The casualties of oppressive FDA ecig regulations are mounting. The latest victim is Totally Wicked E-Liquid USA. That will be the end of more than 50 jobs as well as the end of a manufacturer of high quality e-liquids. With a dedication to quality and customer service, Totally Wicked is exactly the type of company we want to see in this industry but given the overwhelming costs of jumping through the FDAs administrative hoops, the Florida company will be shutting its doors in 2018.

The date will be August 8, 2018. Why? Because that is the last day that any non-FDA approved product will be allowed for sale in the United States. The regulations went into effect on August 8, 2016 and companies were given two years to submit their paperwork for each and every product offered.

totally wicked e liquid company is going out of business

The majority of electronic cigarette and e-liquid companies are independent American companies that by most measures are small businesses. Many anti-vaping special interests have portrayed the e-vapor industry as “Big Vape” or another branch of Big Tobacco. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Totally Wicked E-Liquid Will Cease Operations In 2018

Totally Wicked E-Liquid is an international company with manufacturing in both the US and UK. The company will live on overseas but the FDA has caused the planned closure of Totally Wicked USA. The company will not be able to muster the resources necessary to jump through all of the FDA hoops. The FDA estimate for approval of each vapor product is $300,000. That is $300 K for every nicotine strength of every ejuice flavor. Many say that price is low but for the sake of argument let’s say it is $300,000. Totally Wicked has 3000 skus so they would need almost $1 billion dollars to be able to offer their customers the full line up of TW products.

e cigarette and e liquid companies keep disappearing due to regulations

Company owner Jason Malartsik is all for product testing to verify that there are no dangerous toxins or contaminants present but the $300,000 worth of testing required to meet the FDA administrative procedures is going to put his once promising and thriving company out of business. Malartsik says it is not just his company and employees that will be impacted. He says that tens of thousands of jobs could be lost.

fda regulations could end the vaping industry

There are now an estimated 9 million vapers in the US. If more ecig companies disappear, will they go back to smoking cigarettes? They will still have vaping options but if their is a change in accessibility will that cause people to be tempted back to tobacco? Which electronic cigarette companies will be able to withstand the FDA regulatory process? That is a big unknown. The loss of an excellent, responsible vaping company is bad news for the industry and for adult tobacco consumers deserving of options. But the fight is not over.

Vaping is not going to go anywhere. You will still have choices. There may not be thousands of flavors available anymore, we just don’t know. There is still legislation pending that could change the outlook dramatically. There are also lawsuits being waged to fight for the right to vape.