Expert Vaping has identified the three best Cyber Monday vape sales and ecig deals. Of course most online retailers are having a Cyber Monday sale of some sorts, but we are going to focus on quality brands. After all, the best thing about getting a bargain is the opportunity to get the very best products at the lowest price. Why bother with getting cheap stuff when you can get the best?

Some of the Black Friday ecig sales are still active but most are over until 2016. If you missed out do not worry.

Big Discounts

We looked at a few different criteria when looking at the 4 best Cyber Monday vape sales and ecig deals. Number one, we considered the size of the discounts offered. All of the sales that we are going to be talking about offer at least 20% off. I mean, money is the bottom line here, right?

Be on the look out for our big cyber Monday sales on vape products and e-cigs.

Top Quality

Next up is quality. We want to 100% focus on vape brands that offer excellent quality. These include American companies that have shown a PROVEN commitment to quality by investing in research and development. A proven commitment demonstrated by a track record of providing a high level of customer satisfaction.

American Vaping Companies

You know, in the vaping community there actually seems to be a bias against American designed electronic cigarettes. That is because most vapers date back a few years to a time when the only decent ecigs you could get were imports from China. That’s why when you walk into a vape shop 90% of the hardware is imported from China. I am here to tell everyone that the world of vaping is a much different place in 2015 and today the best products are designed and sold by American vape brands. Try one of these amazing American brands that we are going to list below.

Best Quality USA Made eJuice 

In order to insure you get the best quality of vaping products, look for the label that says made in the USA.

This brings up another criteria for being included in the best Cyber Monday vape deals and ecig sales. We have specifically identified VaporFi, Halo eCigs and Apollo eCigarettes because each of these companies have shown that they truly care about being the very best and providing their customers with made in the USA excellence. Each of these three companies have invested in building state of the art eliquid labs. They all make the finest ejuice that you are going to find. Pure USA made eliquid.

eLiquids 100% Diacetyl Free

Recent studies have shown that 74% of eliquids on the market contain diacetyl or diacetyl derivitives. This is not a good situation. That is why it is crucial that your eliquid is blended by professional chemists in a lab setting. Halo, Apollo and VaporFi all offer the best quality eliquids sourced from the best ingredients and blended in a satte of the art lab by true professionls. You should demand nothing less. By the way, all three of these companies listed in our Cyber Monday vape sales and ecig deals offer amazing flavors and a range of ejuices including VG ejuices.

Buy Direct From American Business With US Based Customer Service

When you buy from any of these American businesses you can rest assured that you are getting quality and your money is supporting American jobs. You will also be buying direct from the company itself. This may seem like a minor detail but it is actually a big deal especially wehn it comes to value and customer service. If you have any issue or concern, you will be able to directly contact the company and know that they will bend over backwards to make sure you are satisfied. Plus, when you call, you will be speaking to someone IN America who speaks English.

No Risk!! – Save Money And Enjoy A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Save money by shopping Cyber Monday deals.

Another big reason why we are going to be talking about these four special ecig brands is because they are giving you a risk free opportunity to buy the best vaping products f0r the best price. All of these companies have 30 day money back guarantees. You’ve got nothing to lose and can save a bundle.

Notice! The best Cyber Monday sales are scheduled to conclude at the end of Cyber Monday 2015. Some brands may extend their sales but in general normal pricing will go back into effect at the conclusion of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales promotion periods.

However, keep in mind that you can save on the best vape brands year round because Expert Vaping’s coupons page tracks and published all of the latest, authenticated ecig coupon codes. Click here for all electronic cigarette coupons.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Cyber Monday Sale

Green Smoke Cyber Monday Sale Is On Now. Today Only You Can Get Green Smoke FlavorMax Cartridges for just $8.95 per pack. Use Green Smoke coupon Expert Vaping15 To Save 15% On Starter Kits Anytime.

For Cyber Monday 2015 Green Smoke is offering packs of FlavorMax cartridges for only $8.95. That equates to about a 32% discount off regular prices! We know that a lot of you out there are Green Smoke customers and this Cyber Monday bargain must be music to to your ears. Green Smoke has sold almost 40 million vaping products, the marjet has spoken and Green Smoke satnds out as the absolute bes cigalike that you are going to get.

