If you’re a regular Expert Vaping reader, you may already know we haven’t tested a squonker around here in a while. However, when something so innovative and unique hits the market, it’s hard to ignore and our USV Mach On3 kit review seemed like the perfect moment to pick up the latest squonk technology and immerse ourselves in the world of auto feeding RDAs to see if it brings back that loving feeling of satisfying vapor.

For those who don’t know what a squonk mod is, essentially, it’s a device set up to feed vape juice directly to the well area of an RDA dripper from a reservoir bottle that you squeeze to add more liquid. Squonk bottles are often integrated into the design of the mod itself and may have different designs and configurations, but up to now, users have been able to customize the bottle of their preference. Though the USV Mach On3 squonk kit has its own proprietary bottle system, it packed some suprising upgrades we weren’t prepared for that truly made us rethink the value of squonking as well as what was possible from bottom fed dual battery box mods.

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To explain, United Society of Vape may not be the first name you think of when it comes to vaping, but this American-based company has been cranking out quality products quietly for years. As passionate vapers themselves, they put intense value in creating devices and vape accessories that implement incredibly sleek and elegant design combined with outrageously precise engineering. During our USV Mach On3 kit review, we found every piece of this squonk vape kit to be accurately machined, assembled and the functionality to rise well above pretty much any squonk kit we’ve seen so far.

One of the aspects we actually take close notice of is the longevity of the device, whether it can have dual purpose as a stand-alone mod, if it can be used as a dripper instead of a squonking mod if users prefer. In the end, when creating our introspective vape reviews on products that operate similarly to a vast range of other products, we look at adaptability and how the equipment evolves as the technology expands. We took all of this into account for our vape review of the USV Mach On3 squonker kit to determine whether their groundbreaking design was truly the wingman you need.

Time To Buzz the Tower — USV Mach On3 Kit Review


So here’s the thing, since there are so many squonk kits out there that allow users to fit their own preferred bottles and hardware into a fairly standard system, many of the popular squonk mods function relatively similarly with varying performance. That said, one of the most impressive aspects we enjoyed about our USV Mach On3 kit review was the built in, modular quality of the squonk bottle. It slides along a metal tube, which we’ve seen before, but is accessed through the bottom of the vape battery chamber.

Possibly one of my favorite aspects of the USV Mach On3 mod is the menu, which is possibly one of the most intuitive and easy to use systems assisted by a 1.3” TFT full color screen. In addition, because it has a standard 510 threading, it can be used as your regular dual 18650 battery mod with a wide range of sub ohm vape tanks you may already own and love. In terms of its bulky construction, it’s pretty wide, which isn’t surprising for dual battery high wattage squonk mods, but it’s surprisingly lightweight and the response of the fire button and +/- adjustment buttons is quite tactile and immediate.

The overall design of the 8ml squonk bottle itself is made to fill out the space left by the dual 18650 batteries, while keeping it completely separate in an opposing compartment ensuring that if there is any leakage, it never reaches your batteries. Every single feature of the Mach On3 vape kit fits impressively snugly as if the entire device was molded in one piece and sculpted out for functionality. We love seeing tactile and tight engineering combined with innovative engineering and this squonk starter kit has all the internal functions the majority of users look for in the best performing vape mods including variable wattage, temperature control for Ni200, Ti and SS, TCR modes, and a Bypass feature that turns it into a powerful 240w mech mod.

In fact, many of the squonkers we’ve used come standard as unregulated devices with singular, direct wattage and even some of the best mech mods we love, aren’t able to reach that level of wattage output. Included in our USV Mach On3 kit review was the building and use of the USV Mach 2 RDA tank, which is wonderfully easy to build on and can double as a standard dripper with the included 510 pin if you don’t want to use it as a squonker. It even came with two pre-built 26-gauge dual Ni200 coils to get this RDA vape tank running right out of the box, which is always something we like to see.


  • USV Mach On3 squonk mod fires between 5-240w with removable 8ml squonk bottle
  • Powered by dual 18650 vape batteries (not included)
  • Easily navigable 1.3” TFT color display accesses VW, TC, TCR and Bypass modes
  • USV Mach 2 RDA vape tank with triple airflow control ring, dual post build deck and a 510 pin for standard drip deck
  • Squonk mod available in Black or Black and Red

USV Mach On3 Kit Review Conclusion

To be clear, even if you aren’t an RDA devotee, maybe you’re interested in simplicity over maximum flavor and vapor production and squonking sounds like it has too many components, requires too much labor and has way more variables than you want to juggle, this kit may not be for you. However, I feel it important to mention that conducting this USV Mach On3 kit review definitely reignited my passion for custom building drip decks as well as gave me a more thorough appreciation for squonk mods on the whole. Some of my favorite RDA drip decks have earned their place in my heart for the flavor, the vapor production, even down to the building, I have a ritual and I find it satisfying every time (though also frustrating at some moments).

However, there are always going to be times, when I’m stuck in heavy traffic or when I’m playing video games, picking up a bottle of vape juice and carefully tracing it over my RDA requires more attention than I can dedicate my focus to when my hands are busy with other tasks. This is when a squonk vape mod really earns its value. I can simply squeeze as much or as little liquid as I need into the well and keep vaping without ever taking a dry hit, which is always a colossal bummer. In detail, I get the same functionality, the same performance, with a much better range of vaping duration from a squonk setup with less labor and attention, you can’t put a price on that.

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USV Mach On3 Squonk Kit Coupon

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Additionally, consider the fact that most of the orginal squonk starter kits only came as mech mods that fire at max wattage. Reflexively, testing this one for our USV Mach On3 kit review offered such expanded functionality for a mod designed for squonking that we envisioned possibly creating a secondary review dedicated solely to testing each of the top sub ohm vape tanks for flavor we have sitting around the office (there are a lot those) atop the Mach On3 mod. Instead, I figured I’d just talk about how much functionality is packed into this dual battery vape mod and that picking one up allows you to use it with a quadruple function. As a squonker, a high wattage sub ohm mod, or just use the Mach 2 RDA with the included 510 pin that transforms it into a standard dripper tank.

Honestly, there are just so many options, so much outstanding performance and unbelievable functionality stuffed into this robust vape squonk kit, that the only real drawbacks are fairly petty and seem pretty trivial compared to what you get. Is it a big bulky box with dual batteries and 8ml of vape juice? Yeah, but given the alloy material the outer build is constructed of, it’s shockingly light weight (not compared to other dual battery mods, but compared to devices of similar size). It isn’t cheap, but nothing designed with this much care, integrity and attention to detail typically is. If you have the need, the need for squeeze, and  love your RDAs like I do and you’re looking for an easy to operate squonk vape starter kit that is built to last, for my money the USV Mach On3 240w vape starter kit is a top gun.