eCig tanks and tank systems are growing in popularity. In fact, they are growing so popular that they are taking a serious bite out of regular ecig sales overall. The numbers indicate that the decline of ecig sales from retailers may be as much as 12.9%.

Wells Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog said that a decrease in prices due to high competition as well as a customer migration to ecig tank systems.

according to bonnie herzog vapers moving to tank systems and rising competition are causing e-cigarette prices to drop

A lot of the movement toward mods, mech mods and other specialty ecigs likely owe a lot of their success to the incredibly rapid growth of vape shops. In 2013, there were about 10,000 vape shops across the US. By the end of 2014 there was 35,000 vapor stores. That is what you call ‘massive growth’!

Specialty vape shops have moved in and captured a piece of the market. Original forecasts of a $2.5 billion dollar industry for 2014 held true but the actual ecig sales themselves have been spread out among a variety of vaping genres. Considering that ecig sales were at $500 million in 2012 it’s clear that the sky is the limit.

Expert Vaping’s recommended ecig brands are the best choice to help smokers successfully make the switch. Once people make the switch, many of them go on to make vaping a hobby where they must have the latest gadget that creates the biggest clouds of vapor.

Trendy eCigs

The trend of building and designing custom and ornately decorated vaping units is on the rise as they become a common accessory to everyday life.

Vaping hobbyists tend to be technical, gadget-oriented people and vape shops have become a gathering place. Some of the ecigarettes that hobbyists have moved on to include homemade mods and other specialty mech mods that look nothing like a cigarette or a familiar eGo style ecig tank system.

While this trend has been a plus for vape shops, many are concerned that vaping as a hobby will normalize smoking for a new generation of nicotine addicted people. It may already happening.

Many vape shops have lounges with wi-fi, coffe and assorted goodies. It makes sense, after all smoking a cigarette at a coffee shop defined the social existence of people for generations. Vaping is simply re-defining social smoking.

In 2015, American ecig brands have stepped up. Today’s ecigs are capable of top performance right out of the box. The best ecig brands are available online at prices that vape shops can’t match. Will consumers begin exercising their consumer power and taking advantage of the prices of the best products and avoid retail? We will see. The vaping business changes rapidly. The only sure thing is that vaping is providing a smoking alternative that is in great demand.

Vape stores have become the favored destination for those who want to use e-cigs freely without judgement.

eCigarette critics like the WHO will trumpet from the mountaintops that we are inviting a disaster in the form of a new generation of addicted people. The way they talk you would think that smoking had already been eradicated from our society. Someone needs to remind the critics that smoking is still here and it is still killing millions every year.

eCigarettes may not be a perfect solution to tobacco. Yes, many vapers will become hobbyists that must have the latest ecig tank system or mod. So what? Smoking has been a part of our society for centuries and it is still here. No amount of patches and gum have helped the 480,000 plus people who will die from cigarettes this year.

If we wait for a perfect solution to tobacco addiction we will be turning out back on a real world alternative for smokers right now. The expert industry can keep searching for the perfect answer and I hope they find it. In the meantime, if vaping becomes a hobby, a new social genre, so be it. Weigh that next to the billion lives that smoking is expected to claim this century. Eradicating caffeine and nicotine from our society is probably not going to happen and besides, vaping is not nearly as dangerous as a lot of other hobbies.

Vaping isn't the ideal solution to quitting smoking, but it is a safer far less harmful alternative.

Model rocketry is the third fastest growing hobby in the US. Working in a basement somewhere with high grade flammables and ignition sources, hmmm… where is the outcry? The real issue is that vaping has some powerful enemies. Those enemies are not the result of concern over your health, they are the result of concern over where you will spend your money.

We may not know all of the answers regarding the long-term impact of vaping and you do need to be wary of low quality eliquid vendors , but we do indeed know that the eliquid ingredients used by the best eliquid brands are all food grade, GRAS materials and common sense dictates that we are drastically reducing exposure to harm. We certainly know the long-term impact of smoking tobacco. Critics need to get their math in order.