We have got some good news and some bad news with the Uwell Crown 2 review. There are some improvements with regard to construction and reportedly solving the leaking that would sometimes occur with the original Crown subohm tank. There is, however, some concern about the new atomizer coils. The new Crown 2 bullet coils are an entirely new and unique design. The goal here is to go through the process and determine whether or not you should buy the Uwell Crown 2 or, if you want a Crown, stick with the original. Let’s get started.

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Starting off the official Uwell Crown 2 review we have to discuss the quality of construction. We expect the best from Uwell and the Uwell Crown 2 vape tank certainly does not disappoint in terms of the sheer quality of the construction. The threads are flawless and connect smooth as butter. There was some talk going around the the coils were not threading in all the way but during the testing for the Uwell Crown 2 review I never encountered any such issue at all. In fact, the precision machining made for very, very smooth connections.

Uwell Crown 2 vape mod reservoir tank broken down into its components and boxed with spare coil, glass, o-orings and a sticker.

The 510 connection is gold plated and we like that because gold prevents arcing. If anyone out there is a fan of Mig Vapor then you know that gold plated 510 connections make a real difference. We love Crown 2’s quartz glass tanks, one of Uwell’s signatures. There is a lock feature to hold the main body of the tank together. The Crown 2 coils have been dubbed bullet coils because they are designed into a bullet shape!

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Uwell Crown 2 Differences Vs Original Crown

The original Crown subohm tank is a vaping classic. It is kind of like the 63 Corvette of vaping. As you probably know, innovation and technology propels the vaping industry. Innovation and technology never hold still. Vaping products are always being updated, just like your cell phones. But, it is not always the case that updates are necessarily improvements.

In this case we have a mixed bag. We have improvements as well as factors that favor the original. We did a full Uwell Crown vape tank review and it earned a spot on our list of best vape tanks. The original Crown coils do not work with the Crown 2. The Crown comes with many coil options and as of now the Crown 2 is offering three coil options. Of course that will likely change over time. Uwell will no doubt be adding more coil options.

Completely disassembled parts of the Uwell Crown II vapor tank including bullet atomizer coil, airflow adjustment ring and quartz glass.

Another difference is the top fill design. The Crown 2 tank has larger ejuice refill ports located at the top of the tank. The stainless steel drip tip is Delrin insulated. The airflow holes are now much larger on the Crown 2. When testing for the Uwell Crown 2 review, those improved airflow ports did lead to a nice, smooth and airy draw. There is also a lock feature that holds the tank assembly together. These are definite improvements.

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Packaging And Aesthetics Similar To Rafale

I also like the new look of the Crown 2. It looks kind of like the Uwell Rafale. I am talking about a smooth, serene look. The original has a number of gnurled features that are functional, but the Crown 2 just looks sleek. By the way, Rafale coils will work in the Crown 2. The packaging is similar to the Rafale packaging. When our tank arrived for the Uwell Crown 2 review, it cam in a well protected, beautiful tubular package. It is a nice touch.

Uwell Crown 2 Review

On the the specs of the Uwell Crown 2 review. This tank is made of stainless steel and comes in three color options. There is a black, stainless, and a gold coffee color due to be released as well. The precision machining is perhaps the best we have seen and that is saying something given the quality of today’s vape tanks. The stainless steel drip tip is Delrin insulated to keep your vaping cool.

The Uwell Crown 2 has a new locking feature that lets you lock the tank assembly together. In the image above, you can see a small component located between the refill cap and the top of the tank. That is the locking nut.  Uwell developed this because, as you probably know, sometimes when you try to unthread the top refill cap, the entire tank assembly turns and loosens. The locking nut solves that problem.

Uwell Crown 2 vape mod reservoir tank in silver, black and copper finishes.

To lock the tank assembly together, you turn the locking nut to the locked position. Once the nut is locked in the assembly remains in tact. You will not accidentally loosen the tank assembly when you open the top cap to refill the ejuice. This new feature works and it is a great idea.

Another great idea is the gold plated 510 connection. A gold plated electrical connection avoids any arcing and assures a smooth transition of charge. The chimney design is changed to improve the vaping flavor. The Crown 2 tank has a 5 ml ejuice capacity. This tank has huge potential. It is said to be leak proof but the question becomes is that true?

Is The Crown 2 Leak Proof

When I was reading the Uwell website before the Uwell Crown 2 review, I took note of the leak proof claims. We all like leak proof tanks. The original Crown would leak from time to time, as many tanks do. You try and minimize the proclivity toward leaking by closing the airflow ports when refilling. Despite that, if you leave any tank sitting somewhere over night there is a chance that as the cotton becomes more and more saturated sometimes the ejuice seeps through and leaks out the airflow holes. That’s gravity. It happens.

