One of the primary questions new users want to know the answer to is can you use vaping with eliquids to quit smoking? The scientific evidence gathered by academia and government agencies in the United States has yielded very little admission to the benefits of e cigs. However, European scientists have been touting vaping as a smoking cessation tool for years.

Who Says You Can Use Vaping To Quit Smoking?

Public health agencies in England and Scotland as well as physicians from several parts of the EU have encouraged the use of e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to tobacco. The evidence gathered suggests that indeed vaping aids smokers in their attempt to break from big tobacco.

Specifically, the largest public health agency in Scotland the NHS has said that ecigs are ‘definitely’ less harmful than traditional cigarettes. That’s public government agency responsible for the welfare of an entire country making a solid statement in favor of vaping. It’s hard to argue with a health entity that large when human lives on the line.

The determination whether you can use vaping to quit smoking still seems up in the air. However, it’s clearly helped many of us leave tobacco behind in favor of something that we as vapers believe to be less harmful without any concrete studies in the United States. In the mean time we’ll wait for the determination and enjoy our vaping regardless.