Green Smoke e-cig cyber Monday sale includes big deals on e-vapor replacement cartridges.

We have thoroughly reviewed Green Smoke ecigs and they really do stand out in every way. The quality is remarkable. You are going to get superior battery life and a superior performance from every single Green Smoke FlavorMax cartomizer cartridge. The vapor and flavor are consistent from the first puff to the last. The vapor is smooth, satisfying and flavorful.

Customer Testimonial:

I’ve been a V2 customer since 2011 upon a recommendation of a friend. I was having various issues with V2 and wanted to investigate reviews of other E Cig companies and I found Expert Vaping. Paul and his team at Expert Vaping are a godsend with amazing reviews and videos! I was impressed with their review of the Green Smoke product and I ordered the Express Kit. Paul and Expert Vaping are absolutely right! Green Smoke is the best cigalike on the market! Their batteries and cart’s are long lasting compared to others I’ve tried ( Blu, Markman, etc;)! I’m not interested in tanks or E Liquids! Green Smoke’s customer service is awesome and the free shipping is great! They also have a used cartridge re-cycle program for credit. What else could you ask for!!! Thanks again Paul and Expert Vaping for referring me to Green Smoke. I now owe all of my outstanding Vaping to you! Keep up the great work!

B. Peters

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Green Smoke is the best ecigarette to get started with. It truly mimics smoking but of course it is vapor, not smoke. We know many people are in gift buying mode and Green Smoke just may change someone’s life. Even many vapers to this day prefer cigalikes to ecig tank systems simply because of the convenience and hassle free use.

Green Smoke’s Cyber Monday sale ends at 12 am Monday so buy now!

VaporFi Cyber Monday Event

VaporFi’s Cyber Monday Sale Is On Now! Save 30% Off Of Everything Sitewide And Get Free Shipping.

You cannot list Cyber Monday vape sales and ecig deals without mentioning the VaporFi Cyber Monday eCig Sale. How does this sound? 30% off of everything sitewide and free shipping. This is awesome.

Big Cyber Monday savings on all Vaporfi vape mods including the Rebel II and the VOX II.

VaporFi has 18 different types of electronic cigarettes, mod, advanced vaping devices and herbal vaporizers. This is an absolutely huge selection ladies and gentlemen. Not only is the selection vast but the quality is outstanding. VaporFi is an American ecigarette brand that is alway at the leading edge of vaping technology. You can use the custom vape builder to create your own ecig, you can get a cigalike or the Pro 2 for new vapers, you can get subohm mods, advanved box mods like the Vox 2 or the temperature control materpiece, the VaporFi Vox 100 TC.

VaporFi elqiuid is USA made in an FDA registered lab. You can choose from hundreds of pre-made ejuice flavors or design your own eliquid recipe! In total, there are 30,000 different flavor combinations. VaporFi’s website is so easy to navigate and fun to shop. With amazing customer service and the best quality products, VaporFi is quickly establishing itself as one of the leaders of the industry.


VaporFi is one of those rare companies who go above and beyond to make sure the customer is well taken care of and happy with their product. I purchased a couple of bottles of their e-liquid to start my journey into vaping and I was very pleased with the taste and overall experience. I was blown away by all the possible flavor combinations but my all time favorite is the godfather blend, which is a smooth and rich vape. If you need a reliable product and excellent e-liquid recommendation, give VaporFi a shot and you will be very glad you did.

Andrew. M

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VaporFi has something for everyone. The Cyber Monday sale is a golden opportunity to find just that perfect thing you have been looking for. VaporFi quality is impeccable and the designs are gorgeous. The eliquids are fantastic. Today only, save 30% on any purchase your heart desires and get free shipping.

Halo Cigs Cyber Monday Sale

Halo Cigs Cyber Sale Is On Now Folks! Don’t Miss Out! Use Halo Code CyberSale To Save 20% Sitewide And Get Double Halo Points!

