The Uwell Crown subohm tank was released in the summer of 2015 and in the vaping world, that’s kind of old! But just like the original Aspire Nautilus, now updated in the form of the Aspire Nautilus X, the Crown subtank is a classic that is still going strong and still in high demand. hard to believe here I am waxing nostalgic about a tank that was released just last year and now I’m talking about it like it is a ’57 Chevy! That’s the 21st century for you!

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The Uwell Crown subtank is not a subohm tank that we have ever officially reviewed and maybe we missed the boat on that because it turned out to be one of the most successful tanks in vaping. Many wrote and told us that it should be on the list of best vape tanks of 2016. I have to admit, we missed this one at the outset although by last fall we knew that the Crown subtank is something that we needed to take a look at. Took us a while but here we are. Nine times out of ten we are the first to tell you about what’s new and we absolutely cover the broadest range of vaping news and products.

Vaping has advanced to a great degree over the last few years but a lot of the time, we at Expert Vaping are dedicated to spending a lot of our efforts talking to potentially new vapers about ideal introductory vaping products. So we try and serve vapers of all types. Basically, that’s why we are a bit late to the party talking about the Uwell Crown subohm tank. It’s a balancing act you might say.

multiple views of the Uwell Crown sub ohm e-liquid reservoir tank in blank, one of which is laying down, which is never advisable.

Typically, we are the first to the party but we do spread our attention between things going on with advanced vaping as well as keeping that outreach going to people who are new to vaping and looking for simple, easy to use devices. Why do we do this? I always use my mom as the example. WWMV or what would mom vape? Would my mom want to build coils? No, I do, but she would not. But she could enjoy the Uwell Crown tank although if she wanted to start out in subohm I would guide her to the Mig Vapor Morpheus because it’s the easiest to use and performs fantastically.

The Uwell Crown subtank is for people who want some versatility, lots of vapor and a nice crisp flavor. It is also for people who might want something that is proven. A proven vaping star with a long track record of very satisfied vapers. It does have some easy to use features like a top fill feature and the coils interchange flawlessly thanks to superior engineering and quality materials. So let’s get into what the Crown is all about.

Uwell Crown SubOhm Tank Overview

Diagram of a silver Uwell Crown sub ohm reservoir tank detailing the specifications of the tank, it's construction and the choices of Atomizer coils available for it including vertical RBA and parallel.

You can now get a Uwell Crown subohm tank kit for under $30 and it comes with three different coils so you can try a range and see which best fits your vaping style. Or, if you are like me, I like having lots of coil options because I like to switch it up. It has an ample 4ml ejuice capacity and the top fill design really works well with no mess to worry about. If you like to build on a challenging vertical RBA, like more airflow, vape at higher wattages for bigger clouds and want more ejuice capacity, you may want to take a look at the Uwell Rafale tank.

The Uwell Crown tank will provide very nice vapor clouds and it is one of the best for flavor. While the Rafale comes with two coils, the Crown comes with three. The biggest advantage of the Crown vs the Rafale, and in fact the Crown vs most new tank, is that the Crown is approaching a legend status in vaping akin to the Nautilus. It is just proven over and over again and remains a favorite even amid a flurry of new clearomizer tank releases.

So what are you going to get with your Uwell Crown subohm tank? I don’t know. Just kidding! Here’s what you get:

  • Uwell Crown SubOhm Tank With 0.25 Ohm Coil Pre-Installed
  • One Extra Quartz Glass Tank
  • One spare set of O-Rings
  • Two Extra Coils (A 0.25 ohm Coil And A 0.5 ohm Coil)

Uwell Crown sub ohm reservoir tank surrounded by each disassembled piece of its components in gloss black.

So you get the three coils and that is a big plus. When it comes to buying replacement coils you have a lot to choose from and packs of coils comes in at under $13 which is a great value for the quality of these long lasting coils. One of the coil options that you will have include a 1.2 ohm MTL, mouth to lung, vaping coil. MTL vaping is when you draw the vapor into your mouth first and then inhale, much the same way you smoke a cigarette.

Uwell Crown coils really are beautifully made. Nice thick cotton wicking and parallel vertical coils. You can also pick up an RBA head for about $10.

I am a fan of tanks that give vapers the option of an MTL coil. The first reason is because MTL is the preferred vaping method for new vapers just transitioning from smoking. Second, many vapers still enjoy MTL vaping. Third, there are many occasions when MTL vaping is simply more sound such as in an office or in a crowd. A lot of people look at us making huge vape clouds in a crowd and make the worst assumptions about our community. MTL vaping may not make the massive clouds of subohm vaping but it remains a practical means of vaping and with today’s technology, MTL vaping makes ample vapor and satisfies cravings very well.

Uwell Crown Specs

The Uwell Crown sub ohm e-liquid reservoir tank kit comes in silver with two extra atomizer coils in a convenient plastic case.

The Crown SubTank varies the chimney diameter from the coil diameter and has ASB, anti-spitback, design to eliminate, or at least limit, spitback. It has a very easy access top fill design with four big juice ports. The airflow is fantastic. The airflow wheel has a clicking feature so it will hold your preferred airflow. If you see in the image above the airflow ports in the coils are also large so we are talking about big airflow! Even people who like big airflow may not use the airflow control at the max setting.

Note: When filling the Crown tank with fresh eliquid it is advisable to close the airflow to prevent any leak.

The specifics of the Uwell Crown subohm tank specs goes a little something like this:

  • Constructed of Precision Machined Stainless Steel
  • Utilizes Quartz Glass Tank Compatible With High VG eJuice
  • Adjustable Airflow Located On Bottom Of Tank
  • SUS316 Food-Grade Stainless Steel Heating Wire
  • 9 mm Wide Bore Stainless Steel Drip Tip (510 Compatible)
  • Top Fill Or Bottom Fill Tank Design
  • 100% Japanese Organic Cotton In The Coils
  • 4 ml eLiquid Capacity
  • 120 Watt Maximum Input (When Used With 0.25 Ohm Dual Coil)
  • Size: 24mm (D) x 74.5mm (L)
  • Base Diameter Is 24mm
  • Weighs In At 74g

So yes, you can vape the Crown with NI200 coils in temp control or in variable power vaping mode at 120 watts with the 0.25 ohm coil. Now at 120 watts the vapor runs a little hot but tolerable. The sweet spots are definitely in the 70 watt area and you will still get a lot of vapor and flavor. 80 watts will get you into massive cloud territory. If you enjoy the vapor at lower wattages, as many do, you will still get amazing vapor and flavor. Vape at the wattage you enjoy, don’t feel like you need to unnecessarily pursue higher wattages.

The Uwell Crown sub ohm e-liquid reservoir vape tank kit comes in black with spare atomizer coils and a foam fit case.

The bottom line is that the Crown SubTank is exceptionally well constructed and designed. We recommend using the link below to get yours from Direct vapor because they sell authentic products with a low price guarantee and free delivery. There are many Crown clones out there so if you buy from anywhere else make sure to check your Uwell authentication verification page.

This is a tank built for durability, convenience, big time vapor and really vivid flavors. The Uwell Crown SubTank has a variety of coil options which gives it a lot of versatility. It has a very firmly established track record of success and is very much enjoyed by people who own one. It is a proven commodity that you can rely on. Because it has been out for a while now, the price has come down and it is a great buy. If you are already a fan of the Crown, it’s a great time to pick up a new one.

So before you buy I do want to tell you that the Crown II is coming out so you might want to wait for that. But if you do want a totally proven performer, the Uwell Crown subohm tank remains an excellent choice. With a price tag under $30 you can also rest assured that you are getting that proven performer for an excellent price.