Some of the recent vape tanks that have been released rely on a top airflow design to avoid leaks. The top airflow design is not subject to allowing any leaks from over saturated wicks. If you read our Aspire Nautilus X review then that is perhaps the best example of a top airflow tank that will not leak at all. But the Nautilus X is not a subohm tank. To get the biggest clouds the airflow needs a fast track path to the coils and that means bottom airflow. Of course that could change but this is where we are at right now.

So is the Crown 2 leak proof? The answer is no. It may be leak proof once the coil issues are addressed but as of now the Crown 2 can leak. I think the reason why is because of the problems regarding how the coils thread into the tank base. Sometimes there are problems with the coil threading perhaps the leak is found there. The reason I think that is because when a bullet coil truly fits in well, it does not leak. So, it does not leak abnormally and has the potential to be a leak proof tank. We will see what happens going forward with the bullet coil design.

Uwell Crown 2 Coils

Uwell Crown II specs including capacity of the tank and details about the atomizer bullet coil.

The Uwell Crown 2 coils are a new design. The bullet coils are actually made of copper and were plated in pearl chrome. I said “were” there because after some initial issues with the coils not fitting into the tank properly Uwell is now apparently plating the copper with chrome as opposed to pearl chrome. The coils need some work to iron out the bugs because while they start out vaping incredibly, that can quickly trail off leaving you with a metallic taste after vaping for a couple of hours.

Now the actual design of the Crown 2 coils is fantastic. The atomizer coils look like a bullet and are being called bullet coils. The genius of the bullet coil design is the direction of the airflow. Instead of air intakes on the side of the coils, the air intakes are located on the beveled bottom portion. This results in a smooth direction flow of air from the airflow ports on the tank directly to the coils.

You can see what we are talking about in the image above. Those air intakes you see mainline directly to the coil. You will also notice that the Uwell Crown 2 coils do not look like they are made of stainless steel and they are not. The Crown 2 bullet coils are actually made of copper and are chrome plated.

Uwell Crown 2 Bullet Coil Options

Uwell Crown 2 atomizer bullet coil shoots smoke like it's on fire.

There are currently three Uwell Crown 2 coil bullet options available. There is a 0.25 ohm stainless steel coil and a 0.5 ohm stainless steel coil. You will get one of each of these when you buy the Crown 2 tank. There is also an option of a 0.8 ohm Kanthal coil. I did not get to try the Kanthal but I believe that that might be viable as an MTL option. In either case the 0.8 ohm Kanthal Crown 2 bullet coils will not use as much juice and deliver a more flavorful vape.

The bottom airflow intakes on these coils make a genuine, noticeable difference when vaping. The airflow really is smoother. Three or four times while doing the Uwell Crown 2 review I would put in a new coil and the first couple of hours of vaping were phenomenal. Fantastic vapor and flavor. But after a period of time that metallic taste would show up and then as far as I’m concerned that particular atomizer coil is done.

When the burnt taste comes, the cotton is still pristine. There is something else going on with the coil material itself. Uwell needs to get that handled. You can use Uwell Rafale coils, and I did. They work fine but the Uwell Rafale coils don’t have the same smooth airflow as do the Crown 2 bullet coils.

Uwell Crown 2 Review

Now that we are at the part of the Uwell Crown 2 review where we talk about using it and how it vapes, we have to regretfully hedge. That hedge is that the Crown 2 is magnificently constructed and looks amazing but there was an issue. The issue is with the coils. But we hedge with a caveat because we believe that Uwell will get this handled and fixed.

I tell you the first couple of hours of vaping on a fresh bullet coil in the Uwell Crown 2 tank is not one iota shy of phenomenal. The vapor and flavor production is awesome. The flavor really shines and the vapor production is wickedly satisfying. It is so much fund to vape. Once the bullet coils have been used for a few hours, the flaws begin to emerge. There is a burnt, metallic taste that starts to come through.

Diagram detailing the process of filling the Uwell Crown 2 vape tank with e-juice with careful attention to the juice tank locking screw.

Maybe Uwell should consider switching to stainless steel bullet coils. Maybe Uwell’s designers should reconfigure how the coils are wrapped and intertwined with the organic Japanese cotton. I don’t know what the answer will be but I am confident that Uwell will figure it out. Once they do, the potential for the Uwell Crown 2 is huge.

Should You Buy The Crown 2?

In terms of whether or not you should buy one, yes and no. yes because of the build quality and it really does vape nice. No because that nice vaping does not last as long as we would like. Now, I have checked around with others that have doe a Uwell Crown 2 review and the coil compromises have been experienced by others as well. So I would suggest waiting about a month because I am pretty sure that Uwell will get the coil bugs worked out. If you do want to get one now, you will be getting a brilliantly built tank with a lot of future potential.