UPDATE: November 2018 – V2 Cigs is no longer in business and has shut down. Any links on Expert Vaping for V2 will now redirect to Hot Juice which is a company we believe is comparable to V2.

Our V2 Cigs EX Series review evaluated whether it could be the lifepreserver to rescue you from drowning in an ocean of tobacco smoke. Do you reach for a cigarette at the thought of quitting? You’re not alone. Becoming smoke-free can feel as unattainable as paddling a boat across the Atlantic Ocean.

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It would be impossible to cover that distance alone. Luckily, you don’t have to. This e-cig is a sleek, powerful and simplistic cig-a-like that will give you a boost smoky seas to the shores of fresh breath, fresh air and a fresh lease on life.

Quitting Has Never Looked So Good – V2 EX Series Review

the v2 ex comes in a range of beautiful colors

As a former smoker, I understand the internal conflict of trading in combustible cigarettes for electronic vapor.Will it satisfy the same way? What about those breaks outside, those moments of peace away from the strenuous parts of life? Can I actually commit this time? Spoiler Alert; those worries and more will disappear in a puff of vapor, but only with a device that will satisfy the cravings, the familiarity and the rituals that kept you tethered to tobacco for so long.

The V2 EX Series isn’t your standard cig-a-like vape. Trust me, I’ve tried them all. Unlike previous models, the latest release from V2 combines the vapor production of more advanced mods with the portable, convenient design of traditional cig-a-likes. It may look similar, but looks can be deceiving. Especially as technology produces more power from smaller devices.

I’m notoriously critical of cig-a-likes. Not because they aren’t capable devices, but because its purposely shaped to look and function like those familiar coffin nails our lungs hammered through for so many years. They’re meant to attract people like you and me by design. In this review we put the device under extreme testing; because of our skepticism.  From its battery life to vapor production, we explored every piece of this vapor treasure chest.

As our office filled with vapor, something cig-a-likes rarely do, I realized V2 had accomplished the impossible. They created a cig-a-like capable of transporting even the most committed smoker across the turbulent waters of quitting smoking.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into why this device may be one of the best cig-a-likes ever made.

Design: A New Experience In A Familiar Package

v2 ex starter kit can help people make the switch from smoking

As soon as this unit crossed my desk, I instantly appreciated its design. If you’re unfamiliar with cig-a-likes, don’t worry, they’re as e-cigs get. Generally, the e-cigs you see in the gas station or corner store fall into this category. However, the Ex exceeds their engineering in every way.

Essentially, a cig-a-like looks and feels like holding a cigarette. Because the intended purpose of a cig-a-like is to introduce smokers to vaping, I take offense when a manufacturer fails. Here’s a few reasons why:


The physical shape of a cigarette is etched into the minds of society. As so, it’s important for those transitioning to vaping that they have some aspects they already feel accustomed to. This softens the shock of not smoking; vaping is not smoking. Additionally, if you believe you’re only addicted to nicotine, you may want to think again. While many vapers upgrade to a box mod eventually, give yourself time to adjust to the new sensation of vaping. To clarify, stick with what’s familiar in size, shape and function.


A pack of cigarettes fits in your pocket, purse, backpack, etc., so there’s no need to carry something that doesn’t have the same convenient weight and size of ‘old smoky’. Cig-a-likes are so small, you may forget they’re there. With that in mind, they are far more durable than tobacco products which can break easily or be rendered useless when wet. However, they are tiny electronic machines, so they can be fragile and susceptible to damage if bent.


The first stage of quitting is a vulnerable time. Although the look of a vape is ultimately inconsequential, initially, it’s essential. Holding something familiar that doesn’t make you feel like an outsider is crucial. The more comfortable you are with the device, the more likely you won’t think twice about reaching for it when you need to and not backsliding to tobacco.

From its shape, its size and available color options, you’ll be comfortable using this e-cig anywhere. Here’s a brief look at each major design element.

How Important Is Size? For E-Cigs, Small, Can Be Huge

Before going much further, I want to make sure you understand cig-a-likes feature two measurements: battery-only and fully assembled.

Always make sure to understand and review the fully assembled dimensions. You don’t want to suddenly realize what you thought was a compact device is actually the size of your forearm. Thankfully, V2 packs a lot of vapor into a fairly compact device. Here are the size specs:

  • Battery Length: 3.94 inches
  • Cartridge Length: 1.37 inches
  • Fully Assembled Length: 5.31 inches

For comparison purposes, a standard e-cig is around 4 inches long with a cartomizer, or flavor cartridge attached. It’s natural users may have concerns about this e-cig’s length. However, I found not only did I grow accustomed to its length, but its size helped to rewire how I viewed vaping. Making compromises comes with the territory, though, if the only one you have to make is a longer device, in my opinion you lose nothing and gain quite a bit.

One of the primary appeals of vaping is customization. Unlike most other cig-a-likes, which offer one or two design options, the our V2 Cigs EX Series review unit was classic stainless steel, however, it comes in four distinct color ways. The battery section is available in black, white, stainless and blue.

Powerhouse of Performance – Battery and Functions

the v2 ex has high capacity battery options

Unlike mods which use removable external batteries, cig-a-likes use built-in rechargeable batteries. So, what does this mean for your experience?

  • Ease of Use – Internal batteries eliminate the fear of accidentally loosing or incorrectly charging batteries.
  • Lighter Design – Removable box mod batteries are heavy. Basically, the combined weight of the case, tank and juice, will have you carrying around a significant amount of heft.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear – Constantly taking batteries in and out of a vape takes a toll on its lifespan. Like many electronics, the fewer moving parts, the longer its lifespan. This also cuts down on extra costs for replacing components.

