TSA guidelines govern how we fly, giving us a do and don’t list for what is ultimately all about safety. But with vaping entering the mainstream, ecigs were bound to raise all sorts of issues, real and imagined. Just as quickly as the Transportation Security Administration set up its benchmarks for what they could allow on planes, we’re seeing them change their mind. The latest target is ecig batteries in your luggage, and in a just a few weeks they won’t be allowed.

URGENT UPDATE:  April 13, 2016 – There is a new law being proposed that’s going to prevent everyone from carrying/transporting any and ALL electronic cigarette products. You will not be able to take any vape hardware with you. Not even in your carry-on or checked luggage!

PLEASE READ our updated post about the new law proposed that will ban ecigs on planes.

Proposed law will ban all e-cigarettes and vaping devices entirely.

Fight for your right to vape!

All this after we had a nice convenient blog post here that you could use to see what is or isn’t allowed on planes. Most of that is still relevant and you can be sure that if you follow Ray’s advice you won’t have problems with your eliquid getting through and you’ll be able to vape safely before and after you land. But there aren’t really any directives as far as your ecig batteries and what might happen if you store them in your luggage.

Taking your electronic cigarette with you still isn’t a problem, so don’t worry. As Ray recommends, “Your batteries and charger can go in with your laptop case or with your other electronics.” Simple. No change there whatsoever. But if you are the type who has gotten used to tossing some extra ecig batteries in your checked luggage, you need to change your habit because it will get you stopped. Now there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t just toss those batteries in your carry-on, you just need to be aware of the TSA guidelines (including those for eliquid) and make sure to follow them.

TSA Guidelines Target Ecig Batteries Fire Threat

TSA guidelines are changing with regards to rules over e-cigarettes and vape accessories carried onto airplanes.

The reason being given in the media for this change is because of the perceived or real fire threat. Ecig batteries have been known to heat up, but some poorly constructed ones can actually catch fire. Apparently this has happened before and the federal authorities are not going to take any chances with a fire in the belly of a plane. We can’t blame them considering what could occur, even if the chances are small. Mind you, this doesn’t have anything to do with the ecigs you buy as long as you are purchasing from any of our recommended brands.

The problem is almost always one of shoddy electrical work with no oversight and this comes from those cheap Chinese batteries that are still out there. If you aren’t buying from a reputable brand, you are always going to put yourself at risk because of the lack of quality control. Simply purchasing ecig batteries from random importer or directly from a supposed manufacturer in China can at times seem like a cost saver, but the level of quality is never quite there. When you have a company who puts their name and reputation on a product and protects it, you know the type of product you are getting.

3-1-1 is the code for TSA rules regarding carry-ons, 3 ounces or less for containers of liquid or gel, 1 quart size clear plastic zip top bag of 3 ounces or less and 1 bag per traveler placed in the security bin.

Besides buying from a good source, you can protect yourself from accidents by always following proper safety practices. A few of the obvious things we mention in this post about battery safety is to never solder anything onto your battery, never use a foreign charger, and of course never submerse them in water. Read through all the tips and make educated decisions with how to use your ecig batteries.

Last but not least, don’t worry! There is such a miniscule risk of something happening to your battery that would cause an accident that you shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about it. As long as you follow those basics and buy from a legitimate brand, you can sleep easy. Because if you do just those things, you’ll probably be more likely to be struck by lightening than have your battery catch fire. Enjoy your vapor and how much better your life is without traditional tobacco smoke. Just remember the new TSA guidelines for your next flight!