a consistent and satisfying mouth to lung vapor experience reminiscent of smoking to help ease the transition to vapor. MTL vaping is how many smokers first experience vaping through a process of taking vapor into their mouth from the device before taking in a breath of air and vapor into their lungs. As a result, this is an outstanding introduction to vaping or a solid upgrade for cig-a-like users who are curious about vaping materials other than e liquid.

The vape market is becoming dominated by compact, easy to use and maintain all-in-one vape mods that offer customization. As a result, the competition for the V2 Pro Series 3 has expanded greatly in recent years. However, few can top the simplicity of this compact, discreet and wonderfully functional 3-in-1 vape pen that processes e-juice as well as dry herb and extracts. Get one of your own and find out why we’ve been big boosters of the V2 Pro Series 3 since the beginning.

orange and green button


  • Built-in USB rechargeable 650 mAh battery
  • LED indicator lights tell user battery charge as well as heating status for dry herb and extracts
  • Modular, magnetic drop in cartridges with automatic smart battery temperature and voltage coefficient settings
  • Pass through capable
  • Slim, stealthy and efficient with a tight air draw perfect for former smokers
  • Affordable device for a 3-in-1 able to vape a range of materials