Halo Cigs is doing it again. They are offering 20% off of everything sitewide. On top of that, they are going to give you double the Halo Points. Halo Points is a rewards program where you can build up your points and get free stuff. It’s pretty safe to say that once you try Halo eLiquid you will be going back for more so those Halo Points are going to come in very handy!

Cyber Monday holiday sale with up to 20% off e-cigs and e-liquid.

If you are new to vaping, Halo is a great place to begin your journey away from tobacco. They have a range of electronic cigarettes and some of the best eliquids on the planet. Halo is world famous for their high quality ejuice. They were the first to truly make blending eliquid into a science.

New vapers are going to love the Halo G6 or the Halo Triton. Both of these ecigs are simply excellent and yet so easy to use. Experienced vapers we have a news alert that you need to pay attention to! Halo eCigs has launched two brand new electronic cigarettes and both are beauties. The Halo Reactor is a 50 watt box mod capable of superior sub ohm vaping. The new Halo Tracer is an ultra easy to use sub ohm mod.

More good news. Now everyone knows about Halo Premium e-liquids. Well, Halo now offers Vtype VG eliquids! Plus a full line of eVo ejuice. Halo’s Vtype is already winning awards for best VG eliquid and now is your chance to stock up.


Halo has been a shining light in my world. No other company can compare to the taste that halo delivers only one or two offer better batteries and to me no one has better customer service. I will never look for another company and will vape in style as long as halo is in business.


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Halo Cigs is an original American vape brand and remains one of the leaders in the industry. With the new products that Halo has literally just released, this Cyber Monday sale could not happen at a better time. This is a perfect chance to try a top notch Halo electronic cigarette and some world famous Halo eliquid.

Halo’s 20% off offer with double reward points is one of the best Cyber Monday vape deals and ecig sales going today. Check it out.

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes Cyber Monday Sale

Apollo Is Having A Monster Cyber Monday Vape Sale. Right Now You Can Save 30% Up To 70% Off Of Halo eCigs. The Average Disocunt Is A Whopping 50% Off!

Apollo is one of the most progressive and fast moving American vape brands. I’m not kidding. Apollo has made it a mission to design the best electronic cigarettes for their customers. You have to understand something. Apollo customers are lotal. They are fierce Apollo fans because Apollo eCigs listens and delivers exactly what vapers are looking for.

Apollo eCigs Cyber Monday sale and vape deals includes 79 different electronic cigarette packages all discounted anywhere from 30% off up to 70% off. Sales do not come much bigger than this.

Apollo has all types of electronic cigarettes. They have products like the Apollo Endeavor which is one of the best ecigs of 2015. Well right now you can get an Endeavor for half price. This is a product that we think is superior to the Kanger EVOD and is American designed and a far better value. Look, this is the advnatage of buying direct online and the amount you can save on Cyber Monday is pretty spectacular.

Apollo electronic cigarettes cyber Monday holiday vape sale applies to all Apollo e-cig products and accessories.

Apollo also has high quality subohm kits for very low proces, like the Ohm Go, they have mech mods, RDA, and the best tanks from companies like Kanger and Aspire. All discounted an average of 40% to 50%. Apollo has advanced, sophistiacted beautifully designed products like the VTube 4 and the brand new Reliant 60 watt temp control mod. Right now these advanced mods are available at a 40% discount. A sale like this needs no hype whatsoever.


Absolutely love Apollo. While most companies provide 1 or 2 different models, Apollo has several ranging from the most basic to the more “advanced”. They appeal to different levels of vapers… at least, that’s how it worked with me anyway. Their VTube is excellent! For those just starting out with e cigs, place your order, get used to vaping, and then hurry up and get a VTube. For me, this is THE unit that really made the difference and made me stop alternating between smoking and vaping.

eCig Hut

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By the way, like we mentioned at the outset, Apollo is one of those US companies that has invested in their own in-house eliquid lab. They use production standards higher than those used in the food industry. This top quality USA made ejuice comes in a large range of flavors and there are also two full lines of VG eliquids.

Go to Apollo and check out the 79 massively discounted Cyber Monday vape sales and ecig deals. Save anywhere from 30% up to 70%.

Enjoy Cyber Monday and all of the huge savings! Get yourself some new vape gear.