Things are certainly starting to get on a roll over there in the UK, where vaping kits could be an actual prescription for smokers soon. That’s right, the publicly funded National Health Service (NHS) could be encouraging patients to pick up vaping supplies as part of their smoking cessation program. If this does occur, it would be the breakthrough that many of us have been waiting for and give us hope that things may head in that direction here in the United States as well.

Of course we don’t expect the FDA to recommend vaping next week, much less start prescribing vape kits, but they will have to take notice of what is going on in England. What’s happening over there is that electronic cigarettes have become the most popular quitting aid. This is coming straight from the mouth  of Professor Kevin Fenton, who is the National Director of Health and Wellbeing and Public Health England. He, for one, wants to see vaping kits even more prominent, which isn’t a surprise considering the organization recently released a study that showed vaping to be 95% safer than smoking.

An independent review on e-cigarettes conducted by Public Health England declares vaping is 95 percent safer than smoking cigarettes.

So getting Professor Fenton on board isn’t an accomplishment in its own right. Fenton was quoted saying “Public Health England wants to see a choice of safe and effective replacements for smoking that smokers themselves want to use,” and clearly he believes electronic cigarettes are that product. But getting the NHS to actually prescribe vaping kits is a leap beyond that. It would mean that a major government in the world wouldn’t just begrudgingly accept electronic cigarettes; it would be doing so enthusiastically. Vaping kits and vaping supplies in general would transform from a trendy-going-mainstream items to recognized aides in the battle against tobacco cigarettes.

BAT Vaping Kits To Be Prescribed?

The Vype and Voke e-cigarettes by British American Tobacco have the possibility of being prescribed by physicians as an alternative to smoking.

The interesting thing here is that British American Tobacco has found a way to bring itself into the picture, pushing their Voke vaping kits to the fore. If this idea by the NHS does go forward, it is possible that the vaping supplies that smokers receive from their government will be that of Big Tobacco.

It is more than ironic to think that British American Tobacco would have been able to get them coming and going. They’ve done their part to addict smokers, and now they would be making a profit on those who want to switch away.

Even with that cynical aspect of the story, this is still an overwhelmingly positive one for vapers everywhere. If you leave the discussion about British American Tobacco’s Voke out of this and just focus on the amount of vaping kits that could be given out to smokers in the UK, it is astounding. The opportunity to transform a smoking society into a vaping one is revolutionary. How much would we love for the FDA to start handing out vaping supplies to smokers who want to make the switch to electronic cigarettes? Imagine if millions of American smokers simply received the correct image of what electronic cigarettes are and how they can help them.

Vapers in America are constantly battling the spread of misinformation demonizing their usage of vapes and e-cigs.

As it stands Americans have to battle through so much misinformation that we’re lucky if they get to a site like ours to check out what this entire vaping thing is about. Before we can recommend the top vaping kits that we’ve reviewed, we need smokers to be open to the idea of vaping to begin with. The word is getting out despite the bad press that the industry has to deal with sometimes, but boy would it be great to have the FDA behind us instead of as a looming obstacle. If President Obama, an ex-smoker himself, came out and gave ecigs the green light like British Prime Minister David Cameron did, many more people would give it a try.

We can remain hopeful that such a day will come and we can do that because we see what is going on in the world. The world is catching up to what we have known for many years now; that electronic cigarettes are the future and the future is now. It’s exciting to see the tide continue to turn, and with it many smokers around the world are turning to electronic cigarettes too.