Although internal batteries offer a host of benefits, it’s not all sunshine and vapor. My biggest issue with comparable cig-a-likes is a lack of power. While multi-battery box mods are heavy, boy do they deliver a powerful hit!

However, I was as impressed with the exterior design of this e-cig series as I was with its battery performance.

Battery Life Expectancy

As any good reviewer would, I’d done a fair amount of research in anticipation of receiving the product. Marketed as being an innovative cig-a-like with an extra-long battery life, I was extremely skeptical. The longer you vape, the more you realize there is a lot of product information that make big claims they either can’t deliver or oversell. The battery specifications only seemed to reinforce this opinion.

Though still compact, this e-cig comes with a 280mAh battery delivering 4.2 volts. Considering its proclamations, this size was worrisome. How could it deliver the same power output as its predecessor, the V2 Long Series, which uses a 380mAh battery? Add the reduced battery size, and extra features like its indicator lights, and this device sounded too good to be true.

I’m happy to report; I was wrong. Even with the lower battery rating, this e-cig consistently delivered more than its promised 300 puffs per full charge. As other users also report, I regularly achieved over 400 puffs. Comparing this to smoking, that’s a lot of extra value.

While impressive, my favorite feature is the battery life indicator light cluster. This is something you just don’t see on a cig-a-like. Trying to decide if your device needs charging before heading out for the night is, and will always be, a source of panic when using cig-a-likes. However, the V2 EX literally lights the way to being smoke-free. The five indicator lights align like a constellation, guiding you to a future of vaping.

A World of Options – A Cig-A-Like With Functions

A cig-a-like with vaping options? What kind of sorcery is this?! No, we haven’t been transported to a magical world, well, not in any traditional sense. To clarify, what really set this e-cig apart from its competition are the vape mode options. The majority of cig-a-likes are inhale activated. This means they function like a regular cigarette in that all you do is take a puff to generate inhalable vapor. While I don’t have any problems with this method, who doesn’t like options?

The V2 EX is available in two activation types:

  • Automatic Mode – As just mentioned above, this mode is the same as most cig-a-likes. If you’re looking for the simplest, most streamlined functionality, stick with what’s familiar.
  • Manual Mode – Personally, I enjoy the tactile response of button activated vaping devices. There’s something unidentifiably satisfying about pushing a button, it’s probably why we spend so much time on our computers and phones. If you’re worried that a firing button would be too cumbersome on such a small device, so was I. Thankfully, the design geniuses at V2 incorporated the perfect, size, shape and pressure activator. The button is not only optimized in size, but it seamlessly integrates into the overall design of the unit.

Not Just Another Cartomizer – Cartridge & Tank Specs

the ex can swap between prefilled cartridges and refillable clearomizers

Up until my experience with this cig-a-like, I had a serious stigma against e-cigs that used cartridges or cartomizers. Sure, they offer a unique level of convenience, but they never seemed to satisfy me in terms of variety. From underwhelming flavor to never knowing when it’s almost empty, my initial reaction was to throw them in the trash.

Yet again, V2 completely changed my perception of cig-a-likes. They didn’t just upgrade the battery, they changed the way it uses cartridges. It seems V2 decided to separate the EX Series by reimagining the e-juice delivery method. Instead of a completely hidden cartridge, this e-cig’s cartridges are closer in design to a kind of mini tank.

Essentially, this enhanced design intertwines the performance and capacity of standard vape tanks with the effortlessness of pre-filled cartridges. Designed with viewports, the e-juice levels are clearly displayed. The days of dry hits are officially over! Located at the bottom of the cartridge is the coil/atomizer, which delivers surprisingly satisfying vapor production for a cig-a-like.

As a result, its size is slightly larger than a traditional pre-filled cartridge. However, each unit lasts substantially longer and delivers more throat hits, more lung hits, than I every thought possible in a device this small. Additionally, based on my personal experience with similar e-cigs, I received roughly twice the number of puffs.


So, what about the flavor options? Reason #2 I tend to avoid devices that use cartridges; the flavors are either bland or there is very little variety. Then again, I hadn’t been vaping a V2 cartridge. With an impressive assortment of flavors, you’re bound to find one you like. Typically, if you didn’t find a flavor you liked, you’d be out of luck. However, this isn’t a typical cig-a-like.

If you want to mix your own flavors, or vape on one that’s unavailable in cartridge form, your solution is easy; V2 Ceramic Blanks. These mini tanks are designed specifically for the EX Series to allow users to choose their own flavors and nicotine strength. Sure, it’s not as convenient as a pre-filled cartridge, but for some vapers it’s about choice. Specifically, the decision to choose vaping on their terms. These empty tanks can last up to 40 refills. The best part, this e-cig works with both high PG and high VG e-juice. This is a cig-a-like seemingly without limits on functionality and customization.

orange and green button

V2 EX Series Review Conclusion

v2 ex has many cartridge flavors like sahara and menthol
Whether you’ve never vaped or are looking for an introductory device to help get you started, this is a perfect starter e-cig. Here’s a final breakdown of its pros and cons:


  • Impressively substantial battery life duration compared to other cig-a-likes
  • Comes in a surprisingly stylish and durable colors
  • Easy to use
  • Satisfying throat hit and delicious flavor release
  • Surprising vapor output for an entry-level device
  • Customization of flavors and battery color options


  • Size may take time to get used to

Switching to vaping isn’t the easiest transition. However, our V2 Cigs EX Series review revealed it does what almost every other cig-a-like doesn’t, it simplifies this life-changing transition. If you have experience with this e-cig, you’re new to vaping and have questions, or just want to chat, send us a message or leave us a comment below. We look forward to hearing your